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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing Ai Apeac, he looks like an awesome concept and is a big part of why I boosted my pledge.
  2. UPS says I have a package coming. *happy dance*. I hope the reaper emails start going out again soon, it just isn't the same hearing the good news from people wearing brown.
  3. Woot, Ann Arbor ... Except I don't live there any more.
  4. I could totally see Shadowrun hipsters making their cyberwar look steam punk.
  5. Knowing this crowd, i think it more likely an overly enthusiastic fan.
  6. I locked my wave 3 pledge on 12/23 ... Please show up UPS my choice email!
  7. ub3r isn't backing something?!?!? NO!!!! Are you sick? Are you unwell? Is the apocalypse now?? Come on, just $5 won't hurt you and it'll get me my vision serpent.
  8. Are you using metallics for the gold, or flat paints? I assume flat because you're you.
  9. I'm in for about $30 ... I started getting packages again yesterday after a 1 week hiatus by the local (Boston metro area) post office, but this one still hasn't arrived.
  10. Yup, pretty much. I did up my pledge to the all the minis level mostly because it does seem the scale of this is small enough that set backs can be overcome.
  11. Dan, I don't think that will all fit in a PO box. Those things are kind of dinky.
  12. Bryan said they were open today. I also wonder why the little blinking lights that so fascinate us all have not resumed.
  13. That is wave 5 ROW (or PO Box) ... I'm wave 3 domestic so it won't get back around to me for a few more days.
  14. Definitely need those bathalion rules for CAV. Great kaiju for that scale.
  15. Frog God Games also has a proven track record and look how Tome of Horrors went. I don't think this project will fail, the numbers are small enough that even a sizeable cost miscalculation would not be an enormous amount of money, but running a campaign always has risks especially with thin margins.
  16. These look cool but I'm also worried about the ability to produce so many minis for the pledge levels. I'm going to do $30 and if it doesn't come through, oh well.
  17. At 15 / hour, if you put in a ten hour day you would reduce the total fulfillment time by about 1 hour. Your time is better spent then that, even by resting and spending time with your family.
  18. Too....many....negatives.... So normal businesses work on Presidents day?? We get "Heritage Day" starting this year. Naming by committee.... Normal businesses and especially retail businesses work presidents day. But there won't be any mail delivery. Of course, I live just outside of Boston, so I haven't had any USPS mail since last week. ETA: Yes, Banks are closed. No one whines like bankers.
  19. No one who doesn't work for the government or a non-profit gets Presidents day off.
  20. All this lunch talk is making me hungry :( And now I see a FR address which makes me thirsty.
  21. I got one of those mystery shipping notices from stamps.com today, but a bit of googling says it is from Impact Miniatures, so this should be arriving at my door next week.
  22. The variety of international destinations are really impressive.
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