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  1. Has anyone heard any updates, or is it still languishing in the abyss of broken promises of which tiny metal mecha bots go to rust?
  2. WOW! We went from redundant to ignorant, skipping all the stops by taking the express train.
  3. De Bellis Warmachina. Isn't that redundant? It could work... just find a better W.
  4. CHQ is gone now, sadly... bought out by Atlantis, then moved. That is sad. That place had been there for ever from what people told me. Like D&D Red box edition old. I guess tower of games has cut back their selection too then, they used to have about 3-4ft of wallspace for reaper. Bit of england probably cut back after jeremy left. At least I think he left. Said he was going to start his own game store. Can't remember the name of it, showed me the logo for it an everything. Don't know if he ever did it though. He was a pretty cool guy.
  5. YES! Thanks Last Knight it is CHQ. I miss all my gamer friends.
  6. what. Closest thing to a wall of Reaper (that I know of)is Tower of Game's two or three shelves of Reaper blisters... not horrible, but I'd love for a bigger selection, and a rack of MSPs. Of what store do you speak? Enquiring minds want to know. It's been 5 years since I lived there so don't hold me to this but even when I went back a few years ago it was still there but here you go. http://www.bitofenglandvb.com/index.htm Just top right of the middle of the picture of the store is an yelloa banner for Innova Disc Golf, to the left of that around the corner is what used to be the wall of reaper. It stradled both sides of of about 8 ft of wall around the door going to the back about 6 to 7 ft up. Then the other one I can't remember the name of but it was in Norfolk. Has big wood door on the front, been there for ever, comeon someone has to know the name of it. It was right next to mr M's which had the best gyros this side of the atlantic. Oh man, now I'm salivating for a deluxe Gyro and a tall cold beer.
  7. They just opened a FLGS in my little town but it's all GW/Citadel, and Privateer Press for minis. Anyone local is a no go. Going to teach my son and have fun that way, he likes the big robots more than the fantasy stuff (I play Warlord). I miss the stores in the tidewater area of Virginia, with the Wall of Reaper. Sit there for half an hour looking through blister packs till I find something that sparks the imagination. Closest reaper store now is an hour away, little expensive trip just to find my next unfinished project.
  8. I know I'm new to this game line, the source of my curiosity. I don't mean to sound condescending but the truth of the matter is that that was all 10 years ago, long past time to get it back together.
  9. Thanks for the info chrome. I went back and read some of the stuff the guy has posted. Seems like a self entitled bullstuffter with his head up his elf. No post for 4 months and you're some sort of a brand manager? Sounds like he's up to his usual idiocy. Deleting all the posts from a forum. That's a completely ignorant thing to do. That smacks of "I don't want anyone to be able to go back and quote my past bullstuffs and call me on it." Then piss poor managment skills are all I can attribute to this part of a post from back in apr in the topic "On a More positive note" when he says "The best I can do right now is tell you nothing is set in stone until the final rule book comes out. We will see where we end up." If he's talking about new designs like that, it's a sighn he has no clue what he's doing. Especially if this game has been in development since 2007 based of a design of his from 2005. That's well past the 6 month cycle game developers and designers I've talked to refer. Magic came out almost 20 years ago and changed how game devolpment worked. The lessons are well documented in the graveyard of game companies names. Maybe CAVBOSS should learn to read.
  10. This might come out ignorant, but I am. Who's CAVBOSS? 2d6? Couldn't they pick a worse statistical probability system? Oh wait, no they can't! One doesn't exist.
  11. That's it though. They do make great games. They just don't tell anybody bout them.
  12. I'm trying to find out what's supposed to be improved with the new CAV:SO. I would prefer to just read and formulate my own opinin that way. It's impossible to find any information anywhere.
  13. What? No careers tab on their website? Damn!
  14. I remember dark heaven apocalypse. Unfortunately it was ahead if its time. If they ever branch out into shooting they're own plastics in house, I would take a substantial paycut (easy to convince the wife, it being closer to her fam) to go back to the shop floor but I'd be there in a heart beat running a 5axis making molds or running an sls/sla machine. However they'd want them made. Hell I'd run the dang injector even though that's a really crappy job. Really crappy.
  15. Oh you guys are right. I am well aware a company that is a 20 year game player in this industry is practically ancient. Which means theyre doing alot right. I am curious as to why they are so gun shy about pushing their own game product and instead just relent to manufacture product for other game companies. I just believe after watching what Jobs did to consumers with the iphone sealed my opinion of broad sweeping public ignorance and how important it is to drive the consumer market. Then looking at companies like Paizo and privateer press tells me that the industry is not dead either. I think they just need to hire a few marketing people, but getting owners to bring in indirect labor has been the repeated nightmare of my career. One thing they could do is bring someone in they pay a crap salary to but sling a decent production commision on and a good size budget. You put someone with even a modicum of ambition in that situation and watch exponential growth. I've seen some pretty big idiots make that work. I got one here. No salary, all commission clears 1/4+ a year.
  16. Being involved in the daily operations at the top of a multi million dollar a month business, I don't respect it. Now I'll tell you I hate salesmen... with. a. passion. In manufacturing those idiot elfs are everywhere. However I have seen in the last few years the necessity of product marketing. I've learned to spend a gob of money and make barely spit back on it but deliver your product like no one else does. In short order you're making more than you know what to do with. Investing in the latest and greatest technologies, constantly tweaking processes and focusing on turn around and through put are the keys to making any product. I got a text from the owner when I got back from lunch today saying a new project needed to be done for a customer. We designed, programmed, machined and shipped before fedex showed up this afternoon. Easy. Don't accept that business school bullcrap. Innovate. Do what no one else is doing. Find your own way of doing what needs done. If the numbers don't add up then you're probably using a sinclair calculator. Get a better tool, don't be one.
  17. I admit that it was buying metal minis for tabletop rpg's several years ago is what got me interested in reaper, then building a warlord army. Thats when I ran into the only guy I knew who played cav. They have created two very marketable product lines though with warlord and cav. Its a shame they're not willing to invest in marketing them stronger. Especially in the day when you have social media to help generate some real fanatics for your product.
  18. So the new figs are n scale and the old ones are smaller?
  19. So the presently installed customer base has no clue about the future of the product line and the company is content with that? Wow what an ignorant way to run an entirely fan based product line. If my customers didn't know 100 percent that I would be delivering product for the next ten years I wouldn't have a single order ever come in starting tomorrow.
  20. Does that mean there's going to be a change in scale for CAV:SO? If so to what?
  21. I was wondering if the new CAV mini's are still going to be N scale? There's no aircraftin the store. I thought there were aircraft in CAV at least the only guy I ever played it with (he had several different taskforces and no one to play) had aircraft and they weren't from battletech because that's what I usually played. My interest rises from, that I'd like to teach my son tabletop gaming and rage is a much better system for a 7 year old than BT. I wasn't into CAV before because I only met one other guy that played we were both in a transient occupation, only working together for 4 months before transferring. I have enough game systems that i have to teach to half the people I game with I didn't want to have one I had to teach to everyone. Now my son is old enough to understand tactics I figure I can get a game partner for at least another 5 to 8 years before he realizes that girls are interesting. I figure if I do a good enough job making him a big enough nerd I can get 10+ before he actually gets a girlfriend. That a long enough time to get a good ROI into a new game. So, where's the planes?
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