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  1. All right, I took some reference photos. Here's the tentacles lined up. As near as I can tell, the two on the left and the two next to those are identical, aside from differences that seem to be due to the natural warping of Bonesium. I haven't tried boiling them to see if they "snap" to the same shape. Here's why this concerns me: That tentacle is one I'm confident about where it goes, since you can see it clearly in the reference photos. Although I did try the other tentacles, and none of them fit any better. You can clearly see the misalignment between the two pieces on this side (they're aligned very closely on the other side). Is no one else seeing the same thing I am with their own pieces?
  2. Were each of the 10 tentacles unique, or were any of them the same? Did you feel as I did that the textures on the tentacles all seemed too small compared to the textures on the body? (I mean, they're supposed to be somewhat smaller, but they seemed too much smaller, too abruptly.)
  3. I apologize if there's a better thread for this, but I can't find one.... I just did an inventory count of my Bones II add-ons. The Kraken comes with 10 tentacles, but there are only 8 unique ones and 2 duplicates. It's not clear which tentacles go in which sockets, so it's hard for me to tell if this is intentional. The scales in many places of the body seem a lot larger than the scales on the tentacles, so it's not a smooth transition between the textures, leading me to believe that maybe I'm missing a couple. It would also be nice to get a guide for which tentacles are supposed to go where. The picture helps but not completely. Also, Cinder has a rear leg that doesn't fit very well into the body. It's clearly the right piece, but it doesn't go in all the way. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Probably too late for consideration in this series, but: Metal conversions: - More setting-generic Savage Worlds (Indian Shaman [Female], Raven, Mad Scientist [Male and Female], Warlord Kang, Reverend Grimme, Automatons) - Same for Chronoscope (Moroccan Merchant, Native American Chieftain, Socrates, The Fox, Zulu Warriors, Bearers & Porters) - Chronoscope's Invisible Man in transparent plastic (we can paint his clothes ourselves) - Mossbeard - More Asian characters and monsters, e.g. Ogre Mage, any of several Samurai, Oriental Dragon - All sorts of conversion kits: Weapons, wings, etc. Others: - Dinosaurs - Pretty much anything in the d20 SRD you haven't done yet: Bulette, Tarrasque, several lycanthropes. - More multi-packs of pack critters: wolves, drakes/lizards/microsaurs, etc. - Other poltergeists, raggamoffyns, etc. that would work well in transparent plastic that we paint only partially ourselves - This is kind of random and specific, but... a whole masquerade ball as a set would be pretty cool.
  5. Eek, I don't want to read 84 pages of thread to find the last person who said this, but it bears repeating: Please put Sir Forscale in any and all photos of minis that aren't human-size! I'm really torn over whether I want the Demon Lords and the Greater Demons, and knowing their actual size would help. I see that Narthrax has Forscale in his update post, way back on the last page, but he needs to be on the main page, too. Also... how sure are you that all this will actually come out properly in Bonesium? A few of the figs, seem... improbable... in their level of detail. Based on the last Kickstarter's results, that Mouseling in the deeply cowled hood (bottom, next to the wizard) seems especially likely to cast badly.
  6. I have an amusing story of my own (cross-posted on the Kickstarter page, but then I saw it won't be monitored): The Fire Giant Warrior has two little ball-and chains that attach to his waist. I received two of the left-hand ones instead of a left and a right. I was also missing the Colossal Skeleton's left arm. I reported this to Reaper the day I got them (once). Last week, I got two emails from Reaper, each with a different reference number, telling me that they were sending me the skeleton's arm. I replied saying that I didn't need two left arms, but I did need the Fire Giant's right ball and chain. I got an email saying, "Thank you, I'll try to catch the shipment before it goes out." Today, I get two packages. I figure either the lady didn't catch the extra arm in time, or she did but had to include the missing ball and chain separately anyway. I open the first package. It contains the left arm (yay!), a matching pair of the balls and chains (OK, best to send me both in case they got the wrong one), and the flame and tail for the Pit Fiend (77112), which I didn't even order. That one still baffles me. The included packing slip lists the chains and the arm, but mentions the flame and tail in a sidenote (which is how I figured out what they came from). So... I had everything I was missing, so what's in box number two? I had to assume at this point that the duplicate didn't get caught, and I probably had another arm, chains, and maybe a tail and flame again. But no: the box contains a copy of my email saying that there was a duplicate replacement... and two left chains. So now I have everything I was supposed to get (thanks Reaper!), but I also have a tail and fireball for a demon I don't own, and four extra left-side ball-and-chains. To be fair, the difference between them is really subtle, but the base is different (one is "L"-shaped, one is a line with one squared end and one rounded end), meaning that each only fits on the correct side. Be careful, guys!
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