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  1. "You will never be sorry for anything you never said". (Theodor Geisel)

  2. I'm getting hooked on these Anthropomorphic Mini's from Darks Sword. My son keeps on sending them to me ... and I love it !

  3. Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional !

  4. Bones Bones Bones. They're everywhere.

  5. I am painting the last frog that I have been given as a gift. I thought I would spare everyone the experience of another Frog WIP. ROFL

  6. I think I am having an affair with my new Windsor-Newton Series 7 Brushes..!!!

  7. Putting on my chain mail, putting on my gauntlets,putting on my top hat, putting on my Bunny Slippers, putting on.. Oh Hi... I used to dress up for battle, but now I know I can't slay them in one stroke, so I kill with laughter !!!

  8. Putting on my Chain Mail, Putting on my Top Hat, Putting on my Bunny Slippers, Putting on Oh..Hi.. I used to be stylish, no I say "If you can't kill them with a single stroke, kill them with laughter !

  9. Putting on my Chain Mail, puttong on my Top Hat, putting on my bunny shippers ! Putting...Oh Hi.. I used to be stylish, but now I'm practical.. If you can't defeat them, kill them with laughter !!!!

  10. Its a New Year, lets make some fantastsic Minitures come to life !!!!

  11. With the coming New Year, it is my wish that all of us create the best Miniatures, and experience a new year of happiness and joy !!!!

  12. A new year breaks. It is my wish that everyone becomes a better miniature painter, and has a life far richer in the coming year !

  13. I have started to write thank you cards to folks that do me a kindness. A max of four lines. Thanking them for what they did. OMG.. The amount of Good Will that generates is mind Blowing. Jay

  14. If you want to change the world, you can do it easily. When someone does you a kindness, write a Thank You Card, four sentences, sign it, and mail it. You will be amazed at how they will react.

  15. Trip a bit, you might find that gold coin that everyone has walked over !

  16. Working on the Thundermountain Mini's I have started.

  17. Just have to finish lance's Base, and what to paint next. My friend really like Agramon, the pit fiend I painted !

  18. Painting Agramon, Pit Fiend, and Lancelot de lac from Thunderbolt Mountain.

  19. Painting Agramod, Pit Fiend and Lancelot de Lac

  20. Now Painting Ah'Radivh, Nefsokar Captain

  21. Finally back to painting after my trip !

  22. I got back from Norway exhausted to Night.

  23. Jeg er til Norge !


  25. Brother is Married, Paper Work is done, and now the busy weekend is behind me.

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