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  1. I disagree with you Ultrasquid: Epoxy putty does not take damage from being brushed with a toothbrush. Not if you've given it enough time to cure properly. You do not want to clean the putty while it's still soft. That's a sure way to ruin all the work you've done. A paintbrush would be way too soft imo. You need to scrub in order to get the lubrication off. You could always use a toothbrush with soft bristles. That should stille be better than the way to soft bristles on a paintbrush.
  2. I second what redambrosia said. I use dish soap and an old tooth brush to scrub off the vaseline. There's really no need for alcohol or anything other than simple soap. But you're right to degrease the mini. I wouldn't risk trying to paint on a greasy surface. Too large a risk of the paint chipping off later.
  3. Well done :) I have two things to mention, first a bit of critique, and then major kudos. The critique: Elizabeths head. Although the facial details are well done, she also seems to have an evil grin. It would make a major difference if you worked more on the shapes underlying the brow. The way she looks now, she seems to make a broad V shape between her eyes, which, if she weren't smiling, would make her look angry. Now she looks malicious. Take a look at these two pictures for reference: This is kinda the way she looks now And this is the way I suppose you want her brows to look:
  4. Hi Everyone. Just found my old WIP thread again. Here's a little something I did a while back. I'm bringing it up again, as Dark Art Studios (http://www.dark-art-studios.co.uk) are about to bring these little buggers into production: Here are some wip pics: And here are the fresh-out-of-the-mould casts: Stay tuned!
  5. Thanks a lot you all! :D Trodax: I'll make sure to post here when they're available :) I'm glad you like 'em!
  6. That is exactly right Chaoswolf! Here's pictures of the second spawn: Both are on their way to UK now, and will be available for you all in a couple of weeks from zealotminiatures.co.uk
  7. You bet I will. I'm currently working on finishing another one to send along with it. I'll show some pics when I'm done with that too :)
  8. Thanks a lot to all of you :) I've got the go aheard from the company, so I'm free to tell you that this will be available from www.zealotminiatures.co.uk I don't know when yet, but I'll ship it off next week along with another spawn, and a zombie bust.
  9. Thanks! Trodax: Yup, that's exactly right. The idea was for the maw to have mutated out of his mouth, and thus ripping open his face. You might be able to see it more clearly from these pictures:
  10. Hiya everyone, Here's a sculpt I've been working on for some time. I finally got to finish it. Tell me what you think: It will be put into production, and resin copies will be available from a UK based company. I'll announce which, when they allow me to :)
  11. The trick with green stuff is exactly NOT to let it cure before you stick on the sculpey. The green stuff is used because of its stickyness. Once it hardens it isn't sticky anymore, and then it serves no purpose putting that on the wire armature before sticking the sculpey on. I can definitely recommend using green stuff for getting the sculpey to stick to your wire armature though. The way to do it is to make the armature, put a thin layer of green stuff all over the armature, and immediately after that, while the GS is still sticky, you apply the sculpey. Do not use milliput, that stuff
  12. The Razor Rattler is done! I've begun work on a roach - Also for Worlds end Publishing - Putting my new SS firm to good use: Aaaaand, a bit of work on my little dude here - He looks so happy!: Sorry for the massive picture dump!
  13. Here's the first experiment I'm doing with my newly acquired Super Sculpey Firm. Great stuff!
  14. May I ask you what materials you use? Are the grey putty grey stuff, or sculpey firm?
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