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  1. I find going to the gym to be the biggest hurdle, so I started doing exercise that just involved putting on shoes and stepping outside. Or join the adventure. You can do these body weight exercises anywhere. Just build up gradually so that you don't burn out or hurt yourself.

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  2. When training, you don't want to do an exercise "to exhaustion", meaning you couldn't do any more, when you're training.  For instance, if you're doing sets of 8 repetitions and you could do 3 but you couldn't do 4, then only do 2.  Or if you can run 4 miles but not 5, then only run 3.  This way you'll avoid injury and you'll recover fast enough to do it again the next day which is much more important than that extra set.


    Good luck!  I'm not doing the adventure path, but I did do crunches and weight lifting this morning with 20 pounds of baby.  And a run today for lunch, it is almost 50 degrees.  Woot!

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    Tip for newcomers:

    The municipal parking garage across the street from the store is free on the weekends.

    Is that the one sort of diagonally across the street?

    Yes. The entrance is off the main road (central/pleasant/eastern/Salem/60).

  4. I had a terrible February and stalled at 13lbs down then got back on track and am at 15lbs down.


    I really need to start working out to help me, but yeah... it's still cold and I am in hibernation mode.

    The only exercise I got in February was shoveling snow. Good for the arms but crummy cardio.

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  5. I think when it is well below freezing and dark when I get to and leave from work, my body refuses to drop pounds. It might need them in case of famine or whatever. After nearly 6 months of no change, my weight is finally on a downward trajectory again with daylight savings time and thawed roads to run on. Official weigh-ins will resume tomorrow at about 233 pounds. This year my goal is to lose another 30 pounds, run 1000 miles, and get to under 8:30/mile conversational pace (I can run that now but only for about 3 miles and no talking).

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  6. I got mine too.  The game looks great.  I think the rules could have used a more careful editor but they're not complicated.  Looking forward to getting to play this.  Of course, unless I can convince my wife to play I'll have to wait a few years for the kid to be old enough.

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  7. ... I can walk to orange line and if the weather is nice -red line. Which means I do have train access which is good since that is how I commute every day.

    If we do Hobby Bunker (please!) it is just off the orange line at Malden Center.  It is also walking distance from my house.  So, if we do Hobby Bunker, I could probably actually come for a little while.

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  8. I like the flying critter and great idea to stick him to the stalagmite (I was debating a flying base or "else" for him and I'm just going to steal your idea).  I was watching the Jen and Anne DVD last night and the wet blending technique as Anne describes it, which I think is different than how some others do it, seems like a neat technique to try with this kind of color challenge.

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  9. Well there is cold, and there is below 0F with 4+ feet of snow on the ground. Had a really nice lunch run today now that things are starting to thaw. It is daylight savings time and time to get back to losing weight. I dropped 30 pounds last summer and then completely flat since the baby arrived late last august. Hopefully I can drop another 30 this summer and then I'll be pretty much my goal weight and build.

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