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  1. Day 1 of the con then before the dinner?
  2. Alright, I'm at a computer now. So Classes, what I learned: Shaded Basecoats - Don't be scared of colors, don't stress about the color wheel so much. Know it, yes, but don't worship it. Sometimes the most interesting thing you can do for a model besides painting it well, is using something unique as the shadow or base to bring out something you may have never thought about before. That ugly bright minty green color you my turn your nose up at? Could make for the perfect highlight you've been dreaming of. That flourescent green that would sit in the bottom of the box unused? Could be the perfect highlight or blend for that green that you want to make 'pop'. Painting Flats - Light. Seriously, it's been how long and you still don't consider Light Mrs. M? LIGHT. You can blend, now just use the light dangit. Portraiture - Have confidence and practice. Just like in painting flats, think about light and shadows. Paint the contrasts. If you can do it on a flat then you can do it on a model. (I bought a massive bag full of little dowels to paint on and practice) Basing - Think outside the box, train goods, seriously think outside the box. Airbrushing - Airbush. Life Lessons: - Bring a change of clothes if you're going to wear something sorta tight. - 3 cups of kraken is good - Be less Awkward - Don't defeat yourself (I never entered my flat or my stone giant, though I had both with me) - Chocolate is a sometimes treat not whenever you see it. - Buy a bigger suitcase. - Quit missing out on survival paint. - You seriously had access to a wide variety of amazing sculptors and never once asked about conversion sculpting, you need to stop doing that. - six classes is juuuuust right. - Start Tomorrow.
  3. Is that SC for South Carolina? If so, I'm in the Greater Greenville, SC area. I host a semi-quarterly get together at my place for some folks that have met thru Reaper Con and the forums. Where'bouts y'all from? We are SEMPAI !!! /sigh South East Miniature Painters, Artists and Instructors
  4. Waaaaaannntttt it. Waaant it so bad. This was a great sculpt and paint job!
  5. I feel like compared to walnut brown, I think, brown liner has a pinch of red to it. Then again, I'm crazy so....
  6. The painting things ill go over later, however at some point, I threw away the new files I bought. I learned to not do that. Also, 3 drinks are good. 4 or more is fine when I don't have class the next morning.
  7. /hides her 2015 Reaper Con bag. I had stuck my nose up at it initially because it was hard to put a lot of the things I carry for paint and takes in it. (I can't fit the small paint carrying case in it for example) "Mrs. M, there's a handle on it, why put it in a bag?" My fingers get tired okay! However, that bag is wicked durable. If it weren't packed away in a box, it would have come with me to Rcon this year. I do like the new bags but they're like those grocery bags that you buy for 1.00 so you help the planet. (The Reaper ones this year are much much much nicer though) I like the pockets on the side but I wouldn't want to put like sculpting tools, scissors, brushes, metal models or anything that may tear it. Its fine for carrying books though or gaming mats. Since this is the third sort of bag changr, I think Reaper is still learning what works so its not a big deal if this year the bags weren't as amazing as last year and etc.
  8. I can't remember if I entered my Swamp Thing for Non Reaper yet. I'll have to check when I get home. o_o
  9. I watched in horror when the Mr's Tablewar case pinged a check. Mine made it through safely. I watched the agent take the Mr's case, flip it quickly on its back so the clear facewasfacing straight up. The agency confused, fliped it to one of its square sides then asked how to open it. Victor politely,but obviously distressed, explained about the latches. The guy then asked why a grown man is using such a case for toys. He closed it, looked at my horrified face and asked if he could check my case. I quickly said "Elf No, it passed inspection!" The guy just laughs and laughs......this is why Nathavarr didn't need to come home with us lol. Blightfang was in Victors case with his models. Fortunately its so big that it didn't move much through all the flipping but some of Victors did move around. Grrrrr
  10. Its funny. When I first got Umber Brown from the kickstarter, I really thought it was useless. It was brown, it had no coverage, the consistency was odd. Its not like a liner or a clear. But man can I blend and wash with it. It goes on almost everything now.
  11. That's wasn't enough. I only had three. XDI'm glad people are mine as well...Even if they hated them.... I ate several! Mmmm cookies. Forget chocolate (hides from incoming Msmelons glare) I indulged in all sweets.
  12. Hmmmm not many complaints here. The womens bathroom wasn't that awful but I chose one stall and stuck with it the entire con with no problems. Only once did i notice a lack of paper towels but it was resolved quickly afterwards. I didn't feel cramped or claustrophobic so the open spaces between tables and aisles were nice. The spaces around the gaming tables and vendor tables were nice too. I hate being scrunched in crowds. The scale 75 guy was an amazing surprise. Can he come next year please? I think besides the reaper store, he got most of my funds. Food choices were alright, though I had to go hungry meet and greet night and enchilada night. Well enchilada night I made my own chips, salsa and rice combo and munched on that. I feel you on the vegetarian options though mines more of a cheese intolerance. Classrooms were spacious but a little awkward. I sort of liked the round tables from last year, though I understand why it was set up as a horse shoe this year. All of my classes were behind artist row so the noise was only bad when announcements were made. Nothing that is a deal breaker. The tour was great, boneyard was overwhelming. I didn't get to buglips out to find some OOP goodies really. My goodie bag was a bit bleh, I was missing my badge and envelope of reaper bucks and tickets, but it wasn't a big deal. I had great classes and was in good company! I see the direction Reaper is going and it's fine. I'm not fond of the building itself or area but I think for them, they're learning what works as well. If they do it there again next year, I wouldn't be mad about it, though they do have a year to figure things out. Do I see them going back to HGI? No. I think we can all agree that it's gotten bigger than that and has out grown that hotel. Who knows. Maybe theyll settle on a different, bigger convention like hotel. :O That is one thing we all agreed that we missed. Midday naps. Tired of conning? Take the elevator upstairs and take a nap. Just want to use the bathroom in the peace and quiet of your room? Take the elevator upstairs and go to the bathroom. Need to run for your life because MissMelons has run out of chocolate? Silly, you can't hide from that!
  13. Alright, so I just heard about these. Do you guys do these Fridays and Saturdays too???
  14. Yeah, I grabbed another Nathavarr in a bag and the Mr grabbed a Nethermaul. I struggled with getting another Narthrax but I didnt. Amazing haul though.
  15. I'm a mercy healer but don't get to play as much as if like. I also slay as Junkrat or Reaper.
  16. Huh, I hadn't realized there was a point when the name wasn't Wyrmgear. It was originally clockwork dragon I believe.
  17. Much like Ma'am is Tianot. I like Cleocatra better.
  18. To the top with you! I agree with some of these!
  19. Pinkolitch went for 3,400 reaper bucks?? And Nathavaar the shadow went for around 6,000 reaper bucks. I'm sure someone know the exact numbers here though.
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