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  1. Hey, I'm trying to use the power palette to figure out which paints to use, but it's not showing paint titles. Is it out of service currently, or is it something to do with my computer/browser?
  2. Awesome! These campaigns are always a blast!
  3. A few years ago there was a League of Justice and Caeke miniature in the 12 days of Reaper. I made sure to purchase on that day, because I had the idea that by participating in these promotions that I might one day be able to collect all 4, which I badly wish to do. Since then, there has been a noticeable lack of those figures showing up during any Reaper promotion. I'm curious: was there some internal resolution at Reaper to disqualify these miniatures from holiday promotions? I know they were originally supposed to be exclusives to benefit charity, and making them available after the charity drive was over would certainly void their originally intended "exclusiveness." Or am I reading too much into this? This year's "12 Days" showcase a ton of Christmas themed minis. It could also just be that holiday themed minis make for better promotions than old out of print figures.
  4. Paid my shipping cost - which was downright reasonable, being a native Canadian who only ordered one bronze level model. I'll be happy to receive my reward and no longer have to watch for updates on this thing. It's been a long wait.
  5. A point of comparison that gives me pause: Reaper's core set for Bones III Is roughly 142 plastic minis (I counted quickly, skipping the weapon sprues) for 100$. And that's just for minis in plastic bags. This campaign has 142 minis as well, though has far fewer unique sculpts. It also boasts room tiles, and a ton of color printed paper products. If they've already got a bunch of sculpting and art/game design done, it's pretty obvious that they've invested a ton of their own capital into this. I think they're banking on having this game be a hit, a la Zombicide or Blood Rage. Stretchgoals started spaced out 10k apart, and are now between 25 and 30k apart. A fiscally responsible KS will see those goals continue to get further apart, and more minis announced as paid addons, rather than freebies. If I see those two things, I'll be at least a little bit relieved. It seems strange to be wanting LESS from a project like this. But more than a bunch of cool awesome things, I want to feel some sort of assurance that the people I'm giving my money to are being smart with it.
  6. Man, the art design for this is really spot-on. They announced a Ripley-esque character stretchgoal today. They've already got so much done! Pre-production seems very near complete for so much of this. That's a big reason why I'm not willing to give up hope on this project. Certainly, the deluge of stretchgoals (with very few minis announced as cash addons) makes a person wonder "is this even possible for this much money?" but I'm willing to take a hit on this one if it fails - I want this game and these minis to exist that badly.
  7. Wow! I honestly thought that Bones 3 might've been the last one. I'm in for one more, though I might be choosier than I've been in the past. When Bones III arrives I'll have a mountain of unpainted minis. The value in these kickstarters is just too good to pass up. So many of these sculpts look amazing. The Baba Yaga hut and the wraiths are awesome. There appears to be an orc in full plate - a welcome change from the leather and hide wearing ones we have now. Once again, it looks like we're in for a wild ride.
  8. I never looked at any of the Zombicide campaigns. My experience with miniatures kickstarters is pretty much limited to Reaper at this point, and Creature Caster. I didn't realize that this was sort of the precedent for games kickstarters.
  9. They're doing other weird things that make me raise my eyebrows. Why pay an artist for a massive, intricate digital sculpt for an epic monster, then pay to have a mould cut, only to use it as a KS exclusive? They're dangling too many exclusives in front of us. Feels like they're trying to drive the total pledged number up without regard for what's fiscally responsible. Maybe I'm just paranoid? It feels too good to be true.
  10. I've been watching this on Facebook for months, and backed within 20 minutes of launch. Funding moved along quickly, which is exactly what I expected, given the interest on the Facebook page, and the high quality of the digital sculpts and artwork. The stretchgoals are placed very close together, and while that's a lot of fun, I'm a little wary of it, especially from a new game developer that's never run a KS before. Not sure if I'll get too deep into this one, but it's a real treat to see the new artwork and minis revealed as the campaign moves along.
  11. Kinda wish I'd had the cash to pick up a few more. These look gorgeous. I think shipping is just around the corner.
  12. I think I've already met this month's goal. So nice to be done early. That said, I'm going to try and push well beyond. Although I'm quite entertained by the idea, I've no ideas for the Fool's Guild challenge yet. I'll have to look at the figures I've got and see if any inspiration strikes. Pictures and count to follow.
  13. Nice Cat! You did a fantastic job on the fur.
  14. I'll echo what's already been said about the ring formation on the Koopa spikes. Great idea, and it works really well!
