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  1. So pledge manager 6-8 weeks after pledge close, got it. [/cynic]
  2. I'm looking at this and wanting it but not enough to overcome my (Fairly low) risk aversion. Anyone have good news 'bout the company in the last while?
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/blacklist-miniatures-fantasy-series-1/posts/2825300 This is all the info I have; no idea about cost, canon status, etc.
  4. My FLGS burned down. Looks like I'll probably be getting this one directly.
  5. tempting, but for me redundant with stuff already purchased maybe a stl 5-pack. probably not
  6. What do plans for CAV IV: Flesh out the factions look like at the current time?
  7. It has a retailer level. I'll try to get my FLGS to bring one in that way for me.
  8. quarter of a million so far. Considering battletech was doing far better this point in their campaign, and that warmahordes used to be huge, it isn't encouraging. haven't really studied it - somebody said it bears more resemblance to monsterpocolypse?
  9. PP seem to be planning to run multiple kickstarters for the entire range, one after another. This will piss of the retailers and FLGS. I don't see this ending well for them, long term. I might get an army and rulebook from sheer nostalgia, but I haven't managed to play warmahordes for a couple years.
  10. Disco hunchback is best hunchback. By disco, I mean the guy with eight medium lasers and the sinks to use them. 3085 Old is the New New project phoenix 3050 upgrade
  11. The fire lance is good for two mech VS two mech games. Awesomes are awesome. They're the most irritating thing to kill in 3025, and have a damage output that is both high and steady. There are excellent upgrades too. Charger has decent variants. Even the base unit isn't totally useless in 3025; it's decently tough, and people tend to ignore it until it's in position for that 16 point kick. Use it as a 1A9 or 1A5 and it becomes scarier in the extreme. Firestarter doesn't come into its own until you start throwing around the fire/smoke rules, or running into infantry. If you used the enhanced flamer rules it can be decent even before then. It's also a good proxy for the firestarter omnimech, and the prime of that is a solid medium. Vindicator is something you won't regret having two of. They're rock solid troopers with good later era variants. The worst thing I can say about them is that the base model has a weird bias towards rear armor, but even that means they can be moved earlier in the movement phase without fearing backstabs.
  12. mine is 80km away from me, and still won't arrive for over two weeks.
  13. Another kickstarter coming for gloomhaven. Sorta. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/295770/frosthaven 'Starter happening March or April. I'm in.
  14. or moar PPC. preferably both. in heat-neutral brackets.
  15. None of the hunchback variants are actually all that bad. The worst is probably the 4N, and even there it's hard to say something with four medium lasers is worthless in canon introtech. I wouldn't say it is top tier, but probably about the median mark?
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