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  1. Upon reading their comments....those are some negative fairytale fans. @[email protected]
  2. False, Early birds have their own month. :P /Early Bird Dance
  3. No! Bad! /sprays with water We do that outside this thread!
  4. Dream smasher!!!! But seriously, I wondered this too. It'd be hilarious if this was a countdown to a spoiler then there's another countdown to the actual starter date.
  5. Yup. Here's a link: http://www.zazzle.com/reapermini/products/styles/pd-168748385449903729?dp=&qs=&tl= And below you find my beautiful assistant*, showing off some of the wares. *Me. Great, now I have something else I wish to buy. Thaaaaannkkkks.
  6. Sounds like you did better in the wife consultation than I did. My wife reply was "How many minis did you just get in August?" I pointed out that I won't see these new one until the end of 2014. She gave in a little but I stay can't order everything this time. Why do I work again if not to support my habbit, I mean hobby? :) I'm in the process of reaffirming my husband on letting me spend at least/most/Pfft 200$ on this and praying to the reaper gods that I can get a paint set or two with that plus some Shweet bones. Darn marital limitations. If my wife told me that... her closet of scrap booking supplies and other assorted items would be gone as fast as I could get it out the door.... A life long collection of comics/star wars memorabilia would be at stake in my case. He's not dumb. I'm evil, I'd do it too. God I'm spoiled. I think I have a problem.
  7. Oi oi oi, i'm incredibly dependent that it comes with paints, evil monsters, sexy vixens and possibly some numenara miniatures. Though I have little money to spend....
  8. Pfft, with that i'm out. If it was 140$ for 64 miniatures plus whatever gets unlocked, then i'm game. 240$ is just too much for something that we are unsure of the quality.
  9. Starting sooner than I anticipated......Think I've got a good 60$ to my name atm >_< BUT Good new everyone, as a newbie painter, I lucked out and purchased 20 pro paints for 15 bucks from a local dealer. So at least I have paints for this kickstarter now, woooooot.
  10. What does bbw really cover then?? Adding in the 36 miniatures from the previous kickstarter was an afterthought and not considered an unlockable. It's 50$ for 2/6 of the boxes of 6 miniatures, which doesn't seem that great. Every time I see this kickstarter my money inches slowly out of my wallet. The more unlockables make it more and more worth it but little is known about the quality of miniatures and I have no idea what I'm looking at. O_O Scratch that BBW is excluded from the 40 miniatures boxset thing.
  11. So its that like 10$ for mini level + 40$ = 5 mniatures?
  12. I thought the Mini only level qualified for only 1 miniature that you can select. If more miniatures wanted then its 10$ more, or did I read something wrong? I probably read something wrong. o.o
  13. Basically, but its a really 'nice' typewriter. Clicky Clicky and such.
  14. o.OSometimes the single life sucks... Marriage life doesn't suck. It's just I just bought a new mechanical keyboard and like 20$ worth of paints so putting down another 200$ for a ks is stretching his patience on my spending. :P
  15. I'm sure you can find a way to win him over! Just be creative. In time! But $200 will probably be the max, I hope I'm still able to get something nice with that.
  16. Bleh, Considering that I was hoping to get in on a paint set or two plus some mini's I may have to beg the Mister into expanding my budget to 200$ Begging and Incentives must begin immediately.
  17. Wish I had that much to put towards the kickstarter but the husband put me on a strict budget. >_>
  18. It's fortunate that I read this thread before putting forth my money into this kickstarter. The art style is quite captivating and finding 'pretty' or 'awesome' female figurines to play with is rough. It's a shame they wont answer any questions about the miniatures. :\ Gogo KS2 then.
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