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  2. My continous failure urges me to push onward. JK. There are many of you who do incredible things. I can't narrow it down to one either.
  3. I guess I should mention that we watched the Halloween Tree with my daughter. It's baaed ob the ray bradbury book of the same name. Sounds like we will be reading it to her. Everything I put a heart beside we've probably watched already. I suppose the Addams family movies are on the to do. Yes, even the straight to VHS one.
  4. Alright, lets do this. A sharp turn down a narrow hallway leads to a door smaller than the doors you have seen before. The ceiling is about 8 ft at this point. A heavy iron door swings open. At the end of the visible hall is a chest. Opening the chest you find a beautiful braclet. You collect the bracelet and turn around. The blocks in the ceiling aren't matching up the way they used to. You're not really sure that they were lined up when you came through. There is a pipe dripping some water softly. They only way out is to pass back through the door you came. You open the door and you see a long hallway. There is a dripping pipe and an open treasure chest. You look behind you and ser a dripping pipe and a treasure chest at the end of a hallway. You proceed into the hallway ahead of you, and you start searching for the door. The other end of the hallway doesn't seem any different than the room you were just in. The treasure chest is still empty. You place a scratch it in. Nervously you carve a slightly more memorable crest into the chest. The hallway ceiling feels a little lower. The tiles still don't match. Feeling uneasy, you walk through the door back into the previous room. The hallway has a water pipe and an open chest. Examining the chest, the crest you carve is in it. You feel the ceiling. It must be lower than before. Sorry anyone who was triggered. I know that was scary.
  5. Science was performed with control specimen. Results will be posted to my youtube when I get the video together. If they don't want me to buy dullcote, I'll find my own varnish. Spoilers: I have one that will work, in a bigger can, for 11 CAD. Addition: I really should buy myself an airbrush soon though.
  6. Confirmed no Canadian distribution of Dullcote because Testors does not want to print a bilingual label.
  7. I feel like this is a perfect point to gripe on about dullcote. Yep we're out Canada. I will consider the airbrush solution proposed by Mr. Buglips. I have to figure out a solution for the armies of dragons, duergar, lizardfolk and yetis I'm about to paint. Another round of covid tests for the legacy household. Yay. Daughter is home with a cough. Now I have the sniffles. We're gonna be fine though. Although the cabin fever set in six months ago. I got up to five games of D&D and that wasn't enough escapism.
  8. My calves are officially fat-less. Everything else is still medically considered well marbled. Today is day 1 low carb and my wife already says I sound like an angry miserable foil of myself. Am I doing it right? For the smuggled dullcote, I think I am going to have to figure out how my colleague got a box shipped to him. But if anyone is bringing some by Airdrie, Alberta I know a guy who needs many. That guy is me.
  9. Well, I bought some cheap sealing crap from my local michaels. Wish me luck. I guess that explains the $55/can price on Amazon for Dullcote. Second day back in the office is significantly less heinous than the last.
  10. I'm still alive, though potentially employed beyond my capacity. First day back in the office. More importantly the apocalypse is coming: I RAN OUT OF DULLCOTE. Been to 7 hobby stores. It's time to make some poor coating decisions. on a side note, 400+ minis in 2020. I could do the bones I scroll by video with things I painted this year.
