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  1. where is the post with all the hints that reaper bryan and ron have been dropping
  2. last time i checked this page i think we where 0n page 40 something i just cant keep up. i had friend come over tonight and when i came back I had 500 comments to sort through
  3. hey guys what is the cheapest place to get bases to mount your figure on?
  4. for those of you who are thinking that bones 2 will not be as good of a deal as bones 1 I went back and looked at all the stretch goals in bones one at 800k you got 133 minis for bones 2 at 800k we have 132 minis so I am thinking we are dead on to have the same deal if not better for bones 2 plus with the current trend of one free one paid we will have even more add-ons compared to last time
  5. I noticed that as well maybe that is where the better comes into play
  6. I feel like a fat kid running a marathon I just cant keep up
  7. Buglips have you ever heard of the goblin trilogy by Jim C Hines. graphic audio turned it into an audiobook ever since I have been on the forums I can't help but picture you as the main character I think you would enjoy reading about your family
  8. wow we all jumped on that one pretty fast
  9. at the end of the kickstarter you will get a survey where you can designate your funds to whatever it is you want. just increase your pledge as you go along. they will even let you add funds at the end though that doesnt help unlock any of the goals
  10. from what I gather the shipping waves have to do with getting everything out in a timely manner. I think its brilliant. as product comes in you are able to ship it out just as fast. and they just keep adding 2000 more slots once the previous one gets full. they are keeping it simple and focusing on their main goal producing quality miniatures.
  11. there all over at kickstarter now hitting their f5 keys
  12. Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait Launch Now
  13. Reaper why couldn't you be in the eastern time zone we would be starting in 20 minutes not 20 hours
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