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  1. I was surprised to find 9(!!) Kulathi, I thought there would only be 3.


    I've found boiling to be very effective at straightening this new stiffer bonbesium. My calidrith sits really well after a dunk.


    Eta: with so many models unassembled, which is fine, why oh why are the riders in expansion 1 glued to their saddles! Even if you didn't want to paint them they would dry fit just fine, and painting will require separating them somehow. They are otherwise awesome.

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  2. I went through mine last night. I love the sharper details. They don't seem as bullet proof as bones I though. For example, cadiriths legs started to break when I bent them a little. Not a big issue, just something to keep an eye on.


    My only big problem is that the caps of many paints were not tight and they seem to be paste now. It might have been the record cold temps during the week it was shipping. Anyone have suggestions for recovering the paints?

  3. Mine arrived today.  I checked the kickstart manager and it still says confirmed instead of shipped and certainly no tracking email.  Ohwell, it is here!  Now I just need to find time to open the box.

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