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  1. I drive a Mazda cx-5 to work which I really like. Last year I biked to work a lot (11 miles each way, about 45 minutes compared to a 20 minute drive), but this year with needing to give rides to the (no longer) pregnant wife I haven't done any. I like taking the t downtown, and lately we've been doing more exploring by running, usually a 6 to 8 mile run once or twice a each weekend.
  2. I really wish a PDF version was available, which I would be happy to pay for.
  3. The checkout page (after you've paid) should say which one they are including. But it isn't in the email they send to you, so if you closed it, it's gone I think. It's also in the email they send you. Edit: corrected by Inarah
  4. Updated cards for the initial 8, and then the Butcher and Infantry since I have one of the first and am about to buy a bunch of the second.
  5. Definitely visible, and looks like a lot of fun!
  6. This is one of the main reasons why I drive a mini. People I barely know never ask me to help them move things or if they can get a ride. I have just enough room for my wife in the front and corgis in the back. I'm currently looking at used SmartCars to buy one for my son to use when he gets his license next summer. They have great crash ratings and he won't end up being pressured into giving rides to more than one other teen. Most teen car crashes are the result of other teens screwing around in the back seat distracting the driver. Not a problem with a SmartCar. Crash ratings are scaled for the "class" of car. So an ultra-compact car like a Smart is safe ... for an ultra-compact car. It isn't nearly as safe as a full-sized sedan. Very large cars (like a Suburban) aren't especially safe either since they have a lot more mass to get in trouble with and they are more likely to kill whoever is on the other side of the accident. So for best safety all around, go for a mid-size car. I had an old Nova and would often drive a friend or two around, but it was so under-powered that once there were more than 2 people in the car it was impossible to go FAST enough to do much damage.
  7. My parents do things like that all of the time ("Hey, electrician I passingly know from church, come help me rewire my house!"). And they get upset when someone doesn't want to do whatever. It drives me nuts. On the other hand, if you ask them for a huge favor they will (try to) help, so at least they aren't hypocrites.
  8. All of my orders to fill my package are finally in transit and should arrive by Monday, then I'll send stuff out again to arrive late next week. I'm not as quick as Catdancer, but it should be in plenty of time to open on Christmas.
  9. You mean you didn't send her a green mold monster??
  10. I am OK with monthly newsletters from a company I frequent. I thought the site that sold dog tags (for dogs, not soldiers) that sent me one or two emails a day was kind of creepy. How often do they think I have to get a new dog??? Fido, go chase that car! Oops, guess I need to order new dog tags.
  11. I have said box checked and have never received a newsletter (not even the one you all got last night apparently). I see most of the promotions on Facebook though.
  12. I got mine today too. No missing pieces. I had a little fun with seeing which models arms are compatible with other models. Unfortunately I can't remember any names to tell you the results, but it is fun to play with and will be even better with the full complement of models when they arrive.
  13. Stonehaven has earned the right to go a few weeks without an update when they are almost 6 months ahead of their planned fulfillment date, are finishing up fulfillment on their previous KS, and having been buried by an epic snowstorm. Now, where are our greens! They've been looking good and i'm anxious to see more.
  14. Ok, I'll grant you the shading on the sword is kind of messed up but I'd be thrilled to get anywhere close to the rest of her.
  15. So, family cold recipes? Whiskey with honey and a bit of lemon juice, served warm.
  16. I love this dragon and ordered one for a black Friday sale so I'm really curious to see it finished.
  17. I really want the scifi Sophie but probably can't justify a third order ... So if you get a spare you know where to send it.
  18. If anyone between Malden (north side of boston) and Manchester CT need a ride, I'll be leaving in about an hour. I'll probably not stay late though, maybe 3 pm.
  19. I have the backer coin ... It rely doesn't fit with everything else. But it is big and shiny.
  20. The gold is looking great, I'm definitely going to have to try something like that.
  21. My favorite Pandora station is Cowboy Mouth+Yokko Kano (anime music)+Slobberbone. My second favorite is Carolina Chocolate Drops+Gaelic Storm. So a mix of Rock, Americana, Alternative, Bluegrass, and Celtic. I'll also seek out Blues (Muddy Waters style mostly), Jazz (like Sun Ra) and Classical (Mahler Symphony #5 is a favorite). ETA: Oh, and I've been relearning a LOT of Folk songs recently to sing to the baby.
  22. Pay no attention to Cash's large collection of masterwork paintings that used to be in museums with inadequate security measures. They are just reference images for his miniatures.
  23. "Merry Christmas! Your order will receive Magnus, Wizard of Hope"
  24. Since no reasonable action on anyone's part will get my CAV by Saturday unless they were already mailed, I'll just wait patiently for a few more days rather than cause the busy folks at Reaper extra work. Of course, if someone there is feeling unreasonable and wants to fly to BOS with a box of CAV tomorrow, I'll make you dinner!
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