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  1. Could someone who got expansion option 2 check Sir Danel's left hand? mine ends at a nub at his wrist, and I can't find a loose hand; I'm wondering if it's supposed to be that way. Also if he's holding something. I'll likely just bits-dive into my drawer to replace it
  2. Club


    Still didn't answer my question, Cavboss - Why does this monster have Assault? Given that it's armed with 5 weapons with Limited Ammo, I'm fairly certain that ammo bins would be far more useful than assault, which does little or nothing I can figure out on this design. Aside from that, awesome.
  3. and over $75cnd in import later, I have my giant box of bonesium. worth it. Glad Cav bones got split; it might save me from customs canada next time.
  4. My suggestion - get some mylar sheets. your art/hobby store might have them, or there is always online Stencil-Ease-sheets-durable-reusable you can cut it with a hobby knife (Use a fresh blade, you'll notice) or a soldering iron with a hotkinfe attachment. or you can punch it one way or another. I'm experimenting with using a rotery leather punch and doing dot-camo. Working so far.
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    This has the assault modifier to take advantage of the increased speed if the player takes the Children of the Storm Doctrine? Because I don't think it makes much sense otherwise. @B-chan, I get what you mean well enough. But clicky-bases for Cav would of necessity be either really complex, or need greater abstraction.
  6. Want to double check couple things - the target lock procedure goes like this 1: Spend an AP, declare target 2: Automaticlly get target lock sucessfully. Target is alerted 3: see if target lock survives targets countermeasures (If any) Did I miss anything? ----- External Fire Control Pod Maximum of +1 modifier? And how much does it contribute to a FCS-net when multiple others have internals? ----- The Wight and Assassin desperately need a friend with EST.
  7. I boil mine in an electric kettle. Use a strainer to keep the bones off the element. Straighten things out and de-grease at the same time I use toyama paint through an airbrush, thinned 1 part thinner for 4 part paint. haven't had any problens so far; the paint will come off, but the force needed to do it is comparable to that needed to strip metal. Just keep the setting low, and don't glop it on, per standard airbrush I'll be painting three colour schemes - terran (Brown/cream), Rach (Red), and everyone else (Blue) in a third faction. The everyone else will include a disproportionate number of fire support, but that's the way things break down.
  8. I'm planning to run a scenario at the local mini-con this Friday. I go to print the rules. Now wanting to spend a fortune on ink, I try to set the background off. And can't In the finalized version, would you have Layers with the background image and border images set so someone can turn them off? not only does it save money for those who print the rules, but makes the end result look better in B&W without them. Next - I was playing around with the unit generator, and noticed the matched weapons option. What's the reasoning behind that? It seems to exist for no other reason than to allow symmetrical designs to carry far more firepower than those who carry singles of a given weapon.
  9. QFT. It's not just distributors - stores will do it to - like when they haven't paid their distributor. I see it in my own industry. It comes down to "Let's blame the other guy" and it's a mentality that's killing this country. Customers who need service from us (a manufacturer) will lie that their distributor won't give them service, when the real reason is they own their distributor money. Or distributors will lie to their customers and say that they can't get a part because we're out of stock on them - and the real reason is the distributor is on credit hold with us or the parts guy at the distributor doesn't want to do the research on what part they actually need. Basically, anytime you have a middle man, you have the opportunity for people to lie. OK, I can buy the quite real possibility that that's the problem. Fact remains, the store I started this thread about hasn't had -any- of the new bones in stock, and hasn't been able to get bones into the store this year at all. There's a knight, a spider, and two bugbears on the wall, with around twenty pegs waiting for refill. Maybe it's the distro, maybe it's Reaper lagging behind demand, maybe it's just the fact that he really should have got one of the retailer pledges. Appologies to anyone offended by how I started this topic, I don't want him to reduce his reaper wall-space. It's where I do my reaper shopping, in order to support the play-tables he has, and he's also the only remaining place to stock more than a handful of RPG books in the area.
  10. He sells product. He can't restock. No stock means he isn't selling product.
  11. I live in a metro area with around a dozen gaming stores, though that goes up and down as one opens and one closes. There, is, however, THE gaming store, the one that carries everything, that has eight or more square meters of reaper minis on the wall. I've bought a lot of reaper stuff from them over the years. I was listening in last night as a buddy of mine talked with the owner. He said that since the kickstarter, reaper's dealer service has gotten so bad that both he and his distributor are planning to drop the line entirely. That he tries to order or special-order minis, and the distro can't get them in stock. And very little new has been released in the last year. As a final note, he's one of the guys who really hates online-only stores, and considers kickstarter to be an extension of that. I'll respect his opinion on the former, if not entirely the latter. This store got big boxes of minis every month, easily a couple thousand $'s worth. I don't know if this is isolated, but if it isn't, it might really behove reaper to pay a lot more attention to their distributor network and the needs of the brick-and-morter stores. I like buying and ordering my minis through him, support local and all that crap. I'd like to be able to in the future, and not being able to will probabbly change how much reaper stuff I get. Moving away from tin is important, given the way it's price keeps climbing. But for at least the next while, tin is the big part of his bottom line with reaper, and apparently his needs along those lines aren't being met.
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