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  1. These are really looking great...love the green goop, but I don't think I'll be dipping my toes in it .
  2. English...so it doesn't really effect me...but I might watch the movie tonight
  3. Non-alcoholic: Green Tea with Lemon (constantly...going to put the kettle on now ) Alcoholic: Not really, I don't drink very often, but if I had to choose I'd probably sip a Baileys (original, with none of the added flavour malarkey) David Brawley, on 27 Jan 2017 - 12:25 PM, said: I really want to paint one of my Rooster Riders from TAG, they just look so much fun...not sure when I'll have a chance to have a go though...this year definitely...maybe...hopefully
  4. I wrap myself in loads of blankets and curl up with a good book and a cup of tea...and then forget the world around me and delve into the realms of fantasy.
  5. "Yeah, there are a "few" Oathsworn boxes in there. I found it funny, Infamy used the same type of boxes, but in purple, for their KS. But I've never seen them anywhere else. Are they only available in England?" We love our boxes, everything arrives safe & sound packed in them . The company we get them from is 'SB Weston' (https://www.westonboxes.com), they're based in England and I think also have an office in Germany. "Currently the room is a mess as a few things have come in (kickstarters, replacement boards for MERCs, assorted Reaper orders) and I'm trying to focus on finishing my exchange fig so they are all in a pile on the floor. Once the exchange is done I hope I'll get it more organized and take some new pics." The mess always looks worse before it gets better...I'm looking forward to seeing your finished room
  6. I'm hoping to have a day where I don't do something wrong, put my foot in it or just generally don't cock-up in some way ...I live in hope, maybe tomorrow's my day.
  7. Congratulations! I love your painting and the whole romantic nature of your proposal, I wish you both loads of love and happiness
  8. I'd love to drop a dress size and move house...losing weight is totally do-able as long as I have any will power and force myself to exercise even when I'm on a downer, but moving house I fear is just a dream
  9. Must have missed your thread when it started, so I've just caught up now Loved following your progress, it's a great room (totally jealous of your space )... I did spot a few Oathsworn plastic boxes in your stash, cool Good luck with building your light arch, hope you get it sorted.
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