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  1. I''m trying to get out of this one without spending a mint. so, so far I'm seeing: Core set - yep Daimyo Expansion - probably. The samurai will be useful in historical skirmish, among other things Dragonfolk - maybe. Got a bunch of dragonborn, more is never bad. Townsfolk - Yep. NPCs and victims for the ghoul/ork invasion. Fantasy Dinos - Tempting. War machines - borderline, probably not Dragons - got a bunch from previous bones, making more redundant, no matter how pretty they are Fire giant - again, got a bunch Mouselings - cute don't cut it for me. Bridge and troll - useful terrain, but probably not Dungeon dwellers - mostly redundant with things I already have.
  2. Club

    CMON Time Machine

    I'll try for rising sun stuff, but don't expect to get any. So in for the music, I guess.
  3. Club

    Marrow Productions - Journey Wrath of Demons

    anyone know what's happening with this? I know asmodee/edge put out an edition a while back, but the 'monthly updates' stopped around the same time.
  4. Club

    How game companies hurt themselves

    I am agreeing, while thinking that 1) a lot of the rules are subjective, which is a good thing for some groups and horrible for others, and 2) There is a lot of system mastery needed to play at a basic level. I'm not talking "No called shots unless you've studied those pages", but rather much closer to "No casual players, I'm not in the mood to baby you along." I was hoping for shadowrun 5.5, just fixing some of the rough patches in the last edition. Not what we got.
  5. That isn't an ironwind mini, it's a ral partha mini from the early '90s. I admit it hasn't held up in either quality or ascetic, but it compares not horrably to Reapers first handful of minis.
  6. Mostly compatible. Infantry and tanks got really worked over and buffed. The biggest difference for mechs is the change to the partial cover rules. Instead of +3 to hit and the punch table, it's +1, and leg hits on the standard table hit the ground. Narc got a buff, other assorted trivial differences. The battletech boards have fan articles that describe the various units. Here's an index of the mechs in this kickstarter. Start with the Turkina https://bg.battletech.com/forums/index.php?topic=66378.msg1532123#msg1532123
  7. Worse than that, with the BPV of a shadow-cat or Grendel & a 3/4 pilot, they'll be facing two introtech heavies each, easy. They can do it, it just isn't easy; especially not on two map sheets. Thus why I said the clans are more difficult to play than the inner sphere.
  8. 1) the rules in the clan box are partial 2) The clans are actually a lot harder to play on a point build basis (for most people). They're scalpels who pay a premium for their speed.
  9. OK, got my box(es) a couple days ago I started doing an inventory this morning, and have ran into an issue. You see, I haven't finished (And can't, as my sister already looted a couple, but that's another issue.) The real problem is that I think I have my entire order... Twice over So. Where do we go from here?
  10. Club

    Plastic Model Kits

    paint carefully around the joints and/or before assembly
  11. Surprises me that it isn't picking up more at this point. I'm wondering if CAV hit market saturation with the existing models. I know I'm getting nowhere near as many as I did last time. At this point, what I'm interested in is small CAV, dervish/razor or smaller, as well as vehicles.
  12. There hasn't been much movement in the past few days, but there wasn't at this point in the last kickstarter either. We're actually ahead of where we were. I've got hope of getting those aircraft.
  13. My point exactly - PBG need to close. Since it has EST, it wants to use one action locking on. What do you do with the second, move or shoot? MACs and lasers can successfully engage at range. PBG have difficulty doing so. Third actions are a limited resource 00000 hoping we get to the aircraft, I'd get a bunch. Same with the other vehicles. I've got enough cavs, [impossibru] but I'm getting a core anyway.
  14. Crusader. EST & TC2 If it had MACs I think it'd be the scariest attack role model in the game. It's still first tier.
  15. I'd not object to getting some mecha from previous factions - the spiders in adon would fill a big hole, and more dervish or smaller sized stuff would be nice.