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  1. Chances of that getting funded are probably pretty decent.
  2. I probably won't go to PAX East, I was only interested in going to a reaper booth there anyway and at the moment don't know if there is one or if it will be on a day I could go. But, it is only 20 minutes from my house and if people will be there I'd love to meet up. I've been to lots of technical conventions for work but so far only one day of PAX East last year for gaming conventions.
  3. So, can I place my order now?? How about Now? Are we there yet?? Please!!!!
  4. You were totally right to prohibit kids, since I think most parents would feel guilty not listing them and these way we get a better diversity of answers. But, rules are meant to be bent.
  5. I've got a PhD, but so does almost everyone else I know so it doesn't really feel like a big deal. I think the one I brag about the most is that my work is (a small) part of the ATLAS detector at CERN which has maybe found the Higg's Boson. I've always thought of myself as a scientist though so I'm really proud of over coming my non-athletic youth and biking across Switzerland and down through Tuscany to the Mediterranean. I know talespinner said no kids, but I'm also very happy with this little guy http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/16800-reaper-baby-pictures/?p=940199
  6. Probably excessive, but I'd love to see what happened if you put on a thin layer of green stuff or mortar and used a Happy Seppuku stamp to made a flagstone courtyard instead of the premade tiles. Also, the flagstones should probably be recessed to be level with the ground outside of the keep.
  7. Should everyone who locked have a shipping notice now? I still don't :(
  8. Wow, nice eyes. The much much mixing is why I keep putting this one off. ETA, finally godlike!
  9. Wizard of hope, gencon barbarian, and SciFi Sophie in that order depending on how much I want to spend.
  10. Oh, that makes things much easier. I looked for a dedicated thread earlier and didn't see it.
  11. Food doesn't count. I may toss an orange in the stocking but I'm not pretending it isn't something I'd just have given him any day anyway. If he wants fancy clothes, that can be the gift he wants. Otherwise he'll just wear whatever my wife feels like. He'll need an erector set in a few years though.
  12. I'm trying to decide if I want to place a second order on one of the mystery gift days ...
  13. Mine are here too. I think the fuss they made over getting the right boxes was wasted energy, they don't really fit well, but the coins themselves are very nice.
  14. Definitely killing whatever makes me procrastinate. I'll work on that eventually.
  15. I only got 5, should have done a few more. I didn't get any of the axes holders but now I'd really like some ... and the expression of "Burt the Brash"'s face was really hard to pass up.
  16. The best place to go for the latest images of all the figures and their names is Update #20 (it took me a minute to remember that). Edit: been writing too many emails today, wrong sign-off.
  17. I've watched every episode of Stargate ... many of them more than once. But I swear my wife has watched every episode 10 times. She prefers Atlantis. I honestly think Firefly is better, but there is a certain base appeal to monster* of the week stuff like Stargate. * monster = actual monster, or computer bug, or black hole, or whatever.
  18. The kid isn't old enough to appreciate gifts yet (he'll be 4 months), and hey look there is this new trend towards only giving 3 gifts (one to play with, one to read, one to wear?) which I can totally get behind. Plenty of money left for my own toys.
  19. I think if I watched the old Doctor Who in a format where I could run it at 4x speed, I would be happy. It isn't that I'm impatient, but rather I don't have time to watch 50 years of REALLY SLOW plot development.
  20. The twelve days of reaper picture is up on Facebook, so now I know which day I'm placing my Secret Sophie order! (it is towards the beginning). Also, I managed to get one of the minis for my partner from the miniature market black friday sale for 50%, leaving room in the budget for an extra mini.
  21. Thanks Jasper! Really looking forward to seeing this in person after spending more time than I should have looking up images online to try and decide on my choices.
  22. I do love surprise packages, but a tracking number would be nice. Otherwise, even though I've checked and double checked that my pledge is locked, I'll still worry that somehow it isn't.
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