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  1. OK, got my box(es) a couple days ago I started doing an inventory this morning, and have ran into an issue. You see, I haven't finished (And can't, as my sister already looted a couple, but that's another issue.) The real problem is that I think I have my entire order... Twice over So. Where do we go from here?
  2. Club

    Plastic Model Kits

    paint carefully around the joints and/or before assembly
  3. Surprises me that it isn't picking up more at this point. I'm wondering if CAV hit market saturation with the existing models. I know I'm getting nowhere near as many as I did last time. At this point, what I'm interested in is small CAV, dervish/razor or smaller, as well as vehicles.
  4. There hasn't been much movement in the past few days, but there wasn't at this point in the last kickstarter either. We're actually ahead of where we were. I've got hope of getting those aircraft.
  5. My point exactly - PBG need to close. Since it has EST, it wants to use one action locking on. What do you do with the second, move or shoot? MACs and lasers can successfully engage at range. PBG have difficulty doing so. Third actions are a limited resource 00000 hoping we get to the aircraft, I'd get a bunch. Same with the other vehicles. I've got enough cavs, [impossibru] but I'm getting a core anyway.
  6. Crusader. EST & TC2 If it had MACs I think it'd be the scariest attack role model in the game. It's still first tier.
  7. I'd not object to getting some mecha from previous factions - the spiders in adon would fill a big hole, and more dervish or smaller sized stuff would be nice.
  8. Club

    Vehicle ideas for Reaper minis

    ravenstar has the horrid tanks and APCs; astetic might not be for you, but it looks very, very bio.
  9. Club

    D&D books?

    Late 2007/early 2008 was a good time to be a Canadian. Our currency had surpassed the USD signifigantly*, and stuff that used to be massively expensive was fairly cheap, cross-border. Now we're dealing with the fact that a decade under the conservative party turned us into a petro-state, and the loonie went down with the price of crude. $50 for the PHB? Yes, PLEASE. *Canadian banks are among the most highly regulated & stable in the world; we were being used as a shelter currency by people who saw the recession coming.
  10. I've had bad bottles of reaper before, but my NMM is good.
  11. Club

    Confrontation: Classic

    I want to back this. If Reaper was running it I probably would. Given what they're obligating themselves to produce and the resources I know of they have to do it, I unfortunately have to pass. Maybe if it was better funded.
  12. Club

    Best Version of DnD?

    I'm still really hesitant to get hardbacks. There was a period in the mid 90's, when I was growing up, where it seemed every hardback I touched fell apart. I think printers were switching tech and hadn't worked out the bugs yet. I should get over it, but watching a a book bought with a huge portion of my money for the year drop half a chapter was distressing.
  13. Club

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    I hate you all. Although given that for all four (3 bones, 1 cav) kickstarters I've received my stuff early due to international shipping issues, I suppose it's fair for you guys to get lucky this time.
  14. I from a post I saw the other day that the big skeletal dragon from bones one is gone forever. Are any others retired?
  15. Club

    GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    is that available for free, or bootleg-able for free? because there is a difference.