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  1. Maybe he was waiting for someone to find a large new vein of pure pewter so that the price would plummet and he'd be able to afford to make the promised minis?
  2. I know, but I want 6 of them. Anyway, the base Bravo pledge is roughly $55 US which is just getting past my "eh, whatever, its only a few bucks" limit.
  3. I'm currently in for the drones, but I'd like a Warbot too. I'd go for Bravo + some drones but that exchange rate is just killing me :(
  4. As a backer, I accept the risk of not getting my rewards. But as a hired contractor, you should not have the risk of not being paid (well, it always exists but it shouldn't be the expectation). So if you can get paid, great! I'm all for it whether or not I see my minis or have to pay extra for them.
  5. Luckily as this goes on, I'm growing less and less enamored with them. There are so many things I actually do want from their store, I'll just go there instead.
  6. There already is: Shakandara and his mafia usually go out for sushi at least one night. Ron Eh, Sushi is fine but I can get that anywhere. What there really needs to be is a potluck/pitch-in with all of these really interesting sounding family recipes!
  7. If Matt can't sell his only asset to make money to help fill the rewards, what do you expect him to do? I guess he could cut the models into 1000 pieces and mail those to every backer?
  8. I believe you get $350 in store credit, that is only good if you purchase an additional $350 in product. That is what you get from Mortal Arrow. But Matt already has minis, and with these funds plus some shipping help, you should get some of those as well. But most likely, not everything you pledged for.
  9. I think talespinner was having trouble deciding what's for dinner. Plenty of inspiration here!
  10. Homemade bread (I make a few kinds) Burgers with carrot and mint served on my homemade bread Pie (I make apple, rhubarb, blueberry cream and a few others) Mussels with fries Fondue Whiskey, beer, wine
  11. Mortal Arrow is explicitly not proposing that Mortal Arrow takes on responsibility for the rewards Matt promised. He is proposing he puts up the capital to actually get things manufactured, Matt buys those things from him at cost and uses those to fulfill the rewards at reduced levels (he leaves that reduction to Matt). In return, Mortal Arrow gets models to sell at his store and gives a discount to backers. I assume he is buying the master models from Matt which should give Matt some extra funds to fulfill with (but leaves CSM with no assets at the end). So the best case is you would get something without putting in more money, and potentially lots of things with a discount.
  12. I started playing D&D when I was about 6 with my best friend and his older cousin (he was 9 or so). We were a precocious bunch. I later found out my parents used to play, and I even DMed a few games where my dad was a player in elementary school. I played with those friends until 7th or 8th grade, and then a different group of friends in HS and then yet another group in college. Anyway, we never used miniatures for gaming. I think my first friend had a couple, but unpainted. Honestly, most of the painted miniatures I saw back then were so badly painted that I thought the bare metal looked better. Last year, I started playing DnD 4e and needed a mini for my character so I ordered a WoTC prepaint from Amazon. It worked but wasn't really what I wanted so I bought some minis, a learn to paint kit, and here I am. Incidentally, I was surprised when I started playing with the current group that a few of them had a lot of trouble with the math. Turns out I'd never played role playing games with anyone who wasn't an engineer (or destined to be one). I look forward to indoctrinating my kid, so I'll be sure he has a lot of experience with doing math in his head.
  13. Yeah, I see it now. Has anyone heard of Mortal Arrow before? Some Googling only brings up his KS comments. No URL associated with his KS identity. Edit: Further reading shows that Mortal Arrow LLC is only a few weeks old and not an established company. But, he has money in the bank to get things moving again. It sounds like he's proposing to buy the greens and make the models which Matt can then buy from him (at cost) to fulflll rewards with, while he sells those models in his store giving KS backers 50% off (at which he can make some small margin still). Plus combining orders to save shipping costs. Matt will probably have to reduce people's rewards to fulfill anything without going broke. I think for ToH2, where there hasn't been a pledge manager, saying "yeah I promised you everything but instead you get 200+$$ points to spend on models with these updated costs" would be disappointing, but better than alternatives like Matt is never heard from again or takes 20 years to fulfill.
  14. You probably could buy a 3D printer at Walmart, but not one capable of making high-resolution figures with smooth curves. Those are much much more expensive.
  15. It works flawlessly for me (except for printing), I just unzip the download and right click "Run with Wine". I'm using Fedora 17 ... er, I should probably get around to upgrading). I haven't tried to do much with it other than load files, export pdf, and click around a bit. The only glitch I've seen so far is that long weapon names can get cut off on the left.
  16. What is this about Mortal Arrow? Link to some news or posting or is it an update for CSM I?
  17. I'm really looking forward to playing with these. And it should be soon!
  18. Yeah, Magda is definitely really special. I bumped my pledge up to get a few of the ladies and some Njorn.
  19. I want my wife dressed up as a female Wuxia wielding dual swords.
  20. Push.... *teeters on the edge* *falls* Fine. But no add-ons. For real. I mean it. Could you add-on a few minis for me?? :)
  21. When we adopted our first dog Bruno, they told us he was 9 years old ... or maybe 7. That was 7 years ago. He's selectively deaf and not a fan of the stairs or puddles, but otherwise he can bound around the living room like a puppy. He's a master food thief, he especially likes carrots, mushrooms, apples, potatoes and bacon. He's very attached to us but doesn't pay attention to other people unless they're willing to scratch under his curly tail. We got the puppy Yuri almost 5 years ago as a puppy from a puppy rescue. He's not very bright but he loves everybody. He usually instigates any tussles between him and Bruno, but Bruno always wins. Unfortunately, they've been getting less attention than they deserve since the baby came.
  22. I'm not sure I understand your statement. Darksword are probably some of the very best fantasy miniatures on the market and their production values are very high. Uhm, yes, that is why I'm tempted to buy some even though I don't need more miniatures. All of mine are Reaper (which I consider good but not premium), Stone Haven (also good, not premium), Iron Winds Metals (meh), and some random old things. I'm curious what having and painting these premium ones is like. It is hard to really tell from pictures.
  23. For rules, I think how complicated something like an attack with a special power is to resolve is important for getting a feel for the game.
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