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  1. Ah, Ice Toads, the cause, and cause, of all life's problems. These guys are... interesting. I'll be real - I have *never* in my *life* actually decided to use an ice toad in combat. They're not terrible - they've got a decent perception, amphibious, so they could in theory be part of a frozen underwater encounter, and an aura of cold that leaves some interesting potential for use in, say, a magically-powered freezer - but they lack the easy versatility of something like a bear or yeti, and at 3cr, they're in kind of a weird spot balancing-encounters-wise, since they've got some pretty mediocre combat stats. Plus, 5e made them large-sized, which I think was a mistake - it opens up the tantalizing prospect of them eating party members, but, really, am I ever going to have a toad try to eat a non-halfling or gnome? Probably not. It's not as funny. Meanwhile it limits their usefulness right where I'd want to use them - in relatively tight caves where the ability to jump and climb along the ceilings let them harry players, which their intelligence of 8 makes reasonable. So I recognize that the council has made a decision, but... well, I'm sticking with medium, if I ever do use them. Which, again, I haven't. That said, I... did get a whole set of them at Reapercon. I really like this sculpt! And they struck me as easy to paint - lots of drybrushing and such, without needing to commit a ton of time. Plus I was already getting a fat stack of yetis anyways, sooo... might as well? That was the right idea, because... it really is a great sculpt! So much so that I'm currently resisting the urge to buy another half-dozen to do as rock toads. Gah. I didn't want to spend more than an hour or two on them, so I kept it simple - a layer of light blue, a wash of dark, and white drybrushed for highlights. I could have kept them lighter, but I didn't want them to go too white. I figured they'd be camoflaging inside frozen caves, for the most part, so I took my inspiration from images like this: Beyond the blue, I decided to give them big red eyes mostly so it wouldn't look like I had *just* drybrushed them... I figure they mostly hang out in ice caves napping, then, when they detect a potential meal, they jump around the cave, using the weird lighting and such to disorient their prey and keep it from being able to target it in melee, thus stretching their hitpoints a bit further.
  2. So this is one I started working on a dog's age ago, and don't think I've ever actually shared - six of the metal Tombstones of Protection, done up as caryatid columns. I *really* like this sculpt - more than the weeping-angels-esque named caryatid columns, or the spartan version, which are great but don't really fit with my campaign settings... This one has just the right balance of warrior-like but still statueque, if that makes sense? And it has a great chess-piece like quality to it, as well - it feels really good to pick up and clink around. I really like statue-type enemies, myself - either animated by a current enemy also on the battlefield, or by ancient magics for the defense of a current objective. There are some other interesting ways to use them, too - maybe a bar-owner who has one in the corner to break up fights, or a dracolisk animating it's former victims to force the players out into open combat, or the tools of a (*friendly?*) earth elemental who needs to interact with mortals... Or, hell, to use as non-animated tokens for something like a basilisk or medusa fight. The statues themselves were pretty simply done - I started dark grey, layered up to white, hit the whole thing with a dark wash, and layered up again. If I had wanted, I'm sure I could have picked out some details to do in gold, but I've had mixed results with that on stone in the past, and for maximum versatility, I think the grey is fine. Once I did that, I broke them off the bases, added greenstuff, and just stippled it with some sandpaper before squishing them back into place - nothing complicated at all. As is tradition, I forgot to re-black the edge of the base before taking pictures - I'll do that eventually. Or I'll forget - I've... forgotten a couple of times... As basing materials, I can't recommend flock from Tajima1 enough. Here's a bit of a better/truer-to-life picture of the base... I disassembled some of their 'moorland' tufts for these - they're basically wonderful, layered basing materials, like a little lump of marsh. They'd be good on a larger base, but for 1" bases, I tend to tear them up - they have 4-5 different tufts of grass and shrub, all on a base of super-short grass. It's all self-adhesive, and honestly I just stick it on, it's pretty great. For this I added some of their lupines, and marsh grass - the red and dark-purple taller tufts. These are so impossibly delicate - single long bits of flock with velvetty dust applied so delicately. I have no idea how they do it - but it's a wonderful variation on their other flowers and it pops amazingly on these, like flowers in a graveyard.
