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  1. Two bronzes, a silver and won silver trophy for large creature, my Nathavarr the Shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Scale 75 definitely had paints AND minis at their booth.
  3. Why's everyone awake already?! /rolls over and goes back to sleep
  4. /rolls over from her HGI bed Hi guys....... /snore
  5. I had a TSA agent look at me and tell me to stop bickering with my husband. I bicker dangit, I'm a wife.
  6. Melons clan on the way to the airport to reaper cons!
  7. Oi oi, that's my job! /vibrates more intensely
  8. I've got a fake hatchet, blood, make up and sewing needles.
  9. Was the lighting addressed? I imagine lighting for the classes will resemble what they were for 2014 reaper con with the ceiling lights?
  10. Thursday - Bloody Alice Friday - Candy Skull Saturday - Maggotcrown Sunday - Dark Masquerade Wednesday - I should be sleeping but I'm up.
  11. /curls up into a ball So....much...painting left.... Must pack.....
  12. Got it, so Saturday is faction dress up. I plan to wear my usual and may be bloody it up for some necromancer maggotcrown action. Some dark make up, all undead like. I wonder if that'll work.
  13. Alright then, there was far too much chesticular activity showing for my own comfort. Ill be wearing a shirt underneath it for the con.
  14. Dress number 1: Ummmmmm WAY TOO BUSTY like holy biscuits. All the chest! Definitely not bringing that one. Dress number 2. Perfectly fine. Too much shoulder for my liking but whatever. I can use it for two costumes ideally, but now have to figure out what to do with the other dress. @[email protected]
  15. Broke my stone giant off the base i was working on........can I just turn in a base with a wolf on it and call it done, my spirits a little broken right now.
  16. If I don't think about it, I don't have to worry about not being able to have one. o_o
  17. I dunno, I think this year is try to outbid Corporea for that dragon. I likely wouldn't win, but the want is super strong.
  18. /rocks back and forth I.....I may have two finished by the time the con is here. Maybe. Possibly, ill bring ghost bride still even though she's totally not done. Maybe ill finish her Wednesday and Thursday..... I have til Friday to turn her in right? o_o
  19. Many such events are not in the program because they were not turned in before the print deadline. WHAT!? :'(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I think Sophie Says is part of Speed painting in general because it lasts for like 5 minutes?
  21. Oh yes....Sooo many hard yeses on this one. Edit: Hold the Phone, where is Dis regard.
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