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  1. Replying to a post way back - If you're looking for a book with a good city, the (Sadly out of print) Five Fingers, port of deceit by Privateer Press is great. For a smaller city by the same guys, check the witchfire trilogy book (Also out of print) and extract the stuff for Corvis. Both are 3.5 (variant), but the crunch conversion isn't a killer. ------ Replying to a different post RE: Cults There are a few different types of cults. How about a cult where the challenge is to save the cultists from their leader? S/he could be either nuts or just a sociopathic grifter. Rogue celestial and a (Nominally) good cult, just for fun? Remember kiddies, lawful good is hardly lawful nice. You know how many people your paladin has killed, right?
  2. OK, my impressions so for. Core set. OK, fewer models than previous 'starters, nothing I particularly want, but a nice set nonetheless. A few good fantasy encounters in there. I might go for a second pumpkin cart and pig, but not at the price of a whole 'nother core Goblins. Always good. Not survivable, but good low level fodder. Need a caster and command for them though. Greybeards, townsfolk and knights. Will cheerfully add them to my collection, don't fill a pressing need. Dire animals are nice encounters. Fighter class goblins are useful. Minotaurs don't look to be a style I like, but hopefully they'll grow on me. The devils are large scale, in D&D terms? gets me one mostly human-proportioned 54mm, very nice, meh on the other 2. More low-level mooks and Wyvern. The Wyvern is about 2.5-3 inches long? I think that might fill a hole in my collection. Wraiths - redundant with some things in previous kickstarters; maybe Giants - Have lots of similar scale giants, kinda ugly; not likely at all Nargulath - I'd like, but have to put it down as a maybe High rollers - Chibi dice. maybe for younger relatives if there is room in my pledge. not likely. Giant huntsman - yeah, this one I'm getting Paints A - I'm not sure I need more paint, but this one is a high likelihood purchase, though I suspect it's one I'll regret. Chibi dragon. Not for me, but again, maybe for the cousins Chronoscope - might even get two. lots of useful stuff Griffin - might get a second, even Dragon turtle. Very unlikely. It's pretty and unique, but not useful. Apes. I can live with these. Iconic for supers games, anyway.
  3. the khorne dogs are on 50mms, the glyph hounds on 40mm bases. The glyph hounds are smaller, but I have spare 2 inch bases. The new khorne hounds were produced in the last few years, at the height of GWs head-up-the-arse phase. Their prices for everything produced since 2009 or so are silly. Of course, the previous version, produced around 2002 or so, weren't much cheaper and ugly to boot, but at least they had the excuse of being metal. It's GW. Their prices for basic troops and starter sets generally aren't bad. The prices for everything else is ludicrous. Classic bait and switch. I had most of the army already, some of it since the '90s, so it isn't a backbreaker for me, with a couple exceptions. The flesh hounds are one.
  4. doesn't need to be as I'm unlikely to join tournies; but there are a couple purists at the FLGS and they'd get whiny. Also I want to support the FLGS, and he doesn't carry reaper anymore.
  5. I'm doing a warhammer demons army. I'm looking at the flesh hounds, and the price is absurd. The Glyph hounds, on the other hands, have a much better price point. I'm considering getting some, and converting them to flesh hounds. Does anyone know how to, with minimal modeling skills and preferably low investment in time, make a spinosaurus-style sail, or a bearded lizard style frill?
  6. the turtle is cool. also going on my 'not getting list. No large minis without a good reason. The cottage makes good terrain, both with and without legs. Can't think of a use for the turtle, unfortunately. I'm going to be trying for a smaller pricetag this time.
  7. It's surprising how different Khorne Berserkers are depending on how they're kitted out. Pistol/chainsword - early/ranged S4 attack on your turn and three S5 attacks Pistol/chainaxe - early/ranged S4 attack on your turn and two S6 attacks Chainaxe/chainsword - two S6 and one S5 attacks. I prefer the axe/sword version myself, there aren't many things that aren't afraid of that many high strength attacks.
  8. I've arranged with my post office some extra time to pick stuff up when I'm working out of town; It's apparently common enough that they have a standard procedure. I'm not sure if UPS or whoever has the equivalent, but it might be worth contacting them.