  3. Reptile-people... I use a *lot* of reptile-people in games. Not my games, necessarily - but there's a couple published books that are heavy on Yuan-ti, and a years-long campaign I was in had whole tribes of lizardfolk. With that said, this isn't the first time I've tried painting up a good-sized unit of lizardfolk warriors for one of my games. The first time, I used Reptus - but, I'll be honest, the pinning and gluing on them was a ton of work, and while I love some of the sculpts, they're pretty big for lizardfolk. Then I tried the Van Horne lizardfolk, the metal ones from KS1, but... honestly, there just aren't enough of them. Two sculpts, a ranged and melee fighter, does not a raiding party make, which is a shame, because they're probably my favorite interpretation of lizardfolk. So, round three. This time, I really put in the research! I love how Julie Gunthrie does reptiles, and so I started looking at her offerings with Reaper. The Serpentfolk Evoker from Pathfinder is an old favorite, and poking around, I eventually found three more options by her - the Degenerate Serpentfolk, Serpentfolk Warrior, and Lizardman Shaman. So, with something adjacent a plan in mind, I bungled off to Reapercon last year to pick up my latest attempt at lizardy goodness - four each of the warriors, and three of the evoker, for 15 yuan-ti minis or 12 lizardfolk. Fortunately, figures-in-hand, I knew I had made the right choice. These minis are *very* close in size, and around the same as or slightly smaller than a large PC figure. They've got tails - a big plus, I'm sorry, both yuan-ti and lizardfolk deserve tails IMO - and generally look like they were sculpted to go together. I wish there were one or two more in this set - maybe an archer and another swordsman - but it's a good looking group! My goal is to paint them up in such a way that they can serve as either yuan-ti OR lizardmen without much issue, since I'd rather not have to paint two groups. Therefore, I'm going old-school - green skin with lots of browns and reds in the armor and on the clothing, red or yellow eyes, and so on. The one exception will be the Serpentfolk Evoker - I want to do two of him in green, but also make an albino cobra version of him so that I can use it as a commander. So far, they're cleaned and glued to bases. I've also got a new cell phone arriving today, so part of my goal is to get some better pics.... we'll see how it goes!
  4. I'd be very into hopping in the next one ASAP! If I might suggest - it'd be a bit more work setting up, but maybe have people who are thinking of putting in 3d print stuff say so at the outset, so they can be staggered through the list? That way there's no risk of hitting a run of 2-3 people w/ printers and getting a huge buildup, and they're likely to have a better mix. I'll also second being more interested in terrain than character minis.
  5. If you wanted to cut out a step, I wonder if you could use magazine adverts rather than printing out the picture? This looks amazing!
  6. From what I understand talking to him he was a last-minute booking to replace someone who had cancelled. He said he does a lot of gaming 'cons b/c he's into them personally and I guess the tables are cheap compared to other stuff? I would have loved to play more games but the signups this year were impossible - I couldn't figure it out at all... Hopefully next year we could go back to paper signups at the 'con - like sign up on line, and then day of they print a list of who's signed up with open lines for empty slots and a line or two for substitutes to leave their phone numbers... That way people can go cross out if they need to skip a game, or make sure they have players if they don't have enough. Having the stage there made it a little weird - there was just the small opening and the curtains. Not that it physically blocked it, but it made it feel weird going over there, like I was going into a back area. If it was swapped with that front set of tables where the board games were, and that area opened up and made into more seating, I think it would've been easier to go visit you guys....
  7. If I can get all of these minis I got at Reapercon sorted, bagged, and tagged, I'll consider that a huge win. If I can finish the insurance spreadsheet, I'll consider that one better.
  8. I'm storing metal minis, so it's a bit different - heavier with sharper edges - but I use a combination of crayon boxes (plastic ones, like you get at walmart for storing crayons, not the cardboard ones) and mini sandwich bags. In around November a few years back, I got about 100 of the crayon boxes for 50c each, and I buy the bags at the dollar tree. Minis go in something based a bit on size & a bit on convinience - multi-part minis and familiar-sized ones go in boxes, single-piece minis and minis with only large parts like dragons go in sandwich bags. I label the bags with handwritten white labels with SKU and unit name, & track what I have, quantities & the MSRP on a searchable google spreadsheet (so that, if I ever have to do an insurance claim on the collection in the event of a housefire, I can provide my renter's insurance with a complete accounting rather than having to get a rough appraisal.) I have to redo it b/c I traded most of my old metal for new metal at Reapercon, but when I'm done I was going to post pics...
