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  1. I kind of preferred the Colt Walker look a-like (a 16" pistol carried by a 30" tall gremlin ...) to this mini-gun version. But, I'm still glad I ordered two of them.
  2. Does Akron count as a Columbus suburb?
  3. Bend,OR == Bendor! Oh Noes, robots! I may need more coffee. Or less.
  4. These are the Iron Winds Metals Ninjas? I got a bunch (9 or so) of them and really like them. They're a bit short, but hey they're ninjas! Neat idea with the OSL.
  5. The only "resin" models I have are the Stonehaven trolls and I think of those as basically hard plastic. For the more traditional resins, I'd be worried about breakage. I want all the snakes. I really hope the vision serpent is unlocked, that's just an awesome concept.
  6. Unfortunately, "but honey, I could be so much worse!" does not win argument points with my wife.
  7. Hey Godfather Punk, did you get a shipping notice before they arrived?
  8. My mugs and bag arrived today. They are pretty cool looking actually. The baby loves the mugs.
  9. Viper Green comes with the Bones Learn 2 Paint Kit I believe. Just sayin'.
  10. I upped my pledge to the Free Ai Apeac level because I want flying heads ... Also, that Crystal Skull engine would be really cool. And all of the serpent things.
  11. Yeah, I just got a UPS shipping notice and I was like "I'm not wave 1 but maybe Bryan really likes me!" but no, it is for baby clothes my wife ordered.
  12. I got 2 of these for black friday, I'm really looking forward to seeing the sculptor's version.
  13. If 1000 / day is easy, why were the pledge levels set up as ~1000 / week?
  14. I always Thought Ullr was a red head ... but he looks good in blond too.
  15. I'm currently in for uktena +$5 which I hope will get me some flying heads.
  16. Aside from frog god games saying no to any possible deal with him?
  17. There are a lot of big and complicated pledges I think, so this might take awhile. I haven't gotten a tracking number either.
  18. This took about 20 minutes to assemble and I don't plan to paint it though ... the whole point, for me, was something easy that looked pretty good for not a ton of money. Now the Dwarven Forge stuff, that could use some more posts about how everybody is painting it up.
  19. Got mine last week but just got to unpacking and dry fitting them. They look really nice, I now smell like a campfire, they go to together easily but not quite tight enough to avoid gluing, and I don't know how the bridges for the ruins work yet.
  20. I really want the flying head set, and uktena (although the price on that might be out of my budget).
  21. Eh, it is like most heroic scale miniatures - over sized in the face otherwise you can't see the detail. At least it doesn't have a tail! It could also be the angle making the snout look wide.
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