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  1. Melons Clan is always willing to donate for Kraken.
  2. I've already got a wishlist, but I also know not to hold my breath either.
  3. Same as last year plus pirates I thought,
  4. I screamed internally at my desk at work while frantically texting the Mr.
  5. I'm so glad I got a blightfang when I did, i love it in metal, even if it is wickedly heavy.
  6. Oh man I have two and I cant find the Mr's anywhere. There's so much in the bottle, it lasts so long, totally worth the money.
  7. I think I easily spent another 500$ across vendors last year. @[email protected] I decided to start saving now to have a spending limit then.
  8. Melons Clan Booked! I guess I should start painting more stuff now huh?
  9. Its okay, I can drink her half and chaos.
  10. Oh, I received mine last week. Theyre very very nice. I wish I got a second set. I would have but things were so iffy on if itd be possiblr with thr backer kit.
  11. I have to say, since using Reapers Super Glue after Rcon. Its quite nice! Ive used it on resin too with no adhesion problems and man does it stick! I'm going to need more. o_o
  12. I didnt get to take part in 12 days of reaper christmas this year but I'm determined to get that reaper! (It wasnt even due to finances, I literally forgot......)
  13. Thanks! We're definitely looking at everything for a car source atm. My dad comes into town next week and he's a car auction guru. We'll take a look at that point to see what we can do! Yeah, that's freaking cruddy! >_< Our biggest worry is if they ever decide to outsource my job, but so far they're big on local our image so I've got a bit of security. But that's terrifying that they won't even give you guys a clear answer and then before the holidays. Thanks for the well wishes, we're making do atm with our much more cramped space now. @[email protected]
  14. .............its impossible. It is. 2 month old dog, opens my three tier drawers that I store my models in. He opens them and likes to chew on the bones models. I keep the resin higher up and the metal is too heavy for him. Drop a paint bottle on the floor? Its in his mouth in .2 seconds,and he makes off down the hall with it. Drop a tiny plastic piece and cannot find it in the carpet? Don't worry, he will for you. Don't leave anything hanging off the edge of the desk, they're prime targets. But man....do they make great foot warmers while you paint and they're great critics too!
  15. If I could grab one of those 777s pledges,i could probably convince the Mr to let me keep it. o_o
  16. I know there are plenty of worse situations that others may have had for Thanksgiving week, but I was still able to eat Turkey so that's okay. We're waiting to hear back from 'Justen the Adjuster'. My house is full of nerds (the Mr and my mother), so we are not allowed to say Justens name without "The Adjuster". We've already had some contractors come out to clean the debris and treat the place to prevent mold. Fortunately the damage isn't too bad just an inconvenience. There's no internet, no carpet in my moms room, second floor bathrooms linoleum is warped, there's a big hole in my mothers ceiling and she can't use her bathroom until the wiring is checked out. This amounts to a contactor fixing her ceiling, maybe a new floor for the bathroom and an electrician checking out her wiring. Optimism. So currently, we don't know what the insurance will cover. If they can at least fill the hole in her ceiling, we can work from there.
  17. So Adulting is hard. Yes, sigh, roll your eyes, provide a sarcastic tone on "young people these days'. I get it. Melons Vlan Thanksgiving week was less than the typical grand affair. I worked over time, Mr. Melons worked over time, my mother cooked the entire meal at my sisters place, our house flooded. Ah, yes, the important detail. A pipe in our bathroom burst and flooded the second floor to the first floor and caved in part of the ceiling in my mothers bedroom. Ruined her desk, many clothes, the router, a generations worth of hoarding and the carpet. We got two flat tires in the span of a week, both times on the way to work at 5am. My shift was shifted from 5am to 2pm to 6am to 3pm, which makes it a bit tougher to pick the Mr up from work when I get off. (He gets off at 2pm) Plans for a second car were put on hold to make repairs on the house and all funds are going to that. I haven't had the time to pick up a brush since my my birthday weekend. Fortunately I get an entire week off for Christmas. SO each day, from Saturday so the next sunday (Jan 1) I will be painting a model and finishing it. I won't be getting a new car for awhile but figured 'meh' might as well treat my mother to some wood floors for Christmas in her room. @[email protected] Fortunately I'm offered plenty of overtime.
  18. /sighs /gets out credit card /shoots credit card One of us was bound to get hurt here. Good thing I have a backup!!! /swipes the Mr.'s Card Bleh with the masters series stuff being discontinued, then the metal dragons, I finally have a job where I can afford to buy them. There are some Numenera models I'm missing though, and some sweet bones paints.....and the bonesylvanians......and some mouslings.....and I still want a Kraken and another narthrax............... Plus, lets face it, who can resist caroling goblins?!?
  19. Ringtail fox expansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need it.
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