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  1. Treasure Cove in Airdrie, AB can order in models from the reaper line, but their paints are from Army Painter. Distribution thing.
  2. Since we are on the topic of primers, I prime my bones and I am working toward learning the sketch style. If you are using a spraycan to apply primer, don't use car primer. I have, and it mostly smells bad and gets sticky. Duplicolour is a high strength but high emissions paint and I don't recommend it. It sticks like no ones business, but you will likely get a finger print in your coat and it tends to glaze and look kind of spotty in a bad way. Citidel and Army Painter do an excellent job of priming, despite my indifference to their base brands. I go for a light powder coat, even when doing zenithal. So make sure it is a quick spray and a turn. Like a fourth of a second on the trigger or less. Why a hobby brand? You are going to bring these inside to paint right away and well, lots of cheaper primers... stink. And you might not be able to get the smell to go away if you are leaving black areas exposed. I don't use a fume hood, but I do tend to use nitrile gloves, a mask and safety glasses. As a general rule, if the nozzle is hinged, you are going to have a bad time. If the nozzle is traditional, you only maybe have a bad time. Can't speak to the home spraypaints since I haven't worked with them. That being said, my Best friend uses Krylon Colourmaster and then a coat of camoflage and swears by it.
  3. +1 for crabs. Swarm, tiny, small, medium, large. Angels, maybe one with shackles. Centaur with bows (polearms on the existing ones are kinda wonky), maybe a slightly wider hand to get a drill bit through? Hags, maybe one influenced by the thing in "the ring", maybe an ugly witch one. Terrain stuff: baskets, stools, chairs, thrones, pile of rocks (cairns?), long tables with a runner, a larger bag (like laundry size, that I can paint a dollar sign on), a collection of steins and drinkware, funeral pyre, altar that doesn't look demonic, announcement podium. Is there a town crier?
  4. Quarantine that is the biggest challenge? Working from home means I have less alone time than ever. My daughter always wants to be involved. I don't fault her, and she is amazing and all, but parenting 24x7 is hard. It's not like crab fishing or anything. But having all three to five hats on at the same time is unpleasant. Working while parenting while parenting people at work is not ideal. But my mini collection has never looked better. Because I am painting so I don't go crazy. I am also up to three home improvement projects a week. That's totally normal for people right?
  5. I bought myself a battlefoam sword bag, to carry my mighty fine Reaper sculpts to houses when I am back to IRL games. And, I added to my posthumous Bones V pledge. There was firbolgs. I need more firbolgs, for science. Also, one of my players is running a female one, and should have a finely sculpted mini.
  6. I think a meteor hitting earth is a pretty good analogy for my state of mind right now. Hoping to soon cool off. Emotions are high. Patience is low. Interest is low. Usually one of those is the other way, at a minimum.
  7. Had to rush into my doctors Friday night to check my lab results. Cholesterol is high. Of course it was. It always has been, now I am medicine for it. Just another fail in the genetic lottery. Typical weekend, spent all day landscaping the yard yesterday and working out to make a tiny bit of progress, sweated like crazy. Went inside. No hot water. Water heater broke. Spent today picking up groceries and meeting up with water guy. Daughter had a sliver that took two days to take out, rained all day today so no BBQ. Can't wait to get the trashfire I maintain in exchange for money tomorrow. I make decent money, for a law abiding citizen. I wish I had more to give to people trying to keep afloat in the storm. If I can't do it well, I don't think anyone can. The bubble wants to pop So I'm about to, I'm about to, I'm about to drop And my heart sings....
  8. Oooh. I like that sculpt, and the story behind the design choice. So only one has a statblock right? I know there are some models in some skirmish games where a resculpt changes their stats and might have a passage of time story attached. Someone may have been asking about that. Sometimes those are a good read.
  9. Possibly. Mine finally arrived. I have some wizkid stuff. I can get reaper stuff through order, through a third party, but my only impulse stuff nearby is the Wizkid stuff. I have been painting some firbolgs this week. Not bad for getting an official sculpt, but yeah, flashing and stuff isn't fantastic. There also seems to be more visible seams than the bones line. Which is great, because they are already primed. :/
  10. Welp. Twitter is in the trash can again. I get it, I got it, good. Someone famous screwed up, I get it. You want them fired, I got it. Good? Alright. Can we do something, anything else today? Anyone else feel like they are on a hot air balloon, powered by trashfires?
  11. This sentence seems very odd from an outside perspective, as someone who has several dogs.
  12. Randomness XVII: Paint Paint Revelation Game night tonight. First time as a Druid. Hurrah. I painted this dragon, and people mentioned they knew what it was for. That was pretty cool. Never had that happen before.
  13. How come every day I come out from my rock and have another question about a Bones Kickstarter.. Is anyone tracking the why X isn't being sold in one place so I can stop asking dumb questions? Reduced the pool of servers in my inventory list by over 5000 today. Not sure if I want to go to bed to sleep or cry.
  14. I like almost all pets that eat wasps. Had a very unfortunate camping trip where spmeone left out a mountain of beer cans. Beer attracts yellowjackets.
  15. I was supposed to go this year, finally. Even was willing to go it alone. But then q1 happened, and there was a big disaster. So big people and probably forgot about it, then 2020 was all, hold my beer. Now we are here, In a place where I know there was no alternate reality where I was running my games for strangers.
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