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    If you smile, I have been successful.
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    Portland, Oregon.
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    I adore painting Miniatures.
    I'm a bit like a memory Machine...I don't forget much.
    I don't look at television, but I study constantly .
    I speak/read/write Norwegian, Latin, and I only admit to knowing some of four other's.
    I love Museums (and seen some of the worlds best).
    I also was fortunate to have traveled widely (despite being raised in an orphanage),
    and that has colored my expanded view of the world.
    At 69 I have discovered love, and what it is like to be the center of someone else's world,
    I also have my focus on them, and what a difference that makes.
    I would love to teach others to paint miniatures, and may do so in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. I hope you're in a better World now.

    We will all miss you.

  2. Jay just tosses out an OMG.. What the, He did that, and If you get anymore talented my friend, we are going to be overwhelmed with the achievements of your world. Superlative is the only word. Loved everyone else's comments also. Jay
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Happiest of Birthdays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day. Jay
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the job loses. Its the nature of the beast while we pay all the check labor to do our expensive technical jobs. I can make my views on our job exports and education openly. Give away the education, force American engineers to teach if low tech countries (I don't care if they have "BA/BS" degrees..I consider those dubious. I will say that you can get your Bachelor's degree from an accredited college (www.ThomasEdisonStateCollege.Edu)...Challenge every course that you can pass. It can be all done online. Europe amazingly has FREE college admissions..and most
  6. Short comment on my part about what you have done and the sewer dwellers and hunters....OMG !!! Just look at the color !!! You could teach a masters class in color application, balance, choices, and theory. I truly am without words. I just know that these are Miniature Museum Quality, and Malefactus should have his own dedicated wing. Oh so inspirational. Jay
  7. Holy Color intensity !! It is shockingly fabulous...stupendous...like DAMN!!! It is a harmony in intensity !!! Beautifully done !!!!! Jay
  8. The PERFECT ENDING TO 2018...its been a nightmare !! The 18, Wyrd's Twisted Hare is incredible. Oh.. what a wonder to behold. I have to admit...it is one of my favorites. What amazing Brilliance, and ingenuity you truly are. A Masterpiece to end the year. Hail Malefactus !!! Jay
  9. WOW WOW WOW.... I go in for surgery for one day, and come back to my computer and am Gobsmacked with these beautiful, imaginative, triple creative miracles from Malefactus' imagination. I adore the color's, the figures, the new moai is a royal gem. I love they eyes, and the color of the rock, and it is such a solid vision. You done did it again Al. Fantastic work to be proud of. I will start working on my stuff in a couple of days when Medication isn't an issue. Keep on Going. Jay
  10. Really nice job. You should be very proud!!! I like the depth of color you achieved.
  11. I will keep this very very simple.. since I am floored by what I am looking at. OMG MALEFACTUS...OUT OF THE BALLPARK AGAIN . You are incredible !!!! What a vision !!!!
  12. Happiest of Birthdays !!!! Gratuler med Dagen !
  13. Gratulerer Med Dagen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it has been a joy filled day.
  14. Malafactus !!! I honestly don't know if you are rubbing off, or if I am developing my own sense of disfunction and bizarre thoughts. I was looking at your "Mushroom" forest and had an image of all your mushrooms standing in a circle in Horror; jaws agape, and recoiling... there in front of them is a small platter of of bite sized mushroom cheese burgers, with sliced mushrooms falling to the side of the plate, covered in yellow cheese. !!! I almost laughed myself silly thinking of that. I bow and offer my condolences to the forest inhabitants...(but I still think i
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