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  1. Unfortunately it's not the kind of machine that uses a regulator - the pressure is entirely controlled by swinging weights, and only varies with the spin speed. We're looking into ways of fitting a variable speed motor, but doing that with a domestic UK power supply isn't easy... Hopefully we'll figure something out, though! I'd love to play with one of those (electrical engineer). Good luck!
  2. We are expected to work from home too. So far I've made crepes and played with the baby. I'll get to working eventually.
  3. Or a pressure regulator. The kind we use in my work are only a thousand or two.
  4. Yeah, 2 feet .. pfft. I'm waiting for my 80 MPH winds though. My old house in Michigan lost power at a strong sneeze, but so far we've been good here. Knock on wood. I have fridge full of Chinese vegetables and a freezer full of breast milk. That counts as emergency supplies right?
  5. I don't think I'll convince the wife and baby to go to TotalCon and I've promised no more weekends away from the family for a little while low that the DnD campaign I was in has wrapped up. There's always hope for Spring!
  6. Got mine, I haven't had a chance to inspect in detail but the drones look cool.
  7. Yup Oh, you meant the other Jeff. There are enough of us in this area to make a pretty good cooperative should their be a societal disaster though. New England Paint Day - Doomsday Edition.
  8. I don't really understand the question. Unless this is one of those "Really live" versus just breathing things? People in terrible, horrible situations cling desperately to life. I've got it pretty good, why wouldn't I want to live?
  9. I trimmed the ends of the sprue and they all fit. You can use a pair of pliers to put a kink in the sprue too for a tighter fit.
  10. This was the first Kickstarter I backed and I went a bit overboard. Eagerly awaiting and dreading the package that should eventually come my way.
  11. The local dim sum makes a pastry using lard and stuffs it with Durian. It seems a bit odd but very addicting. What I don't like is bitter melon, but my Asian wife loves it.
  12. There is lots of Pho around here. Just come up to Boston, will show you some. Boston is a great town. My brother and sister-in-law are in Medford. I'll put a shout out on here next time I'm going to be in Boston. It would be fun to go out and get Pho. Definitely (especially since I live on the border of Medford).
  13. There is lots of Pho around here. Just come up to Boston, will show you some.
  14. We eat out very rarely, so home? My mother-in-law makes traditional chinese foods (no General Tso), my wife likes to make "experimental" things and I make various modern american dishes. In the two years since we moved here, we've been to the Dim Sum place a few times and a Italian slash Mediterranean place down the street 3 times. Oh, and we like to go to Benjamin's Raw Bar in Newport RI for clams and mussels outside of tourist season, we've been there 3 times even though it is 1.5 hours away. The only place I go regularly is a 99 restaurant near work, which isn't very good, but a weekly trip there with coworkers is part of our work tradition and I always get a burger or fancy salad.
  15. I have a very difficult time holding my tongue when someone says something factually untrue as a mistake (fiction for fun is fine).
  16. Took some pictures. They're really beautiful! I am especially happy with the ladies. I do wish Ullr was bigger, but Tradkarl is a giant of a man. Random townies who happened to be on my painting desk for scale.
  17. Mine arrived, I haven't had a chance to open them yet though.
  18. I'm excited to hear plans for a digital version of the book. Also, Almirithil Principality? Did I miss something, are they new, or do they have another name?
  19. Who is Griffin Moulds, and why would they maybe be not "continuing"? Sounds ominous :\
  20. Does Tre do tracking? I'd like to intercept these if possible ...
  21. Our baby who had been sleeping 12 hour stretches at night the last two months decided to wake up every 2-3 hours last night. So I'll probably stay home and relax today, then go running tomorrow plus make something special for mom in laws birthday. Who knows, might even get some painting done.
  22. The woods/hills/mountains. I'm not terrible picky about the particular place, but I really like being out with the trees and rocks, even if it is just the part with the little cliff and pond near my house.
  23. I'll probably do some of the next KS, but I am really looking forward to Infernals.
  24. I would've say my wife, but she is naturalized now so at the moment I'd say my mother-in-law because she is making this baby rearing thing relatively easy and I'm getting all kinds of great Chinese food out of it too. If we're not talking about specific people, I'm a big fan of French wine, bread and cheese. Of course the foreign thing I most want but don't have is a European vacation schedule (8+ weeks!) Not if you like breathing, anyway. Or if you can truthfully answer no.
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