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  1. on the other hand I love the art and I'm looking for an excuse to run my party into a cr 18 robot scorpion with a plasma tail and dual mini guns, from one of the extra bestiaries supplements but to each their own huh?. Indeed I do like the rest of the setting well enough and generally enjoy a good bit of the lore and I love the Kingmaker adventure path and the surrounding areas that it takes place around are great. However the robot/sci fi stuff are generally not my thing. For me I just say it was a meteor that deposited the metal that is famous through out Galorion. Like I said I enjoy sci fi too its just not my thing in fantasy. We did it once quite a few years ago. In the early 90s and it just was not my cup of tea. That said its not a bad setting as a whole.
  2. If you play 3.5 then pathfinder will take you about a day for a transition just reading the core rule book with get you into pathfinder, not much of an overhaul aside from a few slight tweaks and now most classes and races are closer together in the grand power scale of things. Classes like fighters will find great new addtions to the class and classes like paladins will now be able to have some flexability towards some times useless mounts in some dungeon crawls instead getting powers to imbue weapons with magic weapon like effects. Some of the adventure paths are fantastic King make is pretty dang good. If you want to tweek some of the characters/settings to go with what ever campaign you guys run it is generally pretty easy. I am not a fan of the art in most of the books but I love the rules. We always had one guy that never really understood the whole skill system but with it being streamlined a bit it was much easier for him to get it and then use it much more. Paizo is also a great company and I support them 100%. Also you can just gut the settings of Galorian and just go with what ever setting you want as some things in the PF core setting are some times a huge WTF moment on reading like the crashed UFO stuff which generally is not in my style of gaming. I play scifi and I play fantasy but for me they don't mesh very well.
  3. For me being a DM is being an arbiter of the rules and MOST IMPORTANTLY a story teller. He is not there to try and kill you hes there to present challenges to your character and try and make the game world feel alive and that you actually live in it. That is the great draw of D&D vs video games that even MMOs cant really accomplish is that it feels like my character can actually impact the world instead of feel like a plastic doll running through sight seeing. To be a great DM you have to be able to compromise because the game is all about the player characters not about the DM, the DM is not a faction and the DM should be able to set aside differences with the real people playing the characters and the characters. I have played in 2 groups with DMs like this, I called them on their stuff pretty quick and one threw a temper tantrum and the other actually realized that he was being a horses butt. There is however a balance that a DM should try with challenges and should not just let player characters steam roll the whole time because some times near death or death can keep the game interesting.
  4. I think that the attitude toward making a monster was 90% based on the fact that the DM could create unique monsters like a monk mind flayer so that you can SOMETIMES throw things up on players and about 10% based on the fact that players would actually use them. We only had one real game where evil monsters characters were used but that was for an evil campaign to see how it would play. We did however make a skirmish game out of making a CR point buy system using monsters and creating some pretty unique monsters. We called it monster mash and it was pretty fun.
  5. I myself am a 3.5/Pathfinder Lover Ive played every edition to date even the 5th ed play tests and I generally like it as the options for backgrounds allowing skill options normally outside of a given class and allowing for some variation of each class outside of prestige classes. (WAY to many of those towards the end when classes like the knight and warlock were pretty damned good IMO) For me pathfinder or 5th edition will probably be the way I play for a while. I hated 4th ed with a passion as it felt like it was trying to be a pen and paper WoW. It also felt just like video games very restricting and I felt like I was unable to created the character I wanted to PLAY with the rules system at hand.(why do most MMOs seem to think the only person who can use bows are rangers? hey news flash rogues and fighters can be as good or better with them!) People said it got better over time due to the endless march of books that were released however I did not feel like spending the money on it since I already had Pathfinder. It also felt like it lacked a soul like the previous editions had.The removal of a lot of lore and flavor texts from books was a let down. The addition of some questionable races like dragonkin and tieflings in the core rule book was bummer.(why not aasimirs also?) The whole idea of minions was a serious turn off for me and players I played with. When players figured out that there were minions afoot they would change tactics and try and just "tap" everything in site to try and get rid of them and would some times think that if they were heavily outnumbered that it was ok because most of them were just minions. Which could lead to TPK if the edition wasnt so easy. (1HP for a monster seriously?) But there are things about 4th ed that I did like a lot. It was easier for new players to play it, combat was quick though it felt very stale, planning for things was pretty quick for DMs. That said it does have some merit on some tables that prefer that style of game.However I felt like the edition suffered from the same problem that video games are now seeing which is a general dumbing down for mass market problem instead of focusing on what was good about it. I went from feeling like I was playing a great and immersive game to playing Final Fantasy Tatics which is not what I want out of a session of D&D. I have alot of hope for 5th ed, it wont be 3.5 BUT it also wont be 4th ed either. Hopefully the two camps can come back together and game at the same tables again.
  6. Honestly 4th edition is going to be the easiest for some one to pick up. Thats what it was made for and its what its good at. It is also the easiest to DM for. However I find that the change from 3.5 to 4th edition made a large division of the D&D player base and a lot of people wont play that edition to save their lives and still play 3.5 or pathfinder. If time is an important thing and you rarely get free time id say again go with 4thed as it is going to take the least amount of prep and such to get a game ready.
  7. Yeah I am hoping that bones does not totally replace metal. I love plastics from other mini makers as well. And as far as detail goes the seem a bit sub par to metal and injection plastic molds. I do think they have a niche of the "filler" miniatures where I buy a lot of goblins for cheap. For the price it does allow for people on a budget to get the miniatures they have had their eyes on for a while but couldn't buy it due to price. Which IMO is a great thing too since I think every one needs to have a great table of miniatures for D&D and pathfinder. It brings so much of the game to life when you have a table full of miniatures. So price cut vs quality is helping a lot of tables out there so I hope they both stay alive for a long time.
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