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  1. Interesting. I wonder if this is a shift that took a while to appear once large numbers of Bones became available, because I clearly remember Bryan saying character figs were still most popular in Bones a while ago. This is more a matter or curiousity than anything else, since my own internal logic in the beginning suggested that metal for characters and Bones for monsters was the sweet-spot intersection of both. That monsters generally need Big 'Uns or Hordes, but people being attached to their tiny avatars might make them want a little something special for those. Mind you, my internal logic may not always match reality. Personally, as a player I like my character mini to be in metal. I like the heft of the mini when I'm using it. But as a DM, metal is way too expensive to have all the bad guys and monsters in. Bones is absolutely perfect for me for this.
  2. I noticed that as well. I wonder how many paint sets there will be. Most likely will be. There were 2 paints sets in the last one. I like how they added it as a double goal though. Last time was kind of a let down to wait 100k and then get a paint add on.
  3. Think that's the $1 million mark? Probably, or at least a multiple of 250. Counting out in 30ks, it looks like it'll fall around 500k Goals start getting further and further apart for freebies. Paid goals bight be close to $30k for a while, but free ones are going to need to go up by more than that. I think even a million for that final goal is wishful thinking. We hit 26 goals by the time the of the million mark in bones 2. There are only 19 up until that last monster on bones 3. It won't be over a million.
  4. It wasn't that long but when I put in my pledge, there were only 7 people pledged and I was #491 by the time it was done.
  5. You can't expect Reaper to eat the cost of international shipping. It'd be one thing if it was at all close to the cost of U.S. shipping but it is not.
  6. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62777-bones-kickstarter-3-random-discussion-thread/ Here you go. I put it in the same forum so people would be able to see it easily. Why was this deleted? Can you guys create a separate post so we can have somewhere to chat like this one? but in the same forum so people know where it is? Call it the unofficial thread for chatter?
  7. We are still not done. We have 26 more pages to get this one to 200 pages before it opens.....
  8. well, we're talking about going out to breakfast and dealing with it later... as soon as it goes up, it will be live. there is no preview period. Ok thanks. I figured as much but was wishful thinking lol.
  9. So is the kickstarter site going to go live at precisely 10 am or before then? I know it starts at 10 but will it go up a little sooner so we can at least browse it? :)
  10. Hopefully the site comes up before 10 am tomorrow.
  11. This looks really cool. I could be wrong but I don't see a link to the kickstarter anywhere in the post or if it's not active, what date it's going to start.
  12. More huge figures of any kind would be great. There are tons of them in the monster manual/beastiaries but very small number of actual minis.
  13. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  14. I would love way more monsters out of the pathfinder bestiaries. If some how they could just work their way through them that'd be great.
  15. A surprising number of Bones are multipart, though. Skeletons, goblins, orcs, etc. Most of the time it's hard to notice, so the glue usually works. I'd prefer unglued as well, particularly given the occassional sketchy glue job I see, but once I figured out how many "one piece" are actually multipart I began to see Reaper's reasoning as to why it's better to do it. In 9/10 cases it's the overall better option to save end-user hassle. It's one thing when I look at my sketchy eye beast with severe dental issues, and another when I consider multiplying the glue workload by 100 models I thought were one piece but aren't. It's a tricky balance, but overall it's probably the least overall hassle to fix the occassional mutant on my end than to stop gluing at factory. of course not having to pay the factory for assembly might lower the prices to us a bit :) Legendary Encounters will need to be glued to fulfill their mission, so I guess if that taxes the factory resources too much then more Bones may come unassembled. Hard to say, but judging by what impact Bones Kickstarter production has, a big run of LE stuff might push production limits. I have no idea, of course. Just wild guesses. So I missed something somewhere... Is there going to be a Legendary Encounters kickstarter as well? I wish there was an options to have the mini's come prepainted, like with the dwarven forge kickstarter. I actually don't enjoy painting them and would pay extra for this option :)
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