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  1. Sorry for the wait? Its been like 2 weeks. I'm waiting for this much progress on a few kickstarters for almost a year.
  2. Swimming is the best stress relief exercise for me. I will also just pick up a book and read. Of course, if the stress is because I need to do something, the only long term solution is to actually do it. I've also been known to just drop a few things off my todo list when it gets ridiculously long.
  3. Still no shipping notice for my 2 sets :( I think they don't like me for saying I'd trade them for Tre' sculpts if I could.
  4. This sounds exciting. I'm going to follow along. So far I haven't made much progress on painting my own giants.
  5. Chessex has a range of sizes actually, you could fit PCs in the bigger ones. Not Kaladrax though.
  6. Yup, I have black tongued chows. I'm okay with just painting it dark, the trouble is remembering and getting the brush up there with out messing up whatever I foolishly did first.
  7. I have a DnD game for 5 hours twice a month, whatever painting I get in after everyone else is asleep, and way too much time reading the forum and Kickstarter comments.
  8. You can buy dice boxes from the chessex web store. Probably amazon too but definitely chessex. I think I saw them somewhere else actually marketed as miniatures storage boxes too.
  9. The nice thing about it was that the figures were soooo inexpensive, especially with the exchange rate for USD to CAD. Um, I'll skip saying so inexpensive until I have them in hand, but it does seem manageable. I am looking forward to my thugs.
  10. I always struggle with painting the roof of the mouth on minis with that face :( Looks awesome though.
  11. That, and the Joy of Cooking should be in most cook's bookshelves. (Yes I actually have a bookshelf in my kitchen for cookbooks) I have a tablet and usually Google Alton Brown <...> instead, or Splendid table. I wish America's test kitchen had their recipes on an open site.
  12. I was a voracious reader until I got married. Staying up late reading with the light on would make my wife really grouchy since she wants to actually sleep. That plus grad school meant I barely read a novel a year. Then I got my kindle paperwhite and I can read in the dark without disturbing her, plus I can always easily bring it with me instead of dragging about some huge tome. So I've been averaging a book a week or so. When I have chunks of time off or have been sick, it is a book a day (for a quick read like the Dresden File books). With the baby, things have slowed down a bit but I usually still read for 30 minutes to an hour after everyone else is asleep. Lately I've been going through the Brandon Sanderson Cosmere books, right now it is Alloy of Law. I like reading a bunch of one authors' books together, you can really see how they change and develop. I'm happy to read fantasy, hard sci-fi and futuristic fantasy. The Hyperion series is one that really sticks in my head, I read it when I was 12 or so and it seemed very world-expanding at the time.
  13. It seems monitor quality would play a large factor, no?
  14. Kaladrax must be inhabited by a cat soul!
  15. I just read the SA article that Mattnuke linked to above and found it really interesting. And then there are the comments, "why are you stressing these kids with trying to learn things faster!!! Fascist!!" I will try the technique with my kid. After all, how else will I manage to get all my bones minis painted if I can't reliably ask him to paint all the orcs green?
  16. When I get stuck in that half done state it is usually paralysis over "okay, what do I do next to get that look I wanted?" So I ordered some painting DVDs to help me know enough to answer that question, and I'd really love to go to some classes. Especially at ReaperCon. Actually, I really like that point because shortly there after there is a point where it magically and suddenly comes together and lives. I love that. That's because you know what you are doing :) I am however often amazed at how something that seemed completely dead can actually turn out pretty decent with just the few right strokes of a brush.
  17. I collect all of the cardboard boxes that my miniature orders come in, cut off the lids, and then use them as storage bins. All of my paint, my opened minatures, etc. I'll have to place more orders to get enough boxes for my DF tiles.
  18. Those may be partly about evidence for CC charge-backs, but I think it is more about making a public statement that this project is broken.
  19. If I want to spray seal a piece, I have to wait until Spring or Fall. Winter is too cold and Summer is too humid. Brush on primer is my friend.
  20. Orion2010 sent me a Frost Worm and some basing materials. This is one of the Kickstarter 1 figures I really wanted but haven't picked up yet. I was really happy to see it in the box!
  21. I hate that part when I realize that something I did in painting the earlier stages is going to make that final grand design I had in mind much more difficult or impossible (without starting over obviously). Or that part when I realize I have no idea how to do what I had pictured in my mind.
  22. I haven't been paint for very long but I especially liked painting these 5. Ape-X: first experiment with NMM and a fun mini Eldritch Demon: the tatoos and tentacles are lots of fun My modified cleric with wings: my first mod plus I really like how he turned out The Tree Spirit familiar: lots of character in a tiny package and the Bones Gryphon: painted up to look like my idea of a rimfire gyrpon (fire and ice) All of these except the Cleric have spent some time hanging out on my desk at work (the cleric has been too busy being used as an NPC in our 4e game). The Space Mouslings almost made the list as well.
  23. Love the details on the head. Great work on the tattoos and various ridges and brows.
  24. How is the Shapeways plastic quality? Not planning to back, but curious.
  25. Assuming I didn't screw something up, mine is on the way and should be there Monday-ish too. I should post things more often so that I'm not always so confused by it.
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