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  1. Backed. One of the great games I wish I could find a group to play.
  2. I'd be good for a moderns game, but not a second fantasy one.
  3. got the battlefield set. might get additional fences and walls. and maybe more walls. useful for large buildings, dungeons, battlefields, pretty much everything tabletop.
  4. Fantasy. Multiple factions removed in the conversion to AOS. My complaint with the pricing isn't for the basic units. GW has always priced those decently, with a few exceptions. making them cheaper just makes the bait nicer. It's the specialist units, like the bloodcrushers and centurions. Once you've been hooked, they pull a pricing switch on you.
  5. I've got enough dragons and giant showpieces that I think I'll be able to keep from pledging most of those (With the exception of baba yaga's house, that's nice terrain.
  6. I ... Don't think that's what likely happened. if you type in 3000, what you get is 2700/300/600. you probably spent the 2700, the spent the 300 flexible points
  7. 10% of your points may be spent on upgrades. In a 2000 point force, 1800 have to be spent on unit and 200 could be spent on either upgrades or units. That's your fixed and flexible. In addition, you get 20% of your forces value in 'free' upgrades. For a 2000 point force, that would be 400 points of upgrades *only*. That's your bonus.
  8. I'm seriously unlikely to get back into 40k. bloodbowl, some of their skirmish stuff, certainly. But a large army? not a chance. Not at the cost of some of their 'pay to win' units. I dropped GW during the finecast debacle. Telling us how much they'd save, then asking us to eat a 30-50% price increase just went down the wrong way. I understand fixed costs, and that low-sales items will be more expensive than high-sales basic troops. I understand that they have to be modeled, the molds made, and that the people casting them deserve a decent wage. no complaints. (Although GW apparently doesn't think the people selling them deserve above minimum wage, but that's another story) But I cannot make myself believe that the prices for some of the things out there are what they should be. that the light titans should be well over $100. That aircraft should be barely cheaper when I see a dozen or more of them on a table at the monthly gaming get together. When the players I talk to say that they need them to stand a chance of winning at a casual level. Show me the breakdown of the cost of the showpieces, and you might get me back into 40k, as opposed to a low-model-count skirmish game. I can't make myself believe that a centurian or bloodcrusher unit should be so absurdly expensive. That I'm not being painfully gouged for everything but my troops choices. The models are beautiful, but so is ma'al Drakar; ma'al is probably going to sell a lot less (and therefore have a much higher fixed per model), is just as big, but still manages to have a comparable price. and I didn't *have* to buy it to *not lose* ----- I know a guy who says that end of times has made age of sigmar what it always should have been.
  9. I can't think of a board game or RPG in existence that would net in that much money for more than a year after release, bar maybe monopoly (ew).
  10. are you talking about a mis-execution of the release, or the rules? because while the ruleset is hardly necromunda, it doesn't look like a bad product to me. I watched a friend play 'aliens' with a trio of tyranid warriors; the selection of kill teams is limited, but definitely distinct and thematic. I'm not likely to got back into 40k (I got out during the start of the finecast debacle) but shadow war is a decent limited campaign system. not quite frostgrave, similar to blood bowl.
  11. Lizardmen, Bullywug, Yuan-ti, any of the previous with character classes barbarian tribesmen. Green hag. apes, giant apes, king kong black dragon(s) If it's only a young dragon, there is a chance it's not in charge of the relationship anymore. And if you're already in a jungle, dragging them through a swamp is an option - shambling mounds and assorted venomous snakes, go.
  12. young white dragon. Arctic Environment. Crazy druid(s) or witches Wolves; winter wolves; Intelligent winter wolves - I've (un)fond memories of those last ones. Ice Mephit Giants of some flavor, Yeti remorhaz
  13. More or less what I meant. Scarily enough, the populist screwup who was in charge of the committee (The democrat I mentioned) made a couple serious runs for president.
  14. It actually wasn't McCarthy and his crew, but rather a democrat that foisted that crap on us; at least if the information I have is accurate. Highpoints of the original code - no primary protagonists could be black, and police couldn't be portrayed in a negative fashion. Crap reboots are a constant threat. The beasties reboot of beast-wars did the same thing. The various reboots of TMNT have edged towards this a couple times. I'm hoping that the new Samurai Jack avoids this in the other direction by going Grimderp. I don't have high hopes. While we're talking about about versions of D&D, we should also mention the 'old school revival' movement, and games like Laminations of the Flame Princess, which want to re-create the atmosphere of (what they view as) early D&D. It's not really to my preference, but YMMV. Here is a 'cast of a few players having a game that I think is fun. It's pushing SFW very hard, fair warning. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/i-hit-it-with-my-axe?page=2
  15. One major change - it was hard to get to where there were supposed to be drow in 3e forgotten realms. Like game-weeks of travel in a maze underground. But because of WOW and Drizzit, drow were popular. So they causally ripped open the underdark. Displaced Drow everywhere. The change of the pantheon - the religious upheaval this implies, the wars and politics it must have caused, the shear mess, handwaved. I don't care if centuries passed, this should have been the cause of the entirety of the realms being embroiled in the equivalent of the thirty years war still.
