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  1. Goblins are finished. I'm reasonably happy with the improvement in shadow and highlighting compared to my L2PK2 figures http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51152-learning-to-paint-from-the-l2pks/. I was able to do a second thinned coat to blend them with the midtone without completely washing out either. Still need better control though, maybe a nicer brush would help.



    L2PK 3 and 4 are in the mail, hurry up!

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  2. I painted the various knickknacks (mostly on their backs) and then added shadow last night. I like the look of the goblins on the right, but over all I am not happy with how the shadow blends. I'm not sure if that's just the way it needs to be for contrast or I should go over with another coat closer to the mid tone.

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  3. IMO, too see how to highlight a sword, I would put the figure in a dark room, and light it with a single strong light source at the desired angle. This will exaggerate the highlights and shadows. Take notes and then bring the figure into your normal painting conditions and paint referring to your notes.

    Those are my normal painting conditions ... this might explain much.


    I'm struggling with blending too, good luck!

  4. I used an olive for my orc skintone and really liked it- the shading colors I used were teal and a cream for the highlight if that helps!

    Yes, that does help! I'm mostly working with the paints in L2PK[1-3] so I'm trying to figure out what will work for the highlights and shadows. I've ordered a couple of more paints to fill in holes (orange, purple, copper, brown liner), but haven't committed my budget to buying full sets of triads.


    I was thinking to just add a darker green (grass green) to the olive for the shadow and olive+sunlight yellow for the highlight, but I have six Goblins so I'll try your colors too.



  5. I've just started painting, so I thought I'd post things I'm working on and hopefully get some hints on where to go next.


    First up are some Bones Goblins. My two goals for this are to develop better contrast and tweak my techniques so that painting goes more quickly. I started with a base coat of walnut brown for 3 and blacked brown for the other 3. I'd definitely do them all in walnut brown if I had it to do again. Then I put down a base coat of olive green for the skin. The metals are true silver mixed with true black or mahogany brown.



    Then I put on either oiled leather or ruddy leather for the leathers and made various color hats (for tracking which is which when gaming)



    The next steps will be to finish base coating the cloth bits and the various accessories and then blending to add shadows and highlights to the skin, leathers and hats. I'll probably had some pure metal highlights to the metal bits too, they don't stand out as well as I'd like.


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