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  1. That's a point. Good one, and I'm glad you brought it up. But first, I don't think he has CAV aircraft, and second, we're both in it for the mecha. Still something I need to worry about, he has plenty of infantry in scale. So, two gnomics with mine-ammo in their rocket racks. air-space and area denial ho.
  2. I've got a throwdown with a buddy. I'll be playing Rach, with a 5k force. Here is what I'm thinking of playing: Attack Squad 1-Imperator NCO, Turbo-Charged. 2-Imperator Turbo-Charged. 3-Imperator Turbo-Charged. 4-Imperator Turbo-Charged. 5-Kahn Fire Support 1-Reaper Ext Ammo 1, Ext Fire Control, Colonel. 2-Conqueror Ext Ammo 1 3-Conqueror Ext Ammo 1 4-Conqueror Ext Ammo 1 5-Kahn Plus some other stuff I'm not listing, just in case he checks these forums. the officers give me 8 C3 points, so when things heat up, the imperators can repair, move, attack, and even lock on without their Kahn, which I expect to be the first thing to die. The conquerors and reaper will go after electronics support on the other side, and after they're dead, maul any under-armored or damaged targets of opportunity. The Imperator is the backbone of my firepower; I'd like to put Vets or Aces in them, but decided to speed them up a bit instead. Hopefully the extra 2" on an assault move will offset the extra damage potential. Comments?
  3. Magnesium oxidation is an exothermic reaction. It generates heat. Aluminum oxidation is, IIRC, endothermic - it absorbs heat, and can be largely prevented by a surface layer of aluminum oxide. By the time you get the aluminum armor of an APC to 'burn', it and everything inside has already been trashed by the heat. We don't use enough magnesium in any alloy I'm aware of to offset that. Aluminum powder mixed with black iron oxide (Not rust) - now that is exothermic as hell. It's thermite. So is aluminum mixed with a lot of other stuff.
  4. Depending on the way the doc is put together, there is a way of turning the background pics and borders off. I don't remember it offhand, but that's what google is for. Not sure if it's possible for this PDF, but it might be.
  5. I'd like to point out that when Cav II comes out it will be a lot more than rhinos and cataphract. Tigers are scary tough, and if you got them, sabertooth and even Cheetahs have their place.
  6. I'm looking at this, and I'm seeing a lot of minis that aren't released, and frankly aren't going to be released anytime soon, barring them being in metal. Any word of the return of the robot graveyard? Also, is the Ryoshii a sinle model per blister, or two like the other tanks? It doesn't have a (2) behind it's entry in the store. Also, why do some of the models in the force manager have a (2) behind their names? Notably the Spider, scorpion and recluse.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/272456130/talon-games-cav-strike-operations-ii https://ks.reapermini.com/cav2/login edit - when did I get promoted form 'mostly harmless' to 'rabble rouser' in my profile?
  8. You'd be stunned if we told you how many times a week a customer emailed us to demand a replacement after they damaged the model by attempting to solder it together instead of using glue. Melting point for solder is too high, I'm guessing they have puddles instead of figures at the point they call you. Would work if you had a laser welder (similar to what some jewelers and dentists have available). I know it's possible, I know a couple guys who work at a jewelry store (and I worked at one with a laser welder, too!), and I can totally see someone using a laser welder, but that's an expensive option for sure! There are also low melting point solders; I've used the junk playing with a bearing. Unless you have an iron you can control the temperature of, it's evil. That was just a simple patch. Getting a fusion on a couple high-detail pieces? Freaking forget it. I can believe a customer mixed all those bottles. I've trashed enough stuff following internet directions to know that even a lot of good advice needs qualifications. What I'm wondering is if Bubba learned to proceed cautiously or still thinks it's reaper's fault.
  9. Pretending you seriously asked depends on the version. given that most model kits have that thing as over 8 inches, it's off the scale of CAV outside homebrew scenario rules. if youre waiting for the RT RPG MB kickstarter version, which will come out Real Soon Now it would be a superheavy by it's probable size, so a thousand points plus. Given that it's reaper hosting the event this thread is about, I doubt bringing any version would be allowed. Although seeing somebody who thought that their Emperor would be the biggest threat around freak out would be funny. ----- The below is pushing fair use rather hard, but still, it shows the awesome of the MAC.
  10. As three conquerors, a gnomic and two emperors somehow manage to do nothing, despite firing everything indirect for the first two turns of the game, my friend tells me that the Rach need to stop buying their munitions from the Kerbals.
  11. I'm getting a core, and looking at the Almirithil mechs it contains. It's almost enough to make a faction of it's own, but given the reinforcements the ritter will be getting, they'll outnumber my Rach and Terrans something fierce. So I'm thinking that rather than have four smallish factions (Terran [Green], Rach[red], Adon[?], and Almirithil[?]) and one monster army (Ritter and everyone else, [blue]), I'll spread the Almirithil models between my Rach and Terrans Cobra/Growler - this one is simple. 1) the Rach like missiles, the Growler has Tag, and 2) the Terrans have three EST designs to the Rach's Kahn. Reds it is. King Cobra/Bear - IMHO, he Terrans don't have a medium rocket boat - there's a gap between the Regent and the Raijin. This will be plugged in to fill it. Grizzly - swap the LBG to med. MACs and you have an attack CAV that fits right in with the Rach. I might have to do a mod on the barrels, but that's pretty easy. Concussion. - which leaves this guy to the Terrans, But it's redundant with the Thunderbird in a lot of ways, and my collection is already weighted towards fire-support. I think I'll do an electronics changeover to make it an attack CAV. Pull the FCS and chain-pod. That's a point-and-a-half SA hole. Reinforced or Improved damage control? Wizzo, counter-fire or Rugged? I'm leaning toward a Imp. DC/rugged combo, make the thing a pain to keep down.
  12. I think the rules would be clearer if you separate the current target lock into 'target lock' and 'missile lock' Gain a target lock by either; 1) using the lock-on action 2) having a squadmate with EST that has used the lock-on action Tag grants a missile lock on the targeted unit to all friendly units a unit with ECM/APA and HARM missiles can, as a free action, gain a missile lock on any enemy unit using APA/ECM. Any unit with a target lock also has a missile lock on the same unit. missile locks are NOT passed on by EST except through target locks. Anything I missed?
  13. I'd hold off on getting entire recon squads of Talons or Kahns. Don't get me wrong, they're both great Cavs, but they're built around the same concept 1) token firepower 2) EST to give squadmates free target locks. Improves aforementioned token firepower, but only needed once. 3) ECM to protect the force from opposing target locks. Multiple ECM provide redundancy and more spread, but no other mechanical advantage. They're great (Read: Critical) electronics support attachments to squads, but approach overpriced in large numbers. It you're going for recon squads, go Warden supported by Kahn for the Rach and Ryoshi supported by Ashigaru for the Terrans. YMMV, of course.
  14. Club


    Yep, Archer now makes sense to me.
  15. Club


    I'm still not clear on whether APA is supposed to affect A) strictly a single model or b) potentially your entire army. I have a physical copy of the book and know the wording already; I need a confirmation of which of my interpretations is correct, not a verbatim copy of the rules. Awesome speed on the reply though.
  16. Club


    Wait a minute, I've been reading APA as"provides a bonus to any single friendly faction model if..." Should I be reading it as "provides a bonus to any and all friendly faction model if..." Because if that's how APA is supposed to work, the Archer suddenly makes a lot more sense to me. Except for the paired piercing light R5, anyway
  17. OK then, can the custom CAV (That just happens to look a lot like a raptor) that has a phased targeting array and Electronic strike targeting pass on its target lock to the rest of the squad? Because I really want that Kahn dead. From the way I read external APA in the book, it just grants the bonus; but the force builder program lets you put HARM on a cav after you put Ext-APA on, but not before. Bit of a contradiction there.
  18. Club


    If that's the case, why did they build it so tough? And without EST or FCS to support the squad. If it is meant to counter an enemy's jamming units, why doesn't it have a WSO for the bonus? if it's meant to fight at close range, why doesn't it have targeting computer or more weaponry? To me, the thing looks like a jack of several trades, competent at none.
  19. Club


    I'm looking through the designs. While I don't always agree with the choices the designers made, I can figure out where they were coming from, with one exception. Said exception is the Terran's Archer. 2 medium PBG. Decent infighting weapon, nothing to write home about 2 light R5. Token long range fire. What a waste of peircing Active Phased Array 2. Takes down ECM or boosts your buddy's shooting. but no other support electronics Various other survival-orientated SAs slow speed, but armored just below the top tier. What is it supposed to be? It's as tough or tougher than any other Cav in the game, but under-armed, and doesn't really have electronics for a dedicated secondary role. FIST? Put an officer in?
  20. Rules Question OK, the enemy has a CAV (A Kahn) with ECM protecting it. This irritates me, because I want to chain-fire it and it's squad-mates to death with 3 Raijin and a Thunderbird My squad's final CAV, a Raptor has an external Phased Array, letting me get a target lock on the ECM'ing unit as a free action, and fire HARM missiles. However, the Raptor also has EST. Since the Raptor has a target lock on the Kahn (From the APA) can the other units in the Terran squad use that lock-on through the EST? Or is the APA target-lock only good for the Raptor? Love how you live and die by C3 and electronics in CAV.
  21. Nice kickstarter. Much better value than the first one for the money put in; wish it had been as well funded. Anyway, I'm not going to be going to pay very far into cav III. And this time I mean it!!!
  22. I'm dividing what I have into three forces. One Rech (Red/purple), one terran (khakis and brown), and one everyone else (Blues). If you got the 48 pack to start with, it actually divides up pretty even. Although I think the terrans suffer a bit; they're PBG heavy, without the range that used to mean.
  23. I don't believe there have been any non-kickstarter funded bones (other than the first couple,) so I wouldn't get my hopes up. But I hope there are more vehicles too, and bones infantry would be wonderful.
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