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  1. Another question could be "What Miniature are you holding in reserve until you're 'ready' to paint it"
  2. I'd had a lot of things Americans consider weird but are perfectly normal in the places they are from so in the end those aren't really weird. So, the most unusual food I made for myself on a regular basis was Kraft Mac'n'cheese with salsa and sour cream instead of milk and butter, because so far as I know that isn't normal anywhere but it was surprisingly good.
  3. You guys have your boxes now, so where are the painted ones?? (kidding, kidding)
  4. And I got a shipping notice today! Still not in USPS hands, soon my pretties, soon.
  5. ^^^^^^^ THIS x1000!!!!!^^^^^^ Because of this! I received this Christmas 2013 after I'd been painting a couple of months, took one good look at it, and it's been sitting in a closet waiting for me to get "good enough" to attempt to paint it. I may be there at some point this year.... To attempt, that it. LOL! I meant to say, "Rocs, Hippogriffs, Pegasi, Griffins, Giant Eagles, Alicorns, Phoenixes, Quetzalcoatls" ...with or without riders. Angels ... I can still paint my angels.
  6. Definitely going to do this. I've been meaning to paint Lem, but I also did Dain recently for the L2PK and could do the bones one differently.
  7. I have friends who are closer than family, but biological ties still matter to me. My biological family is spread out to the point where I've only seen my various cousins kids (who are basically my age) a few times, but they are still family and I'll help where I can. As far as I'm concerned, my wife's family gets the same privileges too.
  8. We are finishing up our dnd campaign this month which unfortunately means all my away-from-family hours are used up this month :(
  9. I really want to paint some angels and demons, so the from beyond works me. I was going to paint an angel or 4 for a warlord challenge too.
  10. I like the warlord army theme. I already know who my centerpiece would be.
  11. I really like the bones monsters, so if we are doing a bones theme I think it should go that way.
  12. I have a hard time answering this. There are many people I admire, but no one where I think to myself "what would they do" when I'm trying to decide a course of action, which is what a hero means to me.
  13. I made lasagna bolongese, we 'shared' a bottle of champagne (I only had 4/5 of it!), and then asleep by 10 pm. We've tried having people over for new years a few times, but our tendency to go to bed early makes it pretty tough.
  14. I've run 430 miles split between two pairs of shoes, one at home one at the office. My wife bought me two pairs of Newtons (Gravity for short office runs, Distance for long home runs) and I really like them compared to other shoes I've tried for running. One piece of guidance I read from some coach is to take faster shorter strides. It is meant for everyone but really seems important for tall people who are inclined to over extend their strides to take advantage of their height. Of course the other guidance, from the "run less run faster" people actually, is that running is not a good idea for weight loss and you shouldn't do it if you are more then 30 lbs overweight. I pretty much started with energetic walks though and slowly built up to jogging. Next year I'll work on really running, under 8 minute miles for several miles.
  15. I'm still at 235, weight has barely budged since labor day. But I just finished a 10 mile run at better than a 10 min/mile pace so I'm happy with the overall fitness gain since I can go for runs with my wife without her leaving me in dust after the first 100 yds. Today was my 100th run since starting my weight loss challenge this summer.
  16. You've got a few hours to go right? 17 miles is only about 3 hours, get started!
  17. That is truly epic. I don't understand why the giant with the hammer is moving over to knock down more of the wall when there don't appear to be any reinforcements behind him. I'd put him like he just made the first hole.
  18. Its a shame there aren't some gnomes living in your house who could help you paint, so you'd wake up ad your gnomes would be painted!
  19. This one was not my idea. I do like the answers, but it really wasn't my idea. Remember, I'll post your question suggestions too, just PM me. I have a sneaking suspicion who wanted this question asked. *coughDontfearcough* actually he said in the question that TGP wanted it asked, though it could have just been passed along by TGP from Don'tFear. It is a question conspiracy! To be clear, I have no problems at all with Talespinner getting ideas from us.
  20. After taking a two week vacation in Puerto Rico, the post office decided they could read and my box arrived! Kryie and the red sample paint, no ginger bread.
  21. Ever notice how often Talespinner's questions turn into us giving him ideas for things to sculpt? I hope he's working on a pack of wild dogs.
  22. Woo, shipping went from almost $10 to $2.66 (for a single set). Now, do I want a second set of bases?
  23. I think they are planning to do the rebates on their end without us changing anything. There aren't any options for shipping so it isn't like I could change anything. Although if shipping were less I might have added another set.
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