  11. About to close the book on another D&D campaign. (Levels 1-6) I hope that I actually get it published before Tasha's cauldron, since it happens to have some similar themes. I think it might have a need of a few minis that don't exist yet. Not sure how I am going to figure that out. But I suppose people would have to care for that to be a problem. Do I just host it on my google drive? So many questions. Gotta get the story published before it gets stolen by Wizards. I am joking, but seriously, the things I wrote will look heavily plagiarized if you squint a bit, from Critical Role Season 1 and from Tasha's Cauldron. Just coincidental, and post-writing and workshop aggravation. Today I heard there is a class like what I am making, coming out in November. Of course, I have been working on it just about as long, and will probably put a ton of notes in trash bin soon. Lousy homebrew anyway. :\ My players are so beyond burnt out that some of them groan when I ask if they are in for Friday nights game. I did it guys, I got my players to burn out instead of me. But seriously though, I don't usually DM for Q4. There are too many celebrations that get in the way. Plus, I have to paint about 700 models before I run my next campaign. Something something Tiamat. *shudder* I am not sure I have the energy to paint a Mal. But I will need it for all three of my parties. Or two, if the one that never gets together gets cut loose. I grew up despising sweet potatoes and yams because in my family, it is a tradition to make this sort of sweet potato mash with marshmallow on it. I'm told it is a proud Metis tradition, but I think my dad might be lying to me to spare someone's feelings. Then one day my wife forced me to eat some olive oil oven yam and sweet potato fries, and life was different. Boy, were they good without extra sugar.
  12. 578,000 minis in the wall. 578,000 minis. Take one down, something something lose all motivation. *faceplant* 578,000 minis on the wall.
  13. So, I'm not sure what the seriousness of this is. When your wife stops complaining about your backlog of miniatures, when you have painted 300+ in one year, when you are so sick of your own thoughts, any sort of physical exercise and watching videos, what do you do? I'm about to relapse into DDR if I can't think of something better to do. And that always leads back to card games. And I better not go back to TCGs.
  14. Is making a boss monster with a chrono trigger element a step too far in D&D? Looking forward to tomorrow's game. Or the next one. I guess they spent 2h shopping last time. So who knows how far they'll get. To be fair, towns are far and few between, by design. No results yet for testing. :/
  15. Home sick today. Have been tested for the COVID. I felt like this last year. Hopefully I haven't doubled up on it. Results are 4 business days from now.
  16. Still suffering through my yearly vacation in BC. You know how they say you can never go home? It's not made easier if it was a broken home. I miss the life I never had here. Depression is a dish always served cold. I'm going to be ok. I'll be out of this town 8 am Monday. Is it Monday yet? Hmm. There is a new sentence.
  17. Adjusting for taste in french onion soup is a nightmare too. I've been working towards the Baxters french onion soup from a few ideas I got from the list of ingredients. Can't get it to fly though. But it was my wife's favorite, so eventually I will figure out the right ratio of tomato paste and cooking sherry that needs to be added. Unrelated, most of the everything I waited on has arrived. If I seem sparse, that is why. Still working out a monster inventory for the Tyranny of Dragons adventure. Gotta fill some gaps. Rime of the Frostmaiden and Curse of Strahd will be following after. Currently one pile of stirges and two monsters on back order away from the game I am running being fully table ready. And my warlock tiles have arrived.
  18. I prefer to spell that, inefficient. My stuff has arrived. Except my warLock tiles and my counterfeit DDR pads. The only two things I have waited since January for. Somewhere, someone must be enjoying them and trying to figure out how to reseal them factory style.
  19. Game yesterday went well. Boy am I tired. I was not expecting "put the King in a sack" as a valid tactic. But my players pulled it off. So, if anyone sees a bag at 28ish mm scale that can hold roughly one humanoid, I will probably need that in the future. Ran two adventures end to end, with a pizza in the middle. I got free pizza. As a DM, that's a win right?
  20. Kazoos were unceremonious buried in the garbage can when no one was looking. No painting to speak of this week. But today is my first IRL D&D session since 2019. Excited, even if I will have to sanitize every hour and wear a mask. My daughter was upset I threw out her thrice broken hula hoop. Not sure what to say. I told her it looks like trash so I threw it out. There are no follow up questions, yet.
  21. I am very unhappy with my family at the moment. Pic related. Is there a list somewhere of what bones you need for which adventures? I know someone worked on one for 4e. Just a passing curiousity. Also related, within 12 minis of my goal of getting everything prepped for the full Essentials Kit. Except the stirges. :/ I persist, though not all together well. Things are going to turn for the better in September.
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