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  1. I hadn't considered it like that, perhaps that will help bring the point across. I'm not sure I will come back to Agatha, but I'm planning to paint the rest of that series in a similar style. Oh yeah, forgot to say that too. Ditto. Jonishi, consider your idea stolen. You're both very welcome! I actually turned the base for the Ankheg upside down, as someone on this forum suggested, and filled it in rather than sculpting a hill on top of it. I think that helps with the lawn-look.
  2. Thank you all for your kind words, they are very motivating Feel free to also point out things that could be improved, though!
  3. Whoa, that came out great! Its very detailed and that really fits the rest of the mini. Isn't it great when something works out unexpectedly well after you've been dreading it?
  4. In order to get back into painting I decided to paint a few Bones, and to do it quickly so as to not get frustrated and lose interest trying to make everything perfect. I still ended up spending more time on these guys than I had hoped, but it was mostly because I was trying new things, so I guess that's ok. I'm not sure I got all the names and numbers correct in the title, I had a hard time finding some of them in the catalog so feel free to point out any corrections needed. First up: a dryad! To be clear, this is the Bones version. I don't think a tree can really be considered to be nud
  5. Back from the dead! No, wait, not dead, just got bogged down and distracted... I'm trying to go back to sculpting a little bit every day, since I have way too much free time right now. I also managed to find a Bones Fire Dragon form a German retailer with reasonable shipping costs, so there will be wings soon. Red is pretty much done, although I see now that there are some chin spikes missing... He's not entirely symmertrical, but hey, who is going to be looking at this angle anyway? After 4 attempts to sculpt a beard and ears on Blue, I got frustrated and went off to do other
  6. Since I almost exclusively paint at home, I have a paint station that holds paints, brushes and such. It happens to have exactly two spots for the two jars of non-dropper bottle paints I have! Paints are sorted roughly by color, with metallics, inks and additives separated. I have a dedicated hobby table but too many hobbies for it to hold, so it's very nice to be able to pick the whole thing up, in-progress mini and all, and shove it in a cupboard when I suddenly feel more like sewing or furniture-making.
  7. Black is finally developing that typical black dragon dental disaster look. Letting teeth cure fully and then sculpting gums to attach them sure is a lot easier than trying to sculpt them onto the mouth in one step. Reds frills have progressed further. I'm still not sure I like them, they seem very prominent. However I expect they'll stand out less once painted in a color matching the rest of the head. His horns still need work as well, perhaps they will also balance the frills out. Blues cheekwings are coming along slowly since every step needs to cure before I can mov
  8. Thanks for the tip, I will try that. Do you use the glue before the green stuff cures as well? At the moment, I am glueing all the cured bits that fall off back on with little problems but during the sculpting process it's a bit of a nightmare getting things to stay.
  9. That's some interesting musculature around the lower shoulders! It looks like it will a blast to paint, looking forward to seeing it progress.
  10. Update! This is actually after two sculpting sessions, but progress is very slow due to all the new things I'm learning. Mostly, I'm having a lot of adhesion problems meaning I have to do everything multiple times as it keeps ripping off. Black is looking less naked, though the spine membranes are still causing me no end of trouble. I also made some horns for him, but they turned out a bit thick (this is the smaller of the two...) However, he still needs quite a lot of spikes on his chin, so I'll hold off on making new horns until I can see how that looks. Blue
  11. Results of the second day! Blue: Added tabs to one side of the neck scales, then smudged them all flat and had to redo them. Other side tomorrow or whenever I can look it without despair. Also enlarged his horn. Black: Put in some wires to support his spinal ridges. Added some teeth and his tongue extension came off... Will glue it back in after the teeth are done. Putting the membrane between was a struggle, any tips on how to approach this are most welcome. Red: Gave him a horn and supports for his frills. Put o
  12. I also looked at that all that metal and though "nope, not for me..." But bonesium is a lot more manageable than metal and so far it's been easier going than I had expected. The trimming only took a few minutes per head at most.
  13. One of the first things I did when I received my Bones kickstarter was to take the hydra, mutilate one of its heads and stick some greenstuff on there to make my hydra into Tiamat. Then I promptly banished it to my shelf of shame and occasionally thought about it for a year. Now, reading Metalchaos' excellent conversion thread, I feel motivated to work on it again and to keep it that I will try to post updates here. I will try to do a little sculpting every day so the greenstuff can cure in-between. I am using D&D dragons as references here. First up, the black head: Some plastic s
  14. I like how it turned out! I agree that the mail is really well done. Maybe it´s just a camera effect, but it looks like some of the paint on the tail has rubbed off already, which seems a shame. Do you mount the mini on some sort of holder while you paint it? I haven't had to retouch quite so many edges since on minis I didn't hold directly.
  15. I'm so sick of balsa wood, and I'm not even nearly done yet. I ran out of balsa wood, but boyfriend went to the FLGS for me and got some more, but they only had one more sheet and I've already used most of that already... I put planking on the deck and most of the outside of the hull. Once I felt I had enough glue on there to keep it in one piece, I carved out the main body of the hull. The splitting to the second layer of foam worked better than I thought as it turns out the white glue in there was still mostly wet even though it'd been a few days. I cut a hole for the first of the window
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