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  1. What they call stubbornness, I know as cognitive dissonance (to me you can be stubborn and right, but dissonance implies you are wrong). Cognitive dissonance is when you reject facts because they don't fit with how you see yourself or your world, and it is an instinctual reaction. It is a good point that many healthy lifestyle changes are probably rejected because of cognitive dissonance.
  2. Gu Gels are kind of nasty. They make sense for ultra-runners who have 2% or less body fat, but for big folks like those of us here I'm not at all convinced you need more sugar for anything less than an ultra-marathon. I do like "SaltStick" capsules, which are electrolyte replacement capsules without any sugar. They seem to help me avoid feeling sore or cramping after long runs, especially when it is hot and I've sweated even more excessively than usual, and don't have nasty taste or sugar highs like the gels or Gatorades. I usually take one just after I finish an hour+ run, but if I'm planning something over 10 miles I'll usually take one with me to have along the way.
  3. For the half-marathon I did, there was water and Gatorade every mile. Mostly I just stuck to the water, but once I felt like I needed something more, grabbed a Gatorade and really regretted it. Disgusting stuff and rough on a dry mouth. You should already be able to find out where your race has water in the race guide.
  4. Oh right, Texas. Where you do actually need to worry about hydration between the months of October and March. Good luck! It will be a lot of fun I'm sure.
  5. For weight loss, running faster isn't really better. Longer runs with a moderate heart rate (in the 150-160 range for someone within 10 years of 40) are much better for fat burning. You can look up "MAF" running. I can do a 5k in under 25 minutes, but do most of my running at about a 9 min mile because it puts me at a better effort level for weight loss.
  6. What's wrong with gaining more muscle? Aside from looking great and letting you lift heavy objects, it also burns more fat for you.
  7. I found the value in calorie counting was less in limiting my calories and more just being more aware of what I was actually eating. Also, weight loss has momentum. So if you make some bad choices while losing weight, you'll probably keep losing weight unless you make those occasional errors into habits.
  8. I don't know I would trust that calculator very far. I certainly wouldn't lose much weight at 2000/day but it says that is extreme for me (I'm big and go for long walks every day and long runs many days). For weight lifting, I suggest starting at something that feels ridiculously easy. If you start hard or even moderately you are likely to be too sore to keep it up at first. It will only take a couple of weeks to build up to something more reasonable and then you'll be able to sustain it instead of starting, getting sore, then stopping for a few weeks/months/years until you build up the motivation again.
  9. Official Monday weigh in is 221.8, and based on the last few weeks I should be getting under 200 this year which will be nice. It is a similar trend to what I had going all last summer so probably sustainable.
  10. 6.6 lbs is good for a month, what do you mean slow going?
  11. I really like the stonethrower, I hope he's not TOO small (that rock should top out about chin high on a regular human?)
  12. From the update: " But what if I hate Facebook or just don’t want to like your page? If you are a Facebook hater and prefer not to like us on Facebook, but still want the miniature, we will not deny you, but you can’t get it free. The Fire Projector mini will still be available as and ADD ON for $6.50 to your existing pledge." Well, I really really dislike paying for things I can get for "free". It is not like I don't use Facebook already.
  13. Oh, I really like the alcohol flame thrower, but I really dislike signing up for advertising. Hmm ...
  14. I'm in, grabbed an early bird Lord of Battle .. but now I'm kind of wish I had grabbed an early bird collector to get the rules too. As for the minis, the first ones to really catch my eye are the outcast barbarians.
  15. And we get the frog pig knight. I hope there is 1 more stretch goal.
  16. I just bumped to completionist. Couldn't decide which ones I wanted and just got a bonus from work. I'll have all the halflings I ever need.
  17. I really dislike these "get fit fast" programs, P903x, Couch to 5k, the adventure path, which all seem to feature lots of high intensity exercise. If you get lucky and don't hurt yourself, you can get very fit, but most likely you're just going to hurt yourself. Moderately increased heart rates sustained for longer and longer periods is a much safer and sustainable, but less dramatic, way to lose weight. As you get in better shape, the level of activity required to maintain a moderately increased heart rate will go up so it is a good idea to have a heart rate monitor to make sure you aren't going too easy or too hard. Once you're down to a healthy weight, then you can pick up the high intensity stuff (carefully).
  18. Nah, I don't agree with that. Goggles work better for their theme as DUST runners. They'd not want dust/dirt in their eyes as they are racing across the desert landscape. Think more along the lines of Mad Max. I agree that glass googles would be better, I'm just saying they don't seem very barbaric. Can't you just paint them as though they had slits? What, you want me to freehand a straight line?? FINE!!! Sheesh. Way to make me push my skillz.
  19. Nah, I don't agree with that. Goggles work better for their theme as DUST runners. They'd not want dust/dirt in their eyes as they are racing across the desert landscape. Think more along the lines of Mad Max. I agree that glass googles would be better, I'm just saying they don't seem very barbaric.
  20. Barbarian is cool! But, those glasses should probably be slits (like these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inuit_snow_goggles) and not glass.
  21. I think the Honeymage would make a great druid. I like the bees, I might change the staff.
  22. I'd definitely cut off the head of the witch's broom, replace it with something from a weapons sprue. I like the armored skirt though. It actually kind of makes sense if you want to wear armor but are too Victorian to show your legs. Currently on the fence about this third set.
  23. To me he looks like a tree troll, which is cool. Definitely a different take on Ents.
  24. I really miss biking to work. It takes about 45 minutes for me (12 miles), which is a bit tricky with the baby's schedule but should be doable at least a few days a week again soon. Back in Michigan there was a really nice path I could take though, whereas here I have to take some fairly busy Massachusetts roads in a few spots. There is a huge difference between a $200 bike and a $1000 bike, definitely worth the investment. Also, get at least 28 mm tires (most road bikes come with 23 or 25 mm). They won't slow you down and you'll be much more comfortable on mediocre quality roads.
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