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  1. I don't think so. Blitz 1 only works against infantry. Blitz 2 works against everything.
  2. While I can afford it, I can't justify it. Won't be going far into bones IV if it happens either.
  3. When are the minis going to be available for order? A friend of mine wants some tanks.
  4. Got my box. Gonna visit a friend of mine in the hospital and rip it open with him. surprised that it didn't have duty on it. Doubt I'll be so lucky with reaper III.
  5. Go faster. Forgo sleep Drink coffee. Then drink the nastiest of energy drinks Then do meth Then be hospitalized ALL FOR THE SAKE OF OUR MINI SHIPMENTS :) PS; no, I'm not serious. Although the fact that I got my notice that it's on the way makes it easier for me to be understanding.
  6. My ebonwing has a couple dents in one of his wings that I can't get out from this. Mind you, it was in contact with the electric kettle's element for probably over a minute. I've tried boil and re-position a couple times, but it keeps doming back.
  7. I've had luck slowly pouring boiled water over smaller minis. I wouldn't try it with a bigger one, but an arm on a 25mm doesn't have much mass to raise the temperature of.
  8. OK, I've got a weird one. Has anyone tried putting a bones mini in a vacuum chamber after priming it? I built a 'chamber a few years ago for casting (Right before I got busy, so I've never really used it) and know that's a method for drying food. I don't want a mini to be sticky for the next year if I can avoid it, but do want to know.
  9. Anyone know how to contact the creator? looking for commercial permissions, a buddy might be interested is laser-cutting some out.
  10. Forgot one I had a Spectre arrive without a rocket backpack. So I found a ray-dome from my bits box, and gave it a hat. (I really have to set up a picture sharing setup) Anyway, remove the rockets and chainfire pod. Add ECM2, APA1, EST, and TAG. Keep the FCS, that heps the rest of the squad. Basiclly, it's an overarmed electronics support CAV. Points out as 495. ----- You want to be brutal, take your Tiamats, and drill holes in their backs. Insert some rod for antennas. Remove the Counter-battery for FCS and ATC1. Congratulations, you now have rockets that go where you want on average rolls, instead of scattering. SMART means that you can have power 9 on direct hits- and you've got four launchers. Admittedly it's 50 points more expensive, but that's only a 7% increase in cost for, IMHO, far more than that in hitting ability. Not that the standard Tiamat is bad - the ability to act out of activation is quite powerful in it's own right. It makes an excellent bodyguard.
  11. now that is a recon design. It doesn't have much of a chance of actually damaging anything beyond a medium CAV, but it's inexpensive, and does the job of electronics support admirably. ----- I modified a Halberd the same way Sparks did above, (Thanks for the idea) but instead of FCS, I gave it counter-battery. Its job is to make the opponent wonder if plinking away with a couple light R5 is worth 15 heavies in return, and escorting indirect-less attack models like the standard Halberd The minigun went on the Assassin the missiles came off of, and is statted for a medium RAC. One of the ammo bins is replaced with another assault special. It's probably a less powerful design, but it is somewhat more dangerous up close. It's also notably more dangerous to infantry at those ranges.
  12. 1)When putting unequal forces against each other in a scenario, arty is a great equalizer. Terran doctrine is much better at that than Rach. A lot of the infantry will be armed with laser rifles, and the arty will force the enemy to close to where the infantry have a hope of doing something. 2)It's easier to care about what happens to the Terrans than Random Alien Race #348. Even if the fluff for #348 is proud warrior guys (Borderline Klingon expy) , I won't have time to convey that during the scenario, and the players might not care even if I did.
  13. It looks like the rest of the kickstarter minis aren't going to get to me before Trumpeters (See link below.) So the demo scenario I was planning to run would have to be with what I have on hand. How does this sound. The eeeevil Malvernis are trying to take a Terran artillery firebase at the end of an isthmus. They have a squad of Halbards, a squad of Assassins, and a squad of Wights, each with a Cougar for EST support. Their goal is to get across the board the long way, as intact as possible. Using the superior tactics doctrine. The Terrans have a squad of Dictators (I know, but they're the only thing I have painted in different colors) and a lot of infantry, including mortar infantry (I have a pile of GZG 15mms.) They're in prepared positions and the enemy has open ground to cross. They're badly outnumbered and outclassed, but have arty on call. Using the Artillery Support Doctrine. I can see ways this could go bad - Notably the Wights and Assassins using their rockets to flatten the infantry at range before closing to overwhelm the unsupported Dictators. Another is that Wights and Assassins move fast enough that they might be across the board before the defenders have a chance to do much damage, even with obstacles. Anyone have comments on the scenario as presented? I should have a couple chances to play-test it before con time, but thought I'd ask for opinions. http://www.trumpetersociety.com/
  14. Got the game. Very nice minis. They did a very, very good job gluing mine together. I'm not sure how they stand up to Zombicide, (Haven't played it) but they're the best I've seen out of a game like this. Rules aren't entirely to my liking, but still good.
