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  1. I can't pass up the stonehaven variety. They cover so much that no one else does.
  2. Sometimes I think they're just messing with us by holding that frost giantess till last. Or, it got lost in the mail?
  3. Aard, Izzy and Bryan must love you! They made your weeping angle tomb.
  4. I prefer the retro space mouslings myself over the space marines versions. I like the Marines, I wish the retro ones were there too though. Those Ray guns were the best part.
  5. I had a lot of fun painting my space mouslings, now I can have more! http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55334-spaceship-superstar-squad-entries/?p=926877
  6. I'll get a graveyard and a huge freaking dragon and a massive worm, but I'm really psyched by the hobgobs because 1) it shows how much reaper listens, 2) the drawings look great and I think they'll be versatile figures, and 3) there is even a lady hobgob!
  7. These investigators seem like they would be a good fit for most steampunk worlds too, I like them. And I'm pretty sure that camel is a lady, right talespinner?
  8. I've found pretty good success feeling full eating lots of greens/veggies (lettuce, beans, peppers, etc). Use some oil to cook them so you can get some fats too, but keep away from commercial salad dressing which is very high in sugar. Lots of spices or herbs and you can have really tasty meals. Protein is filling but it is also very calorie dense. We'll often make up a large volume of veggies as a salad or stir-fry and then put in one bratwurst or a few ounces of steak cut into chunks to feed the two of us. Good luck, we're routing for you.
  9. When I saw the Oz stretch goal on my little phone screen I wasn't very excited, but I just looked in hi res and the tin man, scare crow and monkey are awesome! The lion is cool, he's likely to end up sitting on my monitor at work next to ape-x. Dorothy seems a bit creepy. Over all, I'm very happy. This is moving along at a pleasantly rapid pace, I just keep hoping some random round number will reveal another weapons arsenal. Surprise stretch goals are like crack.
  10. I keep hoping that the 3rd weapons pack will show up at about $2500 ($1,560,000). Lots of people will want to add an extra of that!
  11. Mmm, pasta. I made fresh pasta by hand and topped it with homemade pesto on Sunday, and I hadn't has pasta in many months. The best thing about making your own is that the number of calories you consume is offset by the number it takes to make it!
  12. Well, we hope he's taking care of himself and not just too busy to eat. Congrats on the great progress Bryan!
  13. Quite the boost in the last hours, I assume due to the pledge manager resurecting
  14. The mythos monsters are the figures I would use for demons in a fantasy game. Most "demon" minis are closer to what I think of as devils. I'll probably never play a mythos game and I love that expansion.
  15. I want to use the iron golem as a warforged monk ...
  16. I think you are probably right, just wanted to put it out there.
  17. I really like the eastern legends expansion but, um, where is our Lady Oni?
  18. I just realized the blackstar corsairs remind me of the Defiance mechs that I'll never be getting. Except cooler, much cheaper, and will actually arrive as promised!
  19. We've had a few situations in a fantasy campaign where I'd use that big gun. Our games are pretty much limitless where as my collection of minis is merely enormous so I'm happy to use the really cool Victorian cannon as a stand in for more fantasy or sci-fi artillery.
  20. Speaking of adding wings to gremlins, could we get a bones Wings sprue??
  21. Looking at CoralineAlgae's pictures, I kind of wish I had gotten the ancient bases instead of forest. Those look much better than I expected for a quick paint job.
  22. I like the reaper bases. Whenever I use various stand-ins (poker chips, etc), I find myself spending more time working to hide what they were than the cost of these KS bases as I value my time.
  23. Modding bones models is super easy; easy to cut, easy to paint, easy to glue, doesn't fall apart under its own weight, cheap enough to have a backup, etc. The weapons packs are great! I bought a few of the metal weapons packs, but they're actually pretty expensive (compares to the bones minis I'll be modding them with) and I'd rather have everything in plastic anyway.
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