  9. I doubt I'll be coming - I'll be about a week into my first school year as a full teacher! I guess I'll have to find someone to spend my (admittedly much reduced) melt metal for me :D
  10. I think I will do the cat from 30001: Queen of the Jungle as one of her charming jaguars. It's 54mm so plenty of space to play with - should make a fun celestial jaguar...
  11. I know it exists already in metal but: The gargoyle from this set - just him. Maybe in a 3-pack? I have about 20 of him - I get more every Reapercon, and I cherish them all deeply. I love the many metal gargoyles that Reaper makes - but the reality is, they're all MASSIVE compared to the size I want for my games. Gargoyles are only medium-sized, and, more than that - they're not infrequently fought in groups of 10-20! So having a tall, broad-winged figure that towers over the party makes it tricky to use them in-game. Meanwhile this guy fits neatly on a 25mm base, doesn't overhang it or tip over, and is a one-piece that's super easy to paint... Basically the perfect mini. Plus it makes a great imp, too... If we could get, say, a 3-pack for 10.99, I'd be thrilled to be able to recommend it to people...
  12. There are four days left for this, and they're sitting at 5800/6500! Please swing by and take a look - it's gonna be really cool!
  13. One of my fellow party members is publishing their first adventure path on KS! "Lament of The Widow is a tale of thrilling mystery and cosmic horror, spanning over 20 elegantly appointed and thoroughly haunted rooms in the labyrinthine world of Moorehouse, each of which contains the potential for rich rewards, powerful magical items, or painful, agonizing failure. Behind our beautifully illustrated cover, players and Game Masters alike will be thrilled to find over 100 pages of carefully crafted maps, incredible illustrations, and detailed descriptions, as well as a new setting-appropriate background option, brand new magic items, an update to a classic tabletop monster, and an array of original creatures created just for this setting, all brought to life by our passionate, talented team of artists. Will you brave the perils of the Infinite Manor, unravel its secrets and escape with your lives? Or will you remain forevermore within its halls, trapped in a cycle of suffering and torment without end? The choice is yours...if you have the strength to make it." It's got some really great art and cool monster concepts! Dalimar is pretty amazingly creative, too - I have 0 doubts it's going to be an awesome adventure. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackpineac/lament-of-the-widow-an-adventure-in-the-infinite-manor
  14. "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!" I like the House one myself. Have each of them framed by two needles, except JnJ, who get one.
  15. Anyone looking to fill a bed Thursday to Sunday or Monday?
  16. LOL why is this forum meat-colored?
  17. Oh man, this is... one of those sets, huh? One of those ones that's like... Hm. Maybe this is not the good stereotype to play into? I mean - don't get me wrong, I love these minis. They're gorgeous sculpts that have a lot going for them, but... IDK. Hmm... With that said - I tried to take them in a bit of a fun direction! They have an obvious tropical flair, with grass skirts and masks, and they're roughly in scale with Reaper's Dwarves, so... Tropical dwarves? I had three study halls and a prep period today, so I had plenty of time to think it over... (just to clarify something - IDK what my camera was up to with these, but that mint green color is, in person, a rather vivid teal. IDK why it - and only it) is so off-balance...) So - thoughts for these guys. Castaways from a rare dwarven ship, obviously - gone a bit feral since they were lost at sea. Why the masks? Well... - Maybe there are tigers where they landed. Or something worse. The masks scare off the things that hunt the hunters. - Cult! Maybe something dwelled on the island... something ancient. Benevolent or malevolent? Depends on the story. - Scooby-Doo villainy! The dwarves found *GOLD* in them thar reefs. They're eager to stake a claim, and no one wants to mess with the 'crazy locals'... - Sunstroke. Makes you do weird things... Point is I think there's some real potential for these guys, either as enemies, raiders, or even a friendly trading encounter... You could also place them in a jungle with much the same theme, or... really anything. So - getting started on how I painted these guys. The yellow-toned pictures are much more color-accurate btw... I started with a tone that's one step darker than my usual for dwarves - they've been shirtless on an island for months/years/weeks - and worked up to my usual mid-range for skin. The grass skirts I kept pretty basic, and then I mixed up a whole bunch of hair colors - that, more than anything I think, lends them their dwarfishness... I tried to stick to crisp whites and then teal, orange, and purple or the masks over brown, and I think it got a pretty good effect.\ This group all wound up with the tattoos - wholely inadvertantly. I didn't want to give everyone a tattoo, but the four I did I think came out good! I did Walnut Brown lining and put a thin layer of my flesh highlight over it, and I'm pretty pleased. I did Thor's hammer on the first pic in this set, then an armband, and two of those trefoil things from Mjolnir in the Thor movies because it was easy to draw... I really just wanted to connect them back to the idea that they were actual diplaced dwarves. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with them for only a single evening's work (I started them - already primed but otherwise untouched - at around 3pm, right after work, and it's around 11 now, so I spent maybe 7 hours?) I need to finish basing them, and I may go back and clean up the gold a little/add a wash to the masks and spears/add tattoos, but honestly I think they came out as I was hoping they would. They'll get used at some point I'm sure!