  9. FLGS just started a builder's campaign, currently at 500 points. Gonna do a Demons of chaos force, myself. Tzeentch starter force aquired, and a pair of khorne skull cannons on order from the FLGS, along with a couple succubi, Gargoyle, and hell-hound regiments web-ordered from mantic; demonette, Fury, and flesh hounds, respectively. I prefer both the mantic sculpts and prices, but the FLGS doesn't think he can get a decent turn-around time on the order. It's going to be an outrider formation - lots of fast attack stuff, but maybe short on numbers. We'll see how it works. my current force is fifteen chaos terminators, backed up by berserks, a trio of bikers, and a pair of sorcerers. Vanguard formation; it's great against some things, and has failed hilariously against others to date. Most of the termies are the old metal ones I tore apart in order to bulk up years ago, and just finished putting back together; that took a bunch of hours to short out.
  10. An upgrade sprue for the blackstar corsairs. The things are practically begging for it.
  11. OK. I left 40k a long time ago, during the start of finecast. At the time, I had CSM and chaos demons. I want to get back in, now that the company appears to be turning around, but looking at my index: Chaos, I'm not sure if Demons are a standalone army anymore. most of them have to be summoned by a character. Thoughts?
  12. Washes are supposed to leave most of their pigment in the recesses of the surface they are applied to. Inks stain the entire surface, although they do also concentrate in the recesses. I'm not sure about liners, but they do have one exceptional use - they're the best primer we have for the water-unfriendly and solvent-porous bones material.
  13. I finally got around to doing my preliminary inventory. While I haven't opened the bags to check for missing individual bits, I am missing one item. Ma'al Drakar Could you put one aside? I don't care about retail box, but I do want my copy of Ms. Five Heads. Edit -currently putting together the blackstar corsairs, and wishing I'd gotten more than two.
  14. I got a metal colander I put in the pot, to keep the minis off the bottom when I boil them. I want them water hot, not heating element hot; my ebonwing's wing has a permanent dent in it from not being careful
  15. Got my package. Haven't done a complete survey, but I'm missing at least one significant item. otherwise, cool. I could be wrong, but I think that the minis are notably stiffer than bones 1 plastic was.
  16. I'm looking at my order, and wondering why I got I got three pieces of paint set b. It doesn't contain anything I believe I'll use in those numbers. Neither of the dragons adjacent to that to that item in the listings are things I'd want multiples of.
  17. me second notice says the parcel should come in tuesday; I'm in vancouver metro.
  18. went on one of their kickstarters. Nice minis, cost is a little high, slower than bones iii to fulfill. communication very subpar. didn't chance address before shipping despite numerous requests, had to be re-shipped. not doing another KS with them. .
  19. I'm betting that after the first couple waves things will go faster. Not just because the Reaperites (Sophie's?) will have more practice, but because the first couple waves will have been drooling fanboys (looks at self - yep) with huge orders.
  20. Called it. Bryon, did they tell you beforehand that you didn't have to mass-ship the Canuck orders this time, and change their minds(?) when the event came?
  21. If it's that big a problem, you might want to look into getting one of these: Don't get me wrong, it's ABSOLUTELY the wrong tool for a lot of jobs, and it's hard on the thumb, but it would hopefully cut down on your incidents. My work loves them (perhaps more than they should, they're trying to ban everything else. You cannot cut three inches of semi-rigid insulation with them without making an absolute mess of the job.) I'll verify they work as advertised on packing tape and cardboard just fine, though.
  22. My theory is that the shipper pulled another bait and switch on reaper, like last time. Anyone remember this update? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones/posts/1134219 S#!t happens. This time it's happening in my favor, so my sympathies go out to those of you who it's affecting negatively. Ladystorm - you'd actually get in that much trouble for communicating? Is what's happening really that sensitive?
  23. Got my shipping notice; not happy it's UPS, I'd prefer USPS or fedex for being (Almost certainly) cheaper once you factor in duty. I'll survive, though. wonder if we should start a new thread for 'got my notice' bragging EDIT ; I'm canadian. re-edit - I'm wave one.
  24. I'm willing to bet that the increase in stats is going to be cheaper in points (If not cash) that it should be. Gotta sell those kits to people who have entire chapters already.
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