  16. I remember reading that when Ironman came to film, Robert Downy had read the original script and asked the screenwriters if they'd read any ironman comics. Nope So these guys think that they can do better than a creation that has survived forty plus years as one of the most popular comics out there without even analyzing what makes it iconic and/or popular, and have the character stay at least a little true to the original? Sounds like a recipe for disaster (Fantastic four) to me. Fortunately, the star of the piece managed to call them on it. I'm not sure what flavor of professional arrogance makes Hollywood screenwriters look down on so many sources of media. Comics certainly, but like Grumpy mentioned, Conan and a lot of other pulp era stuff isn't treated well, along with anything derived from animation. The problem has gotten better the last decade though. ----- I think I'm going to have to name 5th as my favorite D&D. I don't like the books - formatting is nowhere near as nice a 3. The classes aren't as balanced as fourth, but fourth was a wargame with roleplaying aspects tacked on. In fifth life isn't fair, you have to decide to frontload your power (Fighter,) gain it later in class progression (Wizard,) or swallow your inner diva and support the party (Cleric, bard.) Not unlike real life, but it isn't as out of whack as 3rd.
  17. got mine too. now just need players.
  18. before giving up, try boiling the heck out of both pieces, then letting them cool. hopefully they'll warp into shapes that match each other better. Doesn't always work, but has saved me work a couple times. alternatively, heat them, and mate the pieces while they're warm - wear gloves, and put them in cold water to lock them in that position.
  19. Was looking to build an ork themed frostgrave band. Have everything needed except the spellcasters. They're available in lead, but no orky casters in plastic. 14079: Ombur, Reven Cleric 14196: Greka, Reven Solo - maybe not, ugly mini 02980: Quosk Ravensire, Half-Orc Druid 03043: Surkar, Orc Shaman - kinda looks like an orky Yoda. I very much might get it in metal. And this guy - 02893: Cazalet, Plague Priest; He's not an ork, but a very excellent Sigialist with great weapon.
  20. The kickstarter model isn't a new thing. It's actually pretty old. It was just made illegal for the longest time because the failure rate meant that it had a bad habit of eating people's life savings. I've had a couple projects go sideways on me. I went in knowing that I might get nothing for my money, and gambled anyway. The failures irritate me, but rage would be misplaced; I have naught to blame but myself. Tell me, how many of you see stores open, operate for a year or two, and then shut down? Same phenomenon. I don't think palladium handed this well at all, but some research into them would show the possibility.
  21. June '15 here be a linky: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Books/latest/24950
  22. There's a couple pages of write-up on each race in the new book. It's not incredibly detailed, but here is the briefest summery I can get out of them. Please note I've never spoken with the designers about their intents, so any or all of this might be badly off base. Adon - Europe/Nato-without-America Almirithil - Post-colonial junta/monarchy Ritterlitch - Napoleonic era military-fuedalism Malvernis - Spanish Inquisition in space Rach - Mongol hordes crossed with KHORNEEEEE!! Terrans - War of 1812 america, back when they were the new, scrawny upstart kid.
  23. Which Cav rulebook edition? Because SO, the latest edition, has a couple pages of decent physical description of who is who. and elf is probably Adon, Drow would be Almirithil, new to the new edition.
  24. The Malvernis military is conflicted on the new Cav known as the Draugr. It's opponents say that it is underarmed and underarmored for it's size. It's proponents say that it's internal systems are redundant enough to give it respectable battlefield life and it's ability to outmanouver enemies amplifies it's firepower. Draugr. Superheavy Attack Cav 12 damage tracks, Move Emphasis. Points 826 AV 6 MV 10 CA 5/5 DC 7 Weapons Matched Med. MRAC, L/R Matched Lt. MRAC, L/R SAs Assault*4 ATC1 Ammo Bin Improved Breeder Improved Damage Control Reinforced 1 Rugged Wizzo This design was built to fit into the 'points hole' between the Thug and the Remanent. I think it fits the Malvernis design philosophy, It's got a 16 inch move & fire, with two respectable guns, and two smaller ones that can still chew damaged opponents. The biggest problem is that it wants a third action to run its Damage control. Hey, everybody else join in, Maybe if we get some good ones, Cavboss will make them official.
  25. I'd like to see more warlord minis in bones, especially the more numerous troops. It's a good game, just in desperate need of some promotion and a lower army price tag.
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