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  1. I opened my box from Jasper_the_2nd today, so much good stuff. A couple of neat metals, bones 1 missing I was missing or wanted more of, and enough basing supplies to last me the year, plus chocolate! Thanks!
  2. Oh man I want one if those. Except it would have to be bigger, I'd hit my head on that one.
  3. You know nastro azzurro is just Italian for PBR.
  4. Lini is still primed but I use the cat as my panther beast companion who is awesome. I love the technicolor hair.
  5. I had my first beer a few weeks after turning 21. I was spending the summer working at CERN and went to dinner with some of the professors. When they found out I hadn't had beer they made sure to order me one. I learned a lot about drinking that summer but since I started with the good stuff, including a trip to Scotland that summer, I have never been able to stomach coors, miller, Budweiser swill. I drink often but not a lot, mostly whiskey beer and wine.
  6. A desktop? A desktop computer? Kids still use those things? I have two in my attic I haven't turned on in two years. And unless you're going for a high-end gaming rig, they're kind of cheap ...
  7. For exercise, lately my wife and I have been going for 6-8 mile runs once or twice a weekend, plus the occasional lunch-time run or evening trip to the gym for an hour of swimming or using the rowing machine (that is an awesome workout). I haven't been on my bike in a year due to circumstances, but I'll get back to it in the spring. I just started running this year, and so I've never done a triathlon but maybe next year. Walks are to help the digestion and calm my mind so that I don't yell at people.
  8. Woot, just checked my tracking and it finally jumped from "Shipping Label Created" to "Out for Delivery" ... in Bayamon Puerto Rico. Er, I don't live in Puerto Rico, I live in Massachusetts. December 23, 2014 , 8:41 am Out for Delivery BAYAMON, PR 00957 eta: LadyStorm very graciously checked that my package was not actually addressed to Puerto Rico, hopefully USPS tracking is just being silly. eta2: nope, it really was in PR and after a delivery failure is probably flying back to Texas. The package probably just doesn't like cold weather, but don't worry little box it is warm up here this year!
  9. No one takes up painting space like Aard. I'd forgotten the capability of a teenager to spread their stuff EVERYWHERE :)
  10. Is that corn meal or semolina? I usually think semolina is the finer stuff but still little balls instead of flour. I use it for keeping pizza from sticking to the peel but now I need to try some as sand.
  11. I got a package from Jaspar_the_2nd today! I haven't opened it though because Christmas is only a few days away and I can restrain myself, really... I'd better go hide it from myself in the attic.
  12. I've been tempted to this one for my wife since she is a fan of kung fu movies. Nice job.
  13. For something like 50+ bases, I kind of prefer a bag to a blister pack. I imagine it is cheaper, and it leaves me something convenient to store the bases in until I get around to using the all.
  14. My Kyrie order is still sitting at "Shipping Label Created," grrrr. I know it is most likely not at Reaper HQ anymore, hopefully it arrives soon. Now that I complained about it, it will probably be waiting at my doorstep when I got home. So, yay?!?
  15. I meant to weigh myself today, but forgot due to waking up an hour early to take a friend to the airport. I'm sure I'm still 235 +/- half a pound though. No weight gain or loss for the last 4 months, which I guess is a good thing after losing 35 pounds over the summer.
  16. We'll have to add exercise to our painting routines to avoid getting larger.
  17. Cookie monster. If we can go far down the Henson tree, Rigel (Farscape).
  18. And mine arrived! The walnut is nice, the cedar is really excellent. I haven't had a chance to try them out, but I'll bring them to game day next week. They are a little smaller than I had pictured in my mind but beautiful.
  19. Oh, that explains why I keep getting packages on Sunday recently. I clearly haven't been watching enough (or any) TV. I like the USPS, they get way too much flak.
  20. My favorite pizza place was this little food cart that parked in the parking lot around the corner from our apartment back when we lived in france. I usually got veggies and proscuito with an egg cracked on the middle (I think they called it quatro saison, or was it champion?) on a super thin tasty crust. After that is when I started making my own pizza since very little available in the US compares favorably.
  21. Reaper or USPS is taunting me with a tracking number stuck on "Shipping Label Created" since yesterday morning. I know I shouldn't be in a hurry since I won't get a chance to paint these for weeks at best, but for some reason I always WANT IT NOW.
  22. I think you're getting better and better at this as you complete each piece of metal.
  23. I was going to like your post until I got to the pineapple; that's just wrong. Good pineapple and hot peppers, feta optional. No ham! This isn't your grandpa's nasty Hawaiian pizza.
  24. I make pizza at home (dough from scratch or it doesn't count) fairly often, for meat I usually do steak or chicken; for veggies and I like tomato, basil, hot peppers, olives, onions, or pineapple; and I'll often add slices of brie or mozzarella. The sauce is either pesto, olive oil, or homemade tomato sauce. I usually only put 3 or 4 toppings on a pizza though, so there are a lot of permutations.
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