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  1. The lack of support doesn't surprise or deter me. At some point all rulebooks meet that fate. Again, thank you both.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking in sort of the same way as using a 4th or 5th edition Warhammer 40k codex with the 6th or 7th edition core rules. Like, even if it would only be possible with a gentleman's agreement, would it still technically, mechanically be possible? Were there stat line changes or anything? The biggest reason I'm asking is because I have a strong preference for hardcover books, and the 1e book seems to have been published in hardcover. But I would also prefer to have materials that supplement one another, and both the 2e books obviously do that.
  3. Hi all, Over the years I have become a collector of tabletop gaming books. I'm looking to buy Warlord 1st, Warlord 2nd, and/or Warlord: savage north. Here's what I'm wondering about. 1. Between 1st and 2nd, which game had better rules? 2. Between 1st and 2nd, was there much change in the hobby content (such as painting guides, etc.)? Artwork? Stories? Other non-rules content? If so, which book do you think is better? 3. Was the 2nd edition Warlord book ever published in hardcover? If so, where can I find it? 4. If I decided to buy 1st edition and Savage North, could I combine the army lists from one book with the rules from the other? (rephrased, could I use the armies listed in the 1e book with the 2e rules printed in Savage North?) Or are they just too different? Thanks all!
  4. Ok, thanks for the help. Looks like I'm getting the metal one.
  5. In metal, this mini appears to come with a gun as well as a wrench. Does the Bones version of this mini come with both as well? Thanks!
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