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  1. Also, the looks of "How could you?" Were getting to me. Had to for sure make the time to go on the tour. Wooorrrrthhhh ittttt!
  2. Yeah Mr. M and I talked about it when he came home from work. The way the model is positioned on the base I'll need to repaint the eyes a bit so he is looking down. Looking up doesnt work out so well and looking dead on may be a bit tough. I took some more pictures after I glazes back over the white i had in the eyes and touched up on the OSL. I just need to smooth my blends out more, reline some parts of the eye and start blending out on the scales. Still dont like painting black but I'm using pure black, dusky skin and a darrrrk red to bring in some OSL on the scales. Its kinda sorta working sometimes.
  3. Bringing up the brightness of the eyes more. He doesn't really have pupils so ill likely paint that more white like its glowing but wonder if I should have had him looking down as opposed to up.
  4. /sets aside funds I miss over time.
  5. Painted the head a bit while on lunch. Then remembered that I didnt block out the orange/red underneath. I blocked out the eyes and where my OSL will eventually fall. Im not happy with the jaw but as he drools lava 80% of the time, I could likely pull that off and cover up my poopy sculpting. I carved details into the jaw after it dried as my skill with a knife is better than a sculpting tool. Hopefully my eventual paint job will make up for it.
  6. So last Saturday I picked on the wings and started blending them and adding black to the scales. I forgot how tiny they were! Red is a pain to paint with but I think torturing myself with purple and blue for a year has helped a lot. Blending these wings this time around is much easier. (Of course this would be easier with my airbrush buuuuut thats another topic entirely) Took me like 4 days to do this last time just waiting for the paint to try and maintaining sanity. Did this in about 2 hours. This was today's, working on smoothing out the blends more on the wings and the scales. As always C&C is always welcome.
  7. I. Could. Not. Find. This. Thread! OMG. Anyway. I have called down. Balanced my mental finances and went back to this dragon. I actually did go back over the lava to brighten it some more and darken the shadows a bit. Still more work is needed for it. Its intended to be fresh molteny goodness. When looking at it as a black and white image, I can tell I'm getting there. Just needs more!!!! This is the back side where free lava wont be flowing as smoothly so I made it richer like its starting to cool. At this point I started to paint OSL on the inside of the tail. I'm not very skilled with OSL in General so I figured painting it under the tail where barely anyone would see it would be a great idea....... Yeah, so I painted the OSL in the wrong direction then quit for awhile to give my brain some rest. I hated the shiny paint consistency where I tried to fix it. (The other side of the tail started to look great though.) So this is where I quit, until last Saturday.
  8. That's how it starts. First year he played a few games, assisted me while I was out or in painting classes and talking to forumite. Next year, he founded the husbands table, joined the forums and started dnd games for reaper con. Third year, he took a couple classes, didnt play any games and entered a few models into the contest. Let me drop half a grand on models and paint at reaper con with a few models tossed in there for him too and brand new davinci brushes. This year, he has 5 classes, several models to enter and has adventured far and quickly into painting. O_O Needless to say, I didnt bother to ask if I could ha e his dragon.
  9. If in able to get a second one. In totally going Dune Worm with it.
  10. Totally, I havent even attempted ice yet and the lava on my other base project gave me anxiety trying to get the contrast down. Mr.M is just like "Ice Dragon, Lava Base, I'm doing both!" Show off. :P im proud of him though. Finally entering bigger stuff this year.
  11. LOL!! I did!!!!! I created a painting monster. He wanfs to pick up airbrushing too! Once I get it back up and running, Mr.M will be unstoppable!
  12. Lol! I dont blame you! He was over there just painting and showing off. It made me want to work on my own lava effects actually!
  13. I dunno, I like Mr M's more personally. Hes rocking that OSL, PLUS painting with red and yellow and those aren't easy to work with on top of black. @[email protected] I used these exact same colors last year on Nathavaar (I freaking love Carnival purple and blue, okay? I love it. Its perfect. And the worm just happens to be based on the same colors.) im mostly trying to deter my attention from painting Nathavarr (Deathwing) so I didnt want to make a Wip. Mr M is doing some impressive stuff.
  14. See. This works great while your husband doesnt paint. Swag rained from the sky it seemed when it came to paints and models in swag bags. Two of everything. @[email protected] he paints now, and is pretty dang awesome too so his swag is his swag now. :(
  15. Haiyo! I narrowed down that it isnt an airbrush thing. Whenever I use the badger, iwata or my priming brush, the paint sputters. I figured it was a airflow issue with the brushes, cleaned them all, double, checked thr needles and spouts but they're fine. The priming brush has seen better days but its a cheap 10$ practice airbrush. I then tweaked with the airflow but it doesnt seem to make things any better or worse. It acts like when singing a song, you run out of air as you're holding a note. Basically, as I hold down for air and back for paint, its great for the first 3 seconds then airflow just slows down to a sputter. All of my brushes do this. I went through again and cleaned as thoroughly as I could and contemplated a sonic cleaner in case I'm missing some spot when cleaning. @[email protected]
  16. That had been the case but 2016 was on Sunday after the auction.
  17. It doesn't honestly. Does it imply silliness? Absolutely, but the dare liquids and kraken punch are for the fire pit. The splashing of paint, painting with your hair, with someone elses hair, with your fingers, with someone elses fingers and watching Shoshi paint a model to near awesome perfection when doing all of this, can be expected at the convention center, BUUUUUUT knowing my luck, it willbe held impulsively at the hotel this time or something.
  18. Its a an 'after hour's' survival sophie says. Wont find it on a schdedule. It's been pretty spontaneous the last few times they've happened.
  19. Thanks!!! Ive yet to do more o_o I have found that im more comfortable sketching it first and then painting over it though! Still recommend the class.
  20. Is this kind of like how every single year I always manage to miss artist/forumite sophie says? @[email protected] every year.
  21. I took the portraiture class last year and it was greatttttttttttttttt definitely recommend it!
  22. I mean, just one more wouldnt hurt...........
  23. I've also shared this with colleagues at work. Who show it in training classes to relax, who then show it to their friends and etc. @[email protected] no office memes have been made yet, but there are fans here too.
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