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  1. Define abandoned. Seriously, I have a few projects which I don't consider abandoned, but which very little progress has been made. I swear I'll get to them eventually, honest . . . Oh hey cool new minis for sale!
  2. I have not, mainly because I paint for games and don't currently play any WWII based games.
  3. Playing the game(s) is still easily my favorite part of the hobby. But when I can play the game(s) with something(s) I actually painted? Even better. Which reminds me, I have my first session of a D&D 5e campaign on Friday where I'll be using Corim, Gnome Sorcerer for my wizard!
  4. Not after. I do hold onto some boxes for storage though.
  5. Depends on your alignment.
  6. 6 that I can think of off the top of my head, not counting things like hot sidewalks or car baked potatoes
  7. I have not. I oft times regret not having done so and words can never truly express how grateful I am to all those who have served and are serving. I am also particularly grateful that although I have a lot of friends and family who have served, they've all made it home safely.
  8. "Hey, I can sleep in today!" Sadly, does not apply to today.
  9. There's a pretty friendly sports team rivalry at work. So we will often drop memorabilia and taunts in offices/desks to see how long it takes someone to notice. One of the court officers involved is very OCD so I'll often just mess with his desk a little. Turn a pen sideways, rearrange the papers, etc. Or replace his pens with pens bearing my team's logo.
  10. No. I believe we would have found it by now if it were real.
  11. Gargs


    Looks great!
  12. Broccoli (and yes, it was offered)
  13. May 4: Hmm, so many to choose from. I probably would have to go for the old standby of the Falcon though. May 5: based on the last film? Hunt down the last remaining ship and hit it with everything.
  14. Never heard of it.
  15. No clue