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  1. Thank you all so much - you are very kind. I am ultra excited for Bones 6 after some one-on-one with the new material. It's great!
  2. First time painting a proper modern Bones model - the plastic has come a long way from the the white stuff of yore! I usually don't use metallic paint but I went for it here to get a little more practice using ink to shade it. Thanks for checking him out!
  3. Thanks guys - bottles were a back and forth headache as they looked too much like fruit on the first pass, lol. But some glazing with blues and dark greens helped save them in the end.
  4. What a cool tabletop crew - they look great!
  5. Love me a good Bobby Jackson sculpt and here's two that I finally got around to painting. Darkest Dungeon was the inspiration, and I don't have too many models painted up in green so they were a nice learning experience. I even tried mixing in some green into the NMM which I've never done before and I was ecstatic with how it turned out!
  6. Thanks everyone, for the kind words. The model was so textured, I got more mileage out of drybrushing and washes than the usual. Also made for a pretty quick job, all things considered.
  7. My take on one of the LotR mice from Cartoon Miniatures. I've been told he looks like Splinter the rat cosplaying as Gandalf.
  8. Auron is great, and this conversion just straight up looks official. Amazing work!
  9. The tanned triad - shadow, skin, and highlight. Glazed over a VMC US Dark Green base coat. The strongest highlights have Linen White mixed in with Tanned Highlight. Thanks everyone for the kind words!
  10. Finished painting my Fade a while back, thought I'd share her here. She took a long time to finish, but taught me much about how to do skin. Reaper skin triads are the friggin' best! She isn't nude, but if the mods find her to be too NSFW, I'd be happy to hide the images behind links.
  11. Thank you - however, I can't take credit for that idea, the eyes are sculpted right into the model. They are indentations and it was trickier than I thought it'd be to get them to look clean.
  12. Thank you, everyone, for the kind words. They are greatly appreciated!
  13. Thanks for the kind words, and I don't mind criticism! The wood is driven up in many layers, as many as the metal, so I can definitely see it.
  14. Whoever thought to put the words "Whiskey" and "Golem" together, then sculpt it, deserves a freakin' medal. Perhaps the cutest model I've ever painted - and probably one of the trickiest to assemble.
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