  18. I have a big pile of stuff to paint! 3x - 03605: Devil Rays 3x - 03622: Sharks (2) 3x - 03497: Pygmy Savages (just the people) 1x - 03297: Female Rogues (3) 1x - 03327: Fighting Women (3) 1x - 03335: Wizards (3) 4x - 03319: Fighters (3) 1x - 02005: Tox Lots of minis but tbh I don't think it'll be too bad - I'm going for tabletop quality so no fancy shading, but hopefully by the end of the month I'll have human mooks out of the way :D Edit, 3/13/21: I finished up the four Wizards, the Pygmies, and the fighters... 25 down, 14 to go!
  19. Except Legion of Justice and Caeke!
  20. Now, I'mma let you finish, but... This is the greatest set of crabs of all time. OF ALL TIME. But, seriously - Bushido Miniatures has a gem, here. Three flavors of crab - fiddler, horseshoe, and swarm/sand crab - all sculpted with gorgeous detail, cast in pewter, basically everything I could ever want. I love them. ... with that said, holy broccoli, 19$ a pack? These guys are pricey. Each pack comes with one of each flavor, like crab neopolitan, with no way to order a particular crab seperately - heartbreaking, because I could use about 6 more of the sand crab swarms but there's no way I'm paying 120$ for the pleasure... especially since I'm pretty sure that, while cool as heck, my adventurers aren't going to be that intimidated by even nine giant horseshoe crabs. Fearsome, the horseshoe crab is not. Maybe if they were polymorphed into sandworms, IDK. But the crab swarms... great beach/aquatic enemy. I don't know if they exist in 5e, but in Pathfinder, they're positively fearsome - a CR 4 enemy with immunity to weapon damage, which is amazing. NOT non-magical weapon damage, either - all weapon damage, which means that these are great to... sprinkle into? another encounter. For a low-level party, pair with a creature with great grappling, like an octopus, and have that go after the spellcasters while the fighters are assailed by crabs. For something higher - an enemy with magic resistance targeting your casters while crabs harry the melee fighters provides a great chance to force strategy, since the casters will need to realize that their attacks aren't effecting it and refocus on freeing their friends... Tons of potential in other words. So: crab tiem! First up: horseshoe crabs! These are really common where I live - they're lovely brown friends. Their mouths feel like toothbrushes and they are full of love. This one is like 5' long but I imagine it's similar - perhaps a halfling could ride it on a charming nautical jaunt. I love this mini so much. It perfectly captures the sort of angular elegance of a horseshoe crab. I painted them saddle brown, tinted the leading edges with a bit of marigold, then did the tail and spikes darker just for some contrast - they're often light, but it didn't read well on the mini. This was super easy to paint and I 10/10 recommend. Not much else to say - it's a horseshoe crab! Next: Fiddler Crab! There are... just so many types of fiddler crab. Most of them (all, I think, but I'm not 100%) have pierci pierci claws like this guy, and not crushi crushi claws like the mini, which are more of a lobster thing? But this is a minor complaint. This crab has a fancy yellow claw and very respectful eyes so I picked him to model my fiddlers off of. I kept these pretty basic - dark shells, yellow claws, orange legs, brown wash. There was a bit of an odd texture - I'm not sure if it was primer or the claws - on the claws themselves, but it sorted out after a few coats so ??? This was my least favorite mini of the bunch and I think it's kind of obvious... It's not a bad mini, it's just not particularly useful. Too small to be a real threat on it's own, and I don't have enough to use as a big group... eh, it's a crab. 7/10 Last but not least: CHRISTMAS ISLAND RED CRAB \ Now you may be thinking: Huh, Aard, that sure is a crab. To which I reply: Heck yes it's a crab! but that's not why it's the crab I used for swarms. This is why it's the crab I used for swarms: Oh, right, the swarming. I love these guys - but the color was just... it's good. Real good - but not believeable? I worried that it would come across as fake, in the same way that even though blue bees exist I would never paint a bee mini with blue stripes b/c no one would recognize it. So I knocked it down to orange with a dark back, and I'm wildly pleased with how it came out! These are fantastic minis. The bases tab in perfectly to the 30 mm bases they come with, so no greenstuffing; they've got a ton of little details without being hard to paint; the little crabbies are all distinct with clear