  15. I started these guys last year sometime... Maybe even back in 2014, it's tough to recall. I got 90% finished with them, and kind of dissatisfied with the way they were turning out, and so shelved them for a while. Now I'm running Out of the Abyss for some friends, and have need of Duergar minis, so I dusted them off and put the final touches on them. I'm still not really 100% satisfied with the final product, probably has something to do with mixing 3 different types of metallics so prominently, but it's one of those projects where I'd rather just be done than anguish over what needs to be fixed. Now I have minis for Gracklestugh, and I can breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to something new. Thanks for looking!
  16. I have loved these little Derro minis ever since the first time I saw them in the Reaper store, and when they got released during the Bones II kickstarter they made that expansion a REALLY easy decision for me. And now that I'm done painting them, I have to say, these guys were a pain in the butt. At first I wanted to do them as a speedpaint, to see if I found increased quantity more fulfilling than fussing over quality. Why I resolved to do less than my best on minis that I love so much, I really can't say now. Anyway, I got about halfway done with my "speedpaint," looked at what I'd achieved, took a glance at Derek Schubert's beautiful work on the Reaper site, and started over. I've worked on them slowly over the past month, putting in a few hours here and there, and while I've got a few million miles to go before I hit the level of amazingness in Mr. Schubert's work, at least I'll be happy putting these little fellows out on the tabletop. Thanks for looking! Derro are super cool!
  17. Wow! I need to save this for later. Definitely want to steal your metallic skin idea. Nice job on the robes, too.
  18. Good flesh/fur. Good hair. Good cloth. Good EVERYTHING. Well done. I hope my gnolls look like this when I get around to painting them.
  19. I'm a little jealous. I'm struggling to keep going on a single set of Derro, and here you are with 4 sets finished. They look good, though. Hopefully I can push through and get my own done by the end of the week.
  20. I'm currently on an extended hiatus from darkest dungeon, after a lvl 6 full party wipe. The game may have finally broken me. Fantastic choice of figure and color palette. Your brushwork on the trenchcoat is awesome. I'd love to see more in the series if you do them.
  21. Yeah, I've assembled a few 28mm figures from them. Broke two of the more delicate ones in the process and had to put them back together. I'm pretty sure I understand the risks of resin at this point. As far as heating and bending, I discovered with some of the smaller models that hot tap water is enough to make a small part fairly pliable. Presumably with a longer submersion and perhaps slightly more heat I should be able to make the bigger pieces fit as well. Dunno about using the heat gun though. I don't want to set my house on fire.
  22. So I'm shopping for a mini to use for Demogorgon in Out of the Abyss, and want to get something really impressive. I'm pretty much down to 2 choices. GF9 makes one that's pure resin, but it's a whopping 90 USD! Alternately, Mortal Arrow has a metal&resin one that's half the price, but the scale seems smaller. Here are the two pictures I have that are supposed to show scale: Galeforce Nine: Mortal Arrow: It looks to me like the GF9 one is much taller, standing about 5-6 body lengths tall, and while I love the pose, the Mortal Arrow one is only 3-4. So with GF9 I get more mini for more money. Also the base will be included, which will save me time. The casting material difference provokes a question too: Which is more likely to break if I drop it? I know resin is super brittle, but metal will be way heavier. The only resin part on the Mortal Arrow mini is the body. All the appendages are metal. I envision the body breaking apart at fastening points if it is ever dropped. The GF9 is 100% resin, but the tentacles are pretty thick. I would hope that they'd be fairly durable. The biggest "at risk" parts there are likely teeth/tail/columns. Which would you buy if you were in my situation? Is the extra cash worth it for a more impressive table presence? Do any of you know of a third option that can compete with these two? And before anyone suggests it, I love Reaper, but the Demonic Lasher figure, at $14.99, is likely to be too small for what I want to put on the table.
  23. The Galeforce Nine D&D figures actually come with pre-cast resin bases. I can't take any credit for them. Actually, I take credit for gluing magnets to the bottom of them and smearing a bit of green stuff around the edge to make it look all seamless. But that's about it.
  24. In again. Got lots of Duergar and Derro and Drow on the go, so with a small amount of discipline I could get lots done this month. Edit: Barely finished. Go procrastination! But this month, I am happy to say I'm done with 10 minis! Duergar Battlegroup (5) Derro Battlegroup (5)
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