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  1. Yeahhhhhhh Badger and Scale 75 are coming, back! And a few new ones too!!
  2. Soooo. I'm still working this out, even more slowly now with my arm down. I'll be happy if I can just finish him. Fortunately the finer parts like his head and 75% of his scales are finished. The blending on the wings are done as well but could use a touch up. Once its done, hes getting wrapped up and put away for Reapercon. He was coated in dust earlier and. I had to give him a nice rinse. I gave in and decided that I cant enter him into Open without actually doing his full conversion so I started sculpting his spine. The spine of deathwing is a pretty big deal. Its slowly getting there. I also got in some Warcolours that I'm experimenting with. By themselves, I'm not entirely fond of them but when supplemented with other paints they're great. What I dont like is where they sit on the color spectrum. I had a nice rant at the Mr about it as he just quietly nodded. I make an example of this in the write up I'm doing for it. Basically if it says red. I imagine it would be closer to red but each one leans towards orange or pink. Using the reds as an example, 1 and 2 are more orange and 3 and 4 are more pink. Theres no actual red. This is the only one that has irked me so much as the other colors I intentionally purchased because I didnt own those types of colors yet. Im almost finished with my darksword entry, though I managed to lose my fabric detail messing around with too thick of paints. I ventured into a new realm and painted a Mousling. I love him. He has a boat named S.S Shipfaced. @[email protected] C&C always welcome. I'm going to put my arm back in its brace before Mr .M yells at me.
  3. To be honest, I'm not sure. I think hes working Saturday and Sunday, which was one reason why it was a big No go this year on Dragon Con. We are nearly out of vacay time thanks to a wedding cruise, reaper con and my birthday in november so he wasnt able to take that weekend off for dragon con. I only just got Friday off from work by pure chance. I still have your number I think and I know the Mr has it too. We arent able to stay out too late though as the Mr turns in to a pumpkin at 8:00pm.
  4. I may be available to go out for lunch/dinner Saturday but definitely wont make the con. With an arm out of commission i need as much weekend painting time as possible but I hate missing dragon con. I'm supposed to go to a bday party that day for my neice so I should, hopefully be avilabke after that.
  5. Or OR bring the niece. She'll be given a brush a few models to paint and welcomed into a great addiction. Uh hobby.
  6. Sooooooo ive injured my right arm. It seems just massively bruised but I wont be painting anything for the next week. No lifting, no painting and i hope I can sleep well on it tonight. Fortunately all of my tiny painting is done so i should be able to finish the dragon left handed or holding the brush in a different way. @[email protected] thats what i get for procrastinating.
  7. I've gawked and stared at Kevin Anderson. His assistant kept waving at me to come say hello, and he was just like "come say hello!" Then I had a panic attack and walked away. @[email protected] yup.
  8. If anything, they're likely to be taught to paint. 3 isnt too young. :p
  9. I took a bit of a break this weekend so I could catch up on other things. Plus I bought Pyre. I did end up adding more water effects to his mouth and this time it populated it better! I went over his scales some more and flesh and started to layer out the water effect on his chest so hes dripping lava. This potentially covers my awful sculpting there, but the prr painted OSL is doing a nice job of coming through. It will still need significantly more painting and right now the effect is just a test.....a bad test...but a test. I couldn't find a guide on doing loooooong strings of water effects beyond a water fall. I know I need to thicken these drops more but these are okay for now. I intend to build off of it. I added a bit more water effects to the lava below too to build it up some more from where its pouring. I'm not going to have it connect, however. I can only imagine that being a nightmare for traveling. His mouth. I added some yellow to the wayer effects just to get an idea of the glow I want to do. Then I wanted to make sure his wings were matching ths style so far. Hes really getting there. I sucked it up and decided to try sculpting his spine. Its a pretty big deal. Hes not Deathwing without his spine. The tail spike, I can probably get away with not doing, the spine however, I cannot. Now the question is do I do his entire back or just enough to prove a point. I'm sculpting out his plates as,flat for now and then going to add the spikes. Im more comfortable going this route than trying to sculpt spikes and plates at the same time. I wish I had taken a picture with the wings where right now it looks suuuuuper boring. I also did some touch ups on a side project for the Mr. Its not great, but its something mostly,for us. Yeah, I tried to paint a beard on that one! Lol! C&C is always welcome.
