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  1. Got my shipping notice today. I hope these were worth the wait since they're almost 5 months late, but communications were pretty good for the duration.
  2. Finally, a shipping notice! No estimated delivery date though ... hope it gets here before Thanksgiving (so that I have plenty of time to play with it).
  3. I got a small windfall check in the mail and decided to back for a set of these. I'll probably give them to my GM as a thank you gift. Edit: oh, they're under the 48 hour mark if anyone is still fence-sitting.
  4. I'm relatively new to painting and I've never been much at following names (don't ever ask me about athletes, I have no clue who any of them are), but most of the time when I see an oh wow paint job on the Reaper store it is by Schubert. I mostly learned to paint from this forum though and was really inspired by buglips' speed and Cash's muscle tones. Since then, I've really looked forward to seeing miniatures from kuro, odinsgrandson, obsidiancrane and more recently Marysa among many others. I know these aren't the very very best painters ever, but they do work that makes me think of ways I can improve my painting.
  5. I've only started experimenting with nmm recently and I agree with cash that it has helped me see what shiny really means, which helps with lots of stuff. I find it really handy for doing quick little metal bits too, where they are just base plus a dash of highlight next to a dash of shadow.
  6. I locked in my 1 set ... was also disappointed in the shipping. I hard a harder time than I expected picking which set to get and considered adding a second one.
  7. New England could use one of these too! I'd definitely go and be willing to donate some extra to help a good cause.
  8. I don't know how I left out lemon bars (tart au citron) and key lime pie (the good stuff, again hard to find). I haven't made a lime pie in ages or a lemon bar in a year or two. I think I'll make some for thanksgiving. My aunt always made them for thanksgiving and they were my favorite part.
  9. If you get a picture of him in a corset, you totally win the internet.
  10. So ... you want us to only take pictures of you in a corset? Getting laid off sucks, good luck finding something so that you can stop the deprivation soon (and really, if I could be there I'd totally buy you and Spawn 1 lunch).
  11. I really like when people post high-quality tabletop to the show-off forum. It gives me ideas for things that I can do which are roughly within reach of my abilities instead of the OMG AWESOME stuff which I have no idea how to even start. So thank you!
  12. Yeah, the liver spots are a nice touch
  13. What is wrong with that picture? You are looking very helpful.
  14. We lived near Detroit until recently and whenever we drove by we had to stop at Shatila for baklava and coffee. There is a store in Watertown, MA that carries it but it isn't as fresh and the local stuff is pretty good.
  15. 1) Pie (I make Apple Pie and Blueberry Cream Pie) 2) Tiramisu (homemade, I almost never like them from restaurants) 3) Cookies 4) Cocoa Brownies 5) Dark Chocolate, plain or with almonds or hazelnuts or other stuff.
  16. I live on West St ... sometimes software automatically shortens West to W and then tries to send stuff to W St (luckily there isn't a W St in town though). Maybe that is why I don't have any notification.
  17. I think 1 and 4 are metal. But it is nothing to do with the quality, just the sword has more of a square edge in the metal mini than the bones version. Really awesome painting on all of them. I really like the cold light, warm light contrast.
  18. December is full up. But January! There is hope for January!
  19. But the CAV are giant robots, these are human sized robot suits. Totally different.
  20. I always liked Easter since it is usually close to my birthday, but as an adult, I make more of a to do for Thanksgiving.
  21. Yes, FGG's generous offer to not charge more money for monsters they didn't create and they have been paid a huge sum for even though the miniatures were never made or sent to the people who paid for them. How generous.
  22. http://youtu.be/TnZZ3_bwnWQ As a rule I don't click on youtu.be links, but if that isn't a link to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" by Monty Python, I'd be very disappointed.
  23. I think we need more pictures posted. I took some pictures of mine before I sent it out to Talae. Nothing fancy, just chicken.
  24. I don't think that is clear. Bankruptcy is messy. A bankruptcy filing also brings into question when he knew he wouldn't be able to fulfill and the potential for fraud in regards to ToH2 and maybe ToH1.
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