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  1. I have a problem. Its an addiction really. As of October 24 I came up with 12 nrw busts......I try not to count my existing ones. I need to paint faster.
  2. Broken toad sells a set of 5 mini busts for like 30$ for 5 I think. Theyre about 2 inches tall. It'd be plausible to get a beginner into that, PLUS teach skin tones at the same time while introducing the busts concept. Collapse Industries also sell 3 to 5 inch busts for 12 to 20$ each but they are more alien and creature-esque.
  3. Thannnnnkkkkks!!!! I'm glad the bones were useful! We werent sire if anyone would want them once we passed them out but in pleased to know they went to a good home!
  4. What about those sound muting carpeted walls? They're like 7ft tall and mute sound. Considering how high the ceiling is, it wont completely mute the rest of the hall but just enough that the instructor can be heard. It was pretty bad for the classes right next tothe stores. Given, 2016 when the classes were split and the gaming side had classrooms, that was worse. This year was an improvement and the fix is going in the right direction.
  5. I only heard after two rum and cokes in and it was too late then. Miss Melons was gone, and replaced by Blrgrrrr Melons. I think I scared Ubers DnD table as I shouted good night and laughed maniacally as Mr M guided me to the elevators.
  6. I don't have pictures of the full haul as half had to be mailed back home but the list goes as this between the Mr and I: Two VIP and attending Swag Bags 1 extra dragon bust 1 february reaper anniversary model 1 september reaper anniversary model 1 July?? reaper anniversary model 2 All Hallows Eve models 2 Scale 75 paint sets (browns/leather and Inktensity) 2 Arena Rex models: Medusa and Lupa 4 busts from Black Heart 2 Busts from Hanger 18 4 Chibi models Entire Bones 3 Core set + Expansions and Graveyard Classroom paint set Base boss bases large rounds 2 Reaper kolinsky brushes Handful of reaper paints from the store And some new melt. I turned in around 32oz but only left with 9. I need to plan the graveyard better. I missed out on important pieces. :'( When I got home I had a package waiting on me from Collapse Industries with 4 busts in it and the Kingdom Death expansion.
  7. Totally took screenshots of that before it's ninja edited.
  8. Every year I'm always tempted take wappels basing class again but I dont because others need to experience that awesomeness. So just know, I'm super jealous if you guys that get to take it every year. :) A true texture, stippling class can go a long way for textures lessons.
  9. I think we're aiming for a ribbon that says "Melon Hugger" for hugs given out at the Con.
  10. Melons Clan home......and eclxhaustes. Going hibernation mode now, okay. Love you all.
  11. Heyyyyyyyy !!!!!! Welcome to the forums!!
  12. BUSTS. A busts class. Personally, painting them boosts an appreciation for smaller models, but we have NEVER had a busts class, ever. I think it would be beneficial to teach about other model types like we do with flats. Though the Grudge is rarely in stock these days, it would be great to have such a class now with the dragon bust or smaller. And I would like to see more Busts.
  13. Anywhere specific at the con that the card was used??
  14. Noioooooooooooo I didnt get my hug goodbye!!!!!! :(
  15. Yes, its the Saltgrass right outside the main hotel and here is a reservation for 25 to 30 people set up already. We had about that number last year almost and the resteraunt was very accommodating. The food is not inexpensive but it isn't stupid expensive either. Definite look up their menu first to be sure if its something you would like! We socialize, eat steak, socialize, drink a littlw and wander back to the hotel to socialize and watch the walking dead.
  16. Welcome to Thunderdome! Two minis enter, one thats painted leaves!
  17. I dont even think we have a proper head count yet but it is tradition.
  18. We found the downside to being on the top floor. @[email protected]
  19. MissMelons

    DIY Name tags

    I've no other name. I am.... MissMelons. *something explodes all awesome like behind me or something*
  20. I'm having the absolute worst anxiety right now. @[email protected] its really really bad. Its a combination of excitement and "oh my God, people!!!!!!" So if I'm quiet Wednesday and Thursday, I'm not being rude. The rum hasnt kicked in yet.
  21. /sits in corner /has panic attack I'm fine Totally fine. Yep. /screams internally
  22. Yes I would like to be included as MissMelons and my Avy.
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