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  1. Snooooow. In Airdrie. Where I live. I had a TPK last night. The paladin chased a cultist down the well. Though the cultist took the stairs. The paladin did not. The rogue stabbed the extra horse for some reason. There was an extra horse. It kicked the rogue who forgot he had one 1hp. Then the cleric took off the self destruct necklace, and forgot that the rest of the party was adjacent to him. What a night. Maybe people need to be better rested next time.
  2. Did not snow. Trampoline away in time. How does one quit pizza? I got so enshrined when I was stuck in the lower planes I delivered some pizzas for a local pizza vender...ry. That is a mighty fine looking dice bag. One of these days I will have to relinquish my Super Mario 3DS bag or my Jack Skellegton one... I think. I'm pretty weird. Usually I give out dice to my new players as a rite of initiation. Some times they give back when it doesn't work out. Might have to consider custom dice bags if the player makes it to level 10. Hahaha.
  3. Skipped several pages of text like a jerk. Going to snow up here in Alberta tonight. Hope to get the trampoline put away in time. Also, I have a friend who hosts sausage parties where they make sausages. I am a gourmand of sorts. I've been to Victoria and Alberts (Florida) and paid the appropriate tip, for example. I love to cook. Sometimes it creeps people out. However I can confirm like most of my favorite things I cannot do them for money on a regular basis.
  4. Hahaha. Googled the square sausage. Looks like it is produced a bit like meatloaf. Which I assume means when perpared properly it is amazing... but somewhere is selling it at a 1/5. Actually sounds tasty and was not previously on the list. Is now. Going to have to check that out somewhere.
  5. I feel like I want to sign up for the newsletter. I am all kinds of tired of the flu. Also what goes into a square sausage?
  6. My Elven Cleric's battle cry is "Where's my Elephant!?" One day I expect to recieve one. But I am level 11 and it isn't here yet. *taps foot*. The party gets familiars like The Simpsons gets cats. But not me. Any day I am getting my elephant.
  7. The day I post again is also the day I discover there is a battle Elephant coming. My Cleric has been waiting forever for this day.
  8. Adept Legacy

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    I believe someone mentioned battle elephant?
  9. *splash, splash, splash* *annoying wet sneaker squeaks* Did someone say flood? *coughs up water* I still persist. As this might be my first post in four years... parenting is hard. I am also back on the D&D wagon. And also a writer somehow. Like in exchange for money. I am not sure how I accomplished it either. Eventually going to release my D&D book. Provided I can figure out how to do the maps. That is where I have been. You can stop flaying krakens.
  10. Adept Legacy

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    *Banff* A Canadian bard appeared. I am back from wherever it is I was. I might have some time to participate again. I got a few models finished up while I have been lost in limbo. I have a new job. And mini me is picking up the DM trade at 3 and a half. I got her playing with my fat zebra mat. They seem pretty good. Going to have to surf for some dungeon dressing stuff to paint. I sold off most of my collection a year or two ago. Looks like sometime in the not too distant future I will attempt to game in meatspace again. Why? Because I am tired of VR tables. Hope all are well. *end Banff post card*
  11. Adept Legacy

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Apparently there is now story time with old man [my last name] at my office. I am old man [last name]. My co workers that are being hired are now 14 years younger than me. I guess at least my old man crazy stories are being appreciated.
  12. Adept Legacy

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Did no one offer you some vanilla ice cream? Sorry to hear about the carbonation thing. You're not missing much.
  13. Adept Legacy

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I used to be all about Sprite, since I knew I shouldn't be drinking caffeine. But I have recessions in my health. Lately it has been Clearly Canadian. I like the blackberry one. I like the purple soda. I do not like the slurpee, dex4, purple drink or wine. But I do like grapes. Grapes are good. Purple soda is made from an ester that someone thought tasted like grapes.I assume they were into dark blue or purple grapes, the likes of which I have never had. It's within the field of Welches grape juice. but at the other end. They thought wrong. But not all accidents are bad. Now we have purple. Just like blue raspberry. Which I am sure exists in the same alternate reality grape guy, or artificial vanilla guy hailed from. An alternate reality I wish not to visit.
  14. Adept Legacy

    Complaints Department

    Ouzo Ginger Beer Watered down pineapple juice That one generic brand of soya sauce that gave you PTSD (Everyone has one) Feta Cheese Brine Clamato V8 Splash Safeway's Tea with a Twist Chocolate Pop Low Calorie Rice Milk Pepsi There. That should have gave everyone something that they could get offended over.
  15. Adept Legacy

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Piper from Charmed. I guess she'd learn... witch bolt. *dodges tomato* Raimundo from Xiaolin Showdown, because he's an overconfident jerk and a monk, and an elementalist.