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  1. Thanks for the kind words and comments :) The camera has kind of saturated the colors alittle bit, and exaggerated the black lining. It is alittle more subtle in person. Glad to know the blonde hair looks OK to everyone too. I was undecided at first, but I think I like it more now too.
  2. I really wanted to include Eiryss in my WARMACHINE army, but couldn't bring myself to use the standard, sub-par sculpt that privateer press made. Thus, I went on a search to find a suitable proxy, and when I saw this mini from Wyrd minis, I knew I had found the right one. With some slight modifications, it would work just fine, IMO. So, here she is! Additional pictures: http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/warm...sfrontangle.jpg http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/warm...ssbackangle.jpg http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/warm.../eiryssback.jpg She is normally carrying a sword in each hand, and has two additional swords in scabbards on her back. Eiryss carries one sword, and a crossbow, so I had to find a suitable crossbow model. I had one leftover from another PPS mini, and decided to use it - it is somewhat large, but oh well :) On this mini I decided to try out a new recipe for blonde hair, and I think it came out OK. Alittle too washed out I think, and not enough yellow... but I still like it. Comments welcome! ~G
  3. Yep! I simply can't stand the model that privateer made for Rhupert, but love the rules. Thanks for the kind words so far!
  4. Long time no post :) I recently got this figure to use in another game system, and I painted it up last night. A real blast to paint. Additional shots: Angle 2 Angle 3 Base is sculpted out of greenstuff to fit the rest of the army for the game system. Any comments appreciated :) Regards, ~G
  5. Thanks for the comments so far :D Point taken on the image size - turned the rest of the images into links.
  6. Acouple months ago I delved into the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Refusing to pay an insane amount for GW's official "Chaos Spawn" model, I ventured forth to locate suitable proxy figures. I don't attend official GW tournaments, so there is little need to worry about them being disqualified. Additionally, I wanted the figures to be fairly "Tzeentchy" in appearance, as I decided to do a Tzeentch army. What I found were two awesome Reaper Warlord figures, 14059 and 14076, Chaos Spawn of Mashaf, and Devourer of Mashaf respectably. After alittle sculpting and reposing of the former, I got to painting both, and banged them out in an afternoon. I've received many compliments on them, and many people have said they look better than GW's Spawn model. So, without further delay, here they are: http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/Chao...spawn2side1.jpg http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/Chao...spawn2side2.jpg http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/Chao.../spawn2back.jpg http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/Chao...spawn1side2.jpg http://gabe.simpleharmonic.net/images/Chao.../spawn1back.jpg Let me know what ya'll think... :) Cheers!
  7. Nicely done. About how long is the figure?
  8. Thanks everyone! This helps me immensely. I'll be heading down to my FLGS to pick these up very soon :)
  9. Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum - I couldn't find one better, and the description said the warlord forums were for discussion of miniatures as well. I need acouple of figures for various conversions, but I am having a really hard time judging the scale of the figures. To be specific: 14059, Chaos Spawn and 14076, Devourer of Mashaf If the bases are to be used as a reference, I'm guessing the figures are roughly man-sized, and not overly huge - unless I am incorrect in thinking reaper only uses one size of base? I need my conversions to fit well on a square 40mm base, so this is why I am asking. Can anyone tell me how large these figures are? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the comments so far, everyone :D
  11. I was recently commissioned to paint this figure up, as a female thief. The only guideline was that it had to have blonde hair, and should look suitably "thief" like (and not ranger like). I decided a nice dark purple would be the best color to go with. It was a really fun sculpt to paint, and I'm almost thinking of picking up another, to do for myself :) The figure was delivered to the client today, and so I am posting pictures. I sculpted the flagstone base, and part of her hair was miscast, so I had to resculpt part of that as well. Since she is supposed to be a thief, I kept the highlights pretty subtle.. I didn't want to bring the purple up too high. I am really happy with how the black leather boots and gloves turned out. Comments are welcome :)
  12. All the metal Cadian Imperial Guard figures pre-current plastic/metal issue. Also, several imperial tanks. "One Taste Worldwide" gaming! Meh. I've bought their stuff now and again over the years - some of it good, some of it not so good, in the same way I've eaten at McDonald's now and again... ...and some time afterwards, wondered why. Tommy. You can still use your old-school miniatures... nothing says you HAVE to buy the latest minis. As for the tanks... they're still available via Imperial Armour. Either way, neither of those really fit the question. His statement was entire armies made obsolete. I think that was either Squats, or Harlequins
  13. overpriced miniatures: Partially agree, mostly disagree. A box of 16 multi-part plastic figures will run about $30, or alittle less than $2 a figure.. hard to beat. Where they get ya is on the unique metal characters, or figures that people will field fewer of. paints: around here, the gW paints are pretty cheap, at $2.50 a pot (compared to $3 for vallejo, and $3.50 for most other paints, ie: model masters, tamiya) Rulebooks: Agreed, overpriced for the most part. terrain: agreed. Rules changes: I generally consider rules changes to be a good thing.. it means the company is interested in keeping the game alive. I am VERY glad we're still not using 3rd edition 40k. And what was the last army to be made "obsolete"? I honestly would like to know... aquariam plants: agreed. random price increases: *shrugs*, mostly agree. GW is no less evil than any other company... companies exist to make money... if people are willing to pay, companies will continue to put out.
  14. Hendercrazy: You have some great taste in music... I will just ignore the fact that you mentioned Slipknot, SOAD and Mudvayne Good to see another Falconer fan, though! No swearing... hm, ok, that rules out Children of Bodom (not alot of swearing, but some). For death metal, I'd really reccommend Emperor. No swearing that i could here (though it is sometimes hard to tell with death metal). Some other metal suggestions: Edguy (power metal) Gamma Ray (power metal) Rhapsody (Fantasy power metal) Luca Turili (fantasy power metal) Apocalyptica (Classical celloists who also like metal? yes please!) Sentenced (They recently dissolved, but their final album is awesome. Old stuff is death metal, newer stuff is mo coherent, and self proclaimed "suicide metal") Lacuna Coil (good female vocals.. similar to Nightwish) Spiritual Beggars (just good ol' heavy metal) For My Pain... (goth-ish metal) Poisonblack (goth-ish metal) Subway To Sally (german metal, with some odd twists) Demons and Wizards (Blind Guardian meets Iced Earth... literally... lead singer of BG and lead singer of IE teamed up to work on this side-band.. new album is coming out soon) Katatonia (melodict depressed metal) Moonspell (heavy metal) I will probably think of more later, but this should keep you busy, in addition to what was listed above
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