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  1. I have some of those miniatures, which I ordered from Reaper's catalog back before the website. If I remember correctly, they were in a 'clearance' mode at the time. I especially like the movie monsters, like the werewolf. The scale is also a bit smaller than current stuff.
  2. Originally I had an early bird, thinking these might be good for me to burn through some of my board game miniature backlog. However, the more videos they posted, the less appealing the paints became. It seems that many of the colors will take too many coats to be effectively efficient. I ended up dropping my pledge and I will stick with the mixed bag of paint brands that I have now.
  3. I wish I still had my old Reaper Catalogs from the 1990s. I just found the copies on their site. I have many of the minis in the 1993 catalog!
  4. I just cancelled my all in pledge after realizing how cost prohibitive the shipping is to the US.
  5. Here are my top three: 1. Zombies (5) 2. Goblin Leaders 3. Kobold Leaders
  6. Swamp things frog men. Been looking at poison dart frog patterns to use on them.
  7. I played Top Gun when it was first released. It was super simple and super fun. I remember that based on my Top Gun experience I went and bought Air Superiority. Too complex for me - never played it. I would play Top Gun again if I could find it. Those miniatures are really nice.
  8. I use a hot glue gun to hold stuff down. Peels right off. But back to topic. Like the color scheme.
  9. Wait till that blue dragon electricity breath hits the water, those dudes are toast.
  10. I got a bunch of $4 modules and an Inner Sea World Guide. The sale was sweet. Just bummed that I forgot to look at the maps. Oh well, I didn't need to spend more money anyway.
  11. It depends on what you are going to do with the base. If you are keeping it rather simple, I would go with the smaller one. If you are going to do some work on the base and add some terrain effects, I would go with the larger one.
  12. Pure speculation ====> I wouldn't hold my breath on Bones 3. I can't imagine this is a high profit venture for Reaper. Their profits are to be made after this, once the molds and equipment are available to make figs in house. Between these two kickstarters they have a pretty impressive line of figs to work from. Not saying Bones 3 won't happen, but I don't expect it to be an annual thing. I do think they were very wise to work on developing a solid line of inexpensive miniatures. Once the capital is there to have a decent line of figs, they won't need kickstarter to kick things off every ti
  13. I like primer on Bones. I use brush on acrylic white applied through an airbrush. Brings out details and helps me paint better!
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