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  1. I already know mine has creeped up. I need a neat organized page to view each individual one.
  2. Uh wouldn't Ron have been number 3? Florence, Castro and Ron. That's 3.
  3. Pfft, reaper con is 5 days in my mind. You have meat and greet day, thursday, friday, Saturday and then auction day.
  4. If rather they are blank so I can paint them myself. Nothing simple green can't fix though.
  5. I've got a modded kindle fire and a missed kindle fire HD. I never travel without em. Theyre great for what I use them for. Watching MST3K, youtube, posting to forums and some light mobile gaming. The newer ones have an expanded hard drive where you can use over 64GBs micro sd in it.
  6. Interestingly, it's not quite that simple. Instructor type painters are a pretty specialized arm of a fairly small hobby, and one that is associated more with toys than art in many people's minds. I literally cannot give away my knowledge in my local small city. I once successfully charged $5 a head for a few classes with proceeds going to charity as part of a fund raiser convention. (And that included me giving away the figures.) I've started a local paint club here, and while it definitely gets interest, that interest is primarily from role-players who want to get a character or two painted using the club supplies so they don't have to buy a bunch of stuff. It's just teaching drybrushing and washing over and over and only a couple of people remotely interested in talking about anything beyond that level. I'm pretty sure we have some other local painters who paint a bit more in depth than that, but they seem content to stay home and do it on their own. (And yet at the same time, I have had painters that I know from ReaperCon in surrounding areas who will drive several hours for the occasional opportunity to paint together and seriously talk painting, but likely not enough that I could try to do a weekend workshop without traveling to a larger population center.) Even CMON Expo is only slightly better. It's in Atlanta, so a bigger city, and run by Cool Mini or Not, which you would imagine would be reaching an audience that's pretty interested in miniatures. ;-> Expo gets far more attendees interested in gaming than painting. Even after several years of trying, and having Jen Haley on staff and a few other of the instructors who were at ReaperCon (or are of that caliber) as guests, it's not something many painters seem to want to travel to. In 2015 we did ReaperCon style classes that were made available to attendees for free. I had one class literally no one showed up for, and most of us had open seats in other classes. (Some very enthusiastic painters did come out, it's just it was a small number of them.) So you sort of need a critical mass of artists/events to attract an audience, and a critical mass of audience to support bringing those people in. Which is an overly lengthy way of saying that ReaperCon is pretty cool for us, too! CMON, though still big on gaming, actually had a massive show out this year for painting. Not necessarily the contest, but to paint. There were several painter classes that were beyond full and the paint and take tables were loaded this year. It was the sort of thing that started up late with the rush and died out early but I think the turn out was better than the first time I went two year ago. Apprently there's a second miniature painters convention the Mr and I are going to try in February. This is their first time, I think, offering painting classes but its just for painting. Its typically for the military painters but the following seems to be dwindling so they are pushing for more fantasy painters and other styles. I do think Miniature painting is still a thing, its just people do not know where to go sometimes. We are that small knit group that will have paint and takes at our local shops or drive several hours just to paint with friends and talk about painting. At Dragon Con many new painters or Returning painters were asking about the Reaper Paints on the table and who they were, do they have minis and etc. If I didn't use my own bones models for paint and takes or sharing and practice, I would spread the love more but I'm only one person. Better believe I'll be blowing the Reaper Con horn at the painting con here in February. If it doesn't bring Reaper to Georgia Cons then I'll bring the people to Reaper.
  7. I'm sorry Bryan. I'm well aware that class-spot allocation is a Hard Problem. (And when I say that, keep in mind that I work for a company that periodically has to invent new statistical models to describe work we're doing, and we regularly take the work we've done and present it at academic conferences - what I'm saying is that anything beyond first-come, first-serve is a genuinely hard freakin' problem to solve.) I should have been more clear that my comments were coming from a context of being aware of the difficulty and constituted casual pondering and interest in said challenging problem, rather than any dissatisfaction with the existing process. I know you deal with a lot of crap and I didn't mean to add to that pile. I've done this to Bryan once a year since I started going to Reaper Con. @[email protected] I feel awful for it every time because you'd think after the first....second time I would stop doing it. Then again, he's always so pleasant to talk to.
  8. Tilla #1164 I'm your pocket Mercy Healer. ;)
  9. Yeah, I was terrified someone would pick up my Bkightfang. Then I remembered it weighed like 5 lbs so only brave souls would probably pick it up anyway.
  10. Sooo I just realized I agreed to work Black Friday for seasonal pay........................ I may need someone to make a message on facebook when this goes up plz. :D
  11. I try not to think about what we've spent. I know if the pledge manager was still open after rcon16, if have pledged even more. I'm bummeed I didn't get the wyvern dragon, a third ma'al and a few other things.
  12. I can't see the teaser, but my body is ready. I mean my card is ready.
  13. /adds class to list. I know I'm striding in the right direction, but man does it feel like all directions sometimes that lead me back to square one. I painted a flat at the con, thought I did black and white contrast well too. Got home with it and thought someone,had switched out flats. I was so mad! No, I'm just a derp that needs more contrast.
  14. I've considered it, as they do make them in kolinsky, however I wouldn't be able to say their quality or abuse of painting for long hours. With finger nail detail its usually used for a couple of strokes for a design. Compared to many many many MANY MANY strokes on a model, its mileage may not be as good as an actual brush. The Mr bought me my first set of real brushes, before I broke down and tried the nail art ones. I did hear a similar thing though, likely the same podcast.
  15. Knowing reaper and all of their greatness, I would not be surprised if the legs were removable.
  16. Yeahhhh my first wet p....second we...okay so its technically my second wet pallete still. The foam molded HORRIBLY. Like dear God salt the earth and don't use it again! So I threw out the foam, bought another and spares. Cleaned it and soaked the container in bleach. Cleaned it thoroughly and went penny hunting. Found some of the oldest pennies I could and haven't had a problem for the past 5 months with mold. I also make sure to squeeze out as much excess water as I can every day or two. I did the food container thing for wet pallets. It sat too high from the table and couldn't seal water very well but it was good to learn with.
  17. Its always great with Anne has free reign of the colors. The bones line and a lot of the con colors are now irreplaceable members of my frequent rack.
  18. Pfft, a poorly molded model is a great opportunity to be creative. Have a really ugly dent in the thigh of a giant from the metal not settling? Instant scar. I wonder if there are kudos for cover ups like that.
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