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  1. For the shield, I wanted it to look carved out of wood, and I wanted to play with wet blending some more, so I picked a couple browns and spent some time working them into the wings. For the rest of the model, I just did some basic stuff - gold for the crest on his chest and a blue over the scarf-thing. I used a paint pen to write some runes on the scarf, but hated the result (the paint pen had a nice tip, but the paint was running out and blotched some of the runes, so I had to go back and clean them up - I should have just used a brush to begin with and free handed them. Lastly, I decide
  2. Started working on Almaran the Gold this weekend for my son. I decided to play with some new techniques and try and refine some others. I started by covering in black gesso and then cutting of his shield arm so I could work on it seperately. I airbrushed him with gray and then drybrushed with Citadel Necro compound (dry silver). I really like the way this worked for the plate and will repeat this on the next full plate I work on. For the shield, I blended some browns for the wings and have it mostly done. Still need to do the weapon on the shield and the edge. For the body, I d
  3. Just wanted to start sharing some of my finished works. I'm pretty randomly going through and painting things that look interesting at that moment. All were done using black gesso as a primer and mostly Citadel paints and washes. I'l try and note when I used something else. Leisynn, Mercenary Mage This was my first time trying out wet blending and I think the robes turned out decently. I liked how the colors came together (except maybe for the piece around his shoulders). I custom blended a couple of colors to get the "parchment" color for the book (though like an idiot, I didn't write
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