definition between the different parts, and no casting weirdness... I love them. They took a little time to pick out the crabby bits - I did all orange and then painted the backs seperately, then dotted the eyes and quickshaded to bring out the legs a little more and tint the sand and... they look great. I may add one or two tiny shells and some shore grass to the bases, but honestly these are just so good. I may actually email the company and see if they'll sell me some separately at some point, because, I mean... look at them. Phenomenal. An easy 17/10 on this mini guys, and if I wanted to spend more than a night on this pack I could probably have done more... I have a few more crabtivities in the future - I have around a billion of the crab mini from Aquatic Familiars I to base up as bigger swarms on Large bases - but for now I shall set crabs aside until my greenstuff arrives. Then it should be pretty easy to finish these up - some tufts and shells on the swarms, like I said, and then some basing on the horseshoe and fiddler crabs. Tomorrow, though, I think I'm going to start to wind down my maritime adventures - I have six (possibly eight but IDK where the other two are?) of Reaper's sharks, some fish from Aquatic Familiars I, three devil rays(the big ones this time) and five basecoated Sea Lions to finish up, and then that's most of my maritime mooks. The one thing I still really want that's in the lower size categories is... Quipper swarm. Please - someone make a metal quipper swarm, they're so good, so common -
  21. And here's ANOTHER another mini I'm knocking off my list! Beetles are... well, they're beetles. Not too many beetle enemies in D&D - there are massive ones, and scarabs, but I think most small-sized beetles are fire beetles? Which aren't particularly good as enemies... Still - they have some interesting potential! For example, Duregar and Drow (and the other assorted denizens of the Underdark) sometimes farm them - meaning an unruly low-level party might unwittingly stumble into a colony while moving through drow territory, for example. Or accidentally drive a few fleeing fire beetles towards a shrieker nest, meaning they have to kill them before they reach the shriekers! Or for first level PCs - maybe a dwarf hires them to evict the beetle infestation from her mushroom garden? You could even use them for a party with mostly dwarves or elves - they're travelling in a cave, fighting a mostly non-darkvisioned enemy, and can kill the beetles to deprive their opponents of light, treating them more like objective tokens than enemies in their own right... Or you could use them as just big ol' beetles. I'm sure there's a statblock for that. Either way: BEETLES! These were really neat to work on! First things first - not to misrepresent Otherworld's great sculpts, these actually came with some really nice antennae. Adding them would've been asking for them to get knocked off, and that just makes them look beat-up, though, so I made the cunning executive decision not to use them. I started off by priming and then blocking out the colors - brown legs and green elytra, a lighter brown for the head, and then the yellow stripes and white wings. Then I used a colorshift paint to give the wings and head their shimmer! It's Greenstuff World's Evil Forest - which is a really interesting paint to work with. It's a copper to purple colorshift metallic, but suspended in a green ink. I used it in three different ways on this figure - first well mixed, to get a softer shine on the wings. Then I let it settle and seperate a bit - I used the settled-out copper to paint the heads and highlight the wings, and then did a coat of the ink over the whole wing to get back the green that was covered up by the copper. This really doesn't photograph at all well, but it looks top-notch in person! These should give a better view of how the colorshift paint works - from the side view you can hardly see it, and the top-down pictures show it a lot better! After that, it was just a matter of tidying up my lines a bit, adding a few last details like the eyes, and sealing! They took a good while - around 3 hours of active time, 6 if you include drying time. Still, they look just like I was shooting for! I'm going to base these on 30mm bases, like I do all of my minis. The legs are a real pita to glue, so I'm going to fill the base with a layer of greenstuff, texture it, then press them in while it's still soft so there are divots to add glue to - it's not particularly pretty, but it does a real good job of keeping them in place! I'll post more pictures when the bases are done!
  22. AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa I love rats. They're adorable. And they're a great enemy for low-level characters, although they quickly get outpaced by the PCs - a smallish first or second level party might struggle, but after that... less so. Still - rats do have a place in my heart as a monster - and as familiars for both PCs and NPCs! The thing is... you need a lot of rats. Lots and lots. Which is why (like everything else I've worked on this week, say it with me:) I've been putting this off since Reapercon, meaning to get to it. For this project, I decided I wanted to paint a lot of patterns of fancy rat, rather than just doing them all brown, grey or white. This was for a couple reasons! One - it means that any PCs with rat familiars get a choice, but two, and more importantly - this may not be enough ratte. I have a sneaking suspicion that, like the twig blights, I'm going to wind up wanting like 20 of these... And if I pick those up in a year or more, I don't want to have to worry about making them match. A nice blend of colors and patterns means that I can do whatever on the future set and they'll come out looking fine! So... How many rat colors are there? Lots: (by Marmotdoodles on Tumblr! https://marmotdoodles.tumblr.com/post/139743043576/some-rat-colors-and-markings-prints-available) Breaking them down by pattern: Basic rats are… just rats! All one color. Sometimes they have different colored paws and ears but for contrast and ease of painting I kept things pink - and did black eyes for everything but the albino, though the eyes don’t vary as much, I don’t think. 1x Chocolate 1x Albino 1x Black 1x Champaign 3x Blue Hooded rats have a solid head and shoulders, with a stripe of color to the tail, and white flanks! They’re my favorite pattern which is why I did three... 1x Blue Hooded 1x Black Hooded 1x Champaign Hooded And then a couple extra brown rats to round things out. Irish rats have a blaze of white on the chin and white paws - capped rats have a colored head and shoulders and white back half. 1x Chocolate Irish 1x Chocolate Capped And oh god these are not easy to take pictures of. My camera insisted on focusing on the paper-towel backdrop - I've got some greenstuff on the way and plan to do better pictures once I've finished the bases! I took some group shots that came out a bit better: As you can probably tell - I kept these nice and simple! Painted the bodies over grey primer, then went back and did hands, paws and eyes. They're for sure not the fanciest minis I've ever done, but especially IRL they look pretty good - and once the bases are neatened up, I think I'll be pretty happy with them!
  23. Oh, well if we're going that route... Excelericior!
  24. Briar? Bramble? Thorn? This is going to be cool whatever you name it!
  25. Wow! Here's another bunch of minis I've had banging around since Reapercon 2019' - actually, I may have picked these up at 18', I'm not 100% sure. Either way - giant/plague rats are just... such a good mini to have? I don't use rats as an enemy all the time, but up until the lower-midlevels, they're a great choice - especially in urban settings! - so I've been meaning to get them done... I'll be honest, though... I kind of hate these minis? Like don't get me wrong - they're beautifully done! Just - blisters. Hm. I'd really like a set of healthy rats this size for DM reasons, too - since giant rats aren't a bad summons for a druid, or companions to a were-rat/ratfolk ect... People who wouldn't let any harm come to their companions, let alone festering disease! I think I have one more of these somewhere, so he may get greenstuffed fuzzy :D Anyways: the swarm! Yeah, for some reason the white balance on my camera did not like these guys. One or two was fine, but more than that and it color corrected hard blue... Here are some better shots up close! I kept these real simple, since I had so many to do and they're not really small minis? I painted the whole mini grey, then added the pink ears, noses, and tails. Then I added some color to the bodies - grey mixed with green and brown below, then that mix with some orchid purple above, to give sort of a bruised, unwell color to the smooth, hairless parts of the body. After that, it was a painstaking process of dotting all of the pustules in white - nothing else, since they were concave enough that I knew they'd catch and hold the wash. After that - the wash itself, just a wash of... I think Umber? Army Painter Quickshade. Then just some red for the eyes, mahogany brown for the mouths, and dotting in the teeth, and you've got some great gross-looking ratties! From here... once my greenstuff shows up, these are going to get some cobblestones underfoot, and maybe another coat of sealer depending on how much trouble the fur texture gives me! I'll probably grab some of the newer giant rats too, just to compare - I wouldn't mind doing some up hairless and fleshy pink all over, with white eyes and a greenish tint, as sort of a zombie-rat, and I'm curious what the new ones from the Dungeon Dwellers line are like since they look so close... I think eight in this style is more than enough, though - if I need more than that I need to pick a stronger enemy to add in!
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