  10. Aaaaand now I have his class too. Part 2 though as part 1 clashes with a different one.
  11. YES! I made a comment on it on the group page as I thought it was a mistake. Isnt the ks supposed,to run for 15 days? >_< I'm all for kickstarter goodness but just worried for our reaper frands.
  12. CC is ALWAYS welcome thank you!! I did happen to go back into the mouth later to add more sater effects. Once it started to settle then it was hard to tell where i had even put it. (I think I had a bubble under it). We'll see today how it settled but youre totally right!! Thank you!
  13. My desk is too messy for hangouts. Plus Khan is a drama queen. When the attention isnt on him, he finds a way. Typically that's finding something and destroying it. Not sure how entertaining it would be to watch and talk to me while painting as I chase a dog around and not get any actual painting done. I mean the entertainment is there I guess. I'm also typically asleep during these hangouts. :'(
  14. Dooooooood, good luck with the pour! I've been skiddish about water effects after last years issues! I'm excited to see the results here though! Good luck!
  15. I mean, I'd teach it. But I would never get around to it. House Procrastius and all.
  16. Hahhhhhh, thanks! So far my favorite, thlugh tedious part is paintinf these scales. I'm making great progress and started blending the other wing. And because I'm a massive dope. I wasn't keeping a painting journal and am not sure which colors i used. I know which were involved though. I decided to use true metalics for the metal parts of him so I get to fail at TMM now. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. OSL was my mountain, now its OSL on top of TMM. *Encore: "yayyyyyyyyyyyy" Awwwww yeah. I'm liking this from the side. I can't wait to see him fully painted this way. The other side. I havent painted the horns or nose yet, as I still have to paint the jaw and water effects in his mouth. I'm giving it an extra day to cure so I dont ruin it again. One of these wings is not like the other. Mrs.M forgot what shades she used. @[email protected] the one on the right is the finished one buuuuuut I can't lie that the one on the left doesn't look so bad either.
  17. I was great....until someone said 12 weeks. That's barely 12 weekends to finish a dragon, diorama and three other things. Mousling isnt going to happen (as usual) nor a bombshells entry (again). @[email protected] Someone should teach a painting time management class at Reaper Con.
  18. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so in love with going this route with this color. I swear. Carnival Purple is the most universal color. Ive started painting the neck to play with the color more and I just love it more and more.
  19. Oooooo I totally can do that! I forgot about that being an option for open! Thanks for the reminder! I may be able to pull a silver if I can actually sculpt at least half of the things I want to sculpt for him. New work today! Painted his scales on his head and tried something different. The blue wasn't working out for me so I went back to my roots and dire love for Carnival Purple. And I loooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeee it. I also poured the water effects for the mouth. Ill fix the pouring effects a little later as this is just the first layer. I just need to paint the jaw to reflect metal better. I gave a base coat so I can tell where to place my water effects. Fortunately with the success of the scales. I may replicate this to the other scales. It makes it easier to do the OSL and can still hace the scales read as black. When I used blue it made the scales look really cold and I couldnt easily blend the red with the blue to black. @[email protected] this works I think though.
  20. Noooooo, definitely enter your dragon! I likely won't get anything beyond a bronze for this guy this year in open. I haven't sculpted enough to even classify as open. Just the changes to the base, chest and jaw. Hes supposed to have an armored spine, horns and plates on his wings and body but my sculpting is suuuuuuppppeeerrrr bad. (Thus im taking a sculpting class this year) I'm glad that you like the lava effects! Theyre the biggest part of my "oh god, it doesnt look like real lava, but that's okay as its painted like from the game o_o" then there's "omg nobody is going to know who this is." Anxiety is off the charts.
  21. So the eyes were bugging me that he was looking up so I repainted them and had to touch up the OSL a bit more. On one eye I touched the OSL up to a white highlight to try to brighten it a bit. I think it worked better than just doing the yellow on the other eye. With the white: Without the white.
  22. But the steak was sooooo goooooooood.
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