  15. got my resin heroes. still waiting on the rest of the game. they're nice though
  16. Yeah, 24" is big. But when you're playing on 2 30"x72" tables, for 60X72, you need to be aware of guns that can hit you two or three times while you close. The Ogre has speed 4. Run and gun is (speed-2)*2, or (Speed-1)*2 if you're speed 4 or less. So the Ogre is assault-moving 6, with 24 inch range. Anything it hits will be hurt, so you only have to worry about your base to-hit, at long range 8+ (WSO) or 6+ if you got a lock from somewhere (ATC 2) If it doesn't have something to hide behind while it closes, it will be slowly shot to peices as anything with a MAC or even LBG snipes it from beyond where it can reply from. Which might take all freaking day against armor 9, but it will eventully happen. Analysis - Ogre isn't a viable combatant against most enemies in the open anymore. Hell on wheels in tight quarters, excellent area-denial and bodyguard, but not a main-balle CAV. Important rules question - the ATC entry says you get a bonus "by using the target-lock action" - direct quote. Does this mean getting a lock from ECM/APA or EST will not provide the TC bonus?
  17. From what I can tell, PBG used to have a range of 18 - this has been dropped to 6 in the current edition. I look at the Ogre, which is now a slow, heavily armored unit that has to engage at close range, which is far more limiting than a CAV that can stand in the open and fight effectively across most of the table. The Archer, Katana, and Thunderbird have both had similar reductions in the range of their primary guns, although at least both of them have ranged secondaries, and the archer has aid-others electronics. For those of you who have played both editions, how much has this changed play? And has this had a detremental effect on factions which prefer PBGs? I know we've only seen much of two factions, but I gather the Adon were fond of PBG armaments. Also, I think the Katana is supposed to have Med. PBG x 4, not the x 2 listed on it's card. http://talon-games.com/downloads/datacards/KATANA.jpg
  18. Upon due analysis of the state of my shelves, I don't think that I'll be getting very far into another reaper kickstarter if it happens. I went all-in on the first two, and nearly so on the third and CAV, but unless Reaper 4 offers something more than more of the same, that's it for me. One thing that would bring me back are 52 and 72 mm figs. The various giants just don't have the same proportions.
  19. Fast enough to find the enemy - check Able to survive finding a superior force - if it runs away fast enough, maybe. Able to skirmish - with the pitiable range of the PBG, not a chance. Cheap enough to be expendable - not really. In my opinion, this is -almost- a recon design, but not quite. More a heavy cavalry model; flank-turning, pursuit, rapid reinforcement, and shock any chance of you putting that model on shapeways or similar; or is that banned because you posted it here?
  20. Club

    New Designs

    Looking at the designs on Talon-games.com, I'd hesitate to call most of what is calssified as recon as actual recon designs. Mostly, I'd classify them as Electronic Warfare or C3 (Command, control, communications) designs. Among the Cavs designated recon the Razor is the sole exception in having a light skirmisher role that doesn't either hinder the enemy or bolster friendly designs; even it has tag.
  21. What has happened to this rule? it was listed on the Cav_so preview halbard, but it isn't on any of the talon-games.com datasheets that should have it (anything with a RAC or MRAC.) Has the rule been exciesed from the final version, is it contained under anti-air, or what?
  22. Too bad, Between the Tiamat and the Silverback having CB it could have made an interesting playstyle. As it is, the ritter are still really firesupport-heavy in bones And next up is the Katana. I tried to build it in the construction program and couldn't - I had a load of unused hardpoints. I think it's supposed to have 4 PBG and not the two it's card lists. That would fit the model better as well.
  23. Looking at the silverback, and wondering at the utility of the counter-battery. It's armed with missiles. Missiles can't fire without a target-lock. So it can only use counter-battery at things it has alreay locked onto. (Or it's squadmates if they have EST) It cannot have a lock [on it's own] after its turn because overwatch/fire takes both actions, and cannot use it before its turn because it has not had a chance to get a lock. Does the counter-battery SA supposed to provide a lock-on or something? Because the only uses I can see for the thing 1) the target has been tagged [in which case what the frick is it doing firing anywhere near the Silverback], or 2)if a squadmate (with EST) provoked counter-battery, and then silverback gets to CB in resoponse to the CB [edge case at best]
  24. I think this is why http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/14226/sku-down/14226 If this is his metal version, it has a lance and sword, and no shield. Interesting. I wonder how this happened.
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