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    Portland, Oregon.
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    I adore painting Miniatures.
    I'm a bit like a memory Machine...I don't forget much.
    I don't look at television, but I study constantly .
    I speak/read/write Norwegian, Latin, and I only admit to knowing some of four other's.
    I love Museums (and seen some of the worlds best).
    I also was fortunate to have traveled widely (despite being raised in an orphanage),
    and that has colored my expanded view of the world.
    At 69 I have discovered love, and what it is like to be the center of someone else's world,
    I also have my focus on them, and what a difference that makes.
    I would love to teach others to paint miniatures, and may do so in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. I hope you're in a better World now.

    We